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  1. wtfskins

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    Heck both the Packers and the 49ers both had losing records last year. Now one team will be in the Super Bowl. The difference is minut in the NFL from winning and losing. We just got to get in the tournament.
  2. Unless this is the biggest Fugazi in history. These guys really aren’t that good. Sheesh gimme a break guys. Lucks a stud killed it last year he played. Looked like an animal they haven’t been able to protect him though. Just like Desean Watson.
  3. No this talent is light years ahead of that you got to recognize higher talent. These kids are grading in the 100s like Andrew Luck did who btw will be back this year or no later than next year I’ll bet money. This is money in the bank man. Instant success with Burrows and Chase.
  4. We got the second pick in the draft. In the best year in recent history to have the top two picks. We finally got what we wanted a 4-3 Defense. A crop of young talent on the team. Also the rookie Wrs headed by McLaurin aka lil Monk. Let’s not forget one of the greatest Wrs who ever played and probably the most important reason we won super bowls were our Wrs. Mr. underrated, Mr. under appreciated, Redskin great Art Monk. With a similar supporting cast btw. We don’t need a wr early you can only get so many targets in a game and for some reason that position in football at all levels creates drama if not getting their targets in today’s football. Mr Ryan Kerrigan playing hard in burgundy and gold. He is under contract he will play for us this year. He is a formidable opponent who I wouldn’t want to see. I’ll pay to not play against him. Two TEs who if are healthy are a matchup nightmare. TE is one of the most important spots to an offense in today’s NFL. Elite teams have the best ones. Hunter Henry is available but Injury prone I sign him or trade for Dallas Goedert might be worth the risk, or draft a stud. That all depends on Reed and Davis if we choose to resign Davis of course. Derius Guice, Peterson, and Love are all good rbs. Anyways I’m optimistic finally thanks fate. It owes us for the RG3 Trade. Please add to my optimism if I missed anything or any ideas to help bring a better vibe to this organization.
  5. Yesssir 3-4 first rounds and a top 6 pick this round. shoot for the stars and hit the moon.
  6. No dude you can tell who’s light years ahead it’s not hard open your eyes. Just like Isiah Simmons looks like a stud he will carry Joe burrows jock strap.
  7. Yesssss look people we are coin flipping for secretariat it’s either burrow or chase. Let fate decide. There’s idiots on here who would trade Joe Montana away. Look ignorant people we never had a franchise QB yes we have Haskins but Burrow is a no brainer. Looks like Tom Brady and you want to trade him. You can not win without an elite QB. He is a pocket passer reads defense and can scramble. Please TK ban the guys who say to trade down. You guys really want to persuade our coaches to trade down and give away chase young aka Khalil Mack but bigger, or Burrow aka Joe Montana with Steve young’s legs.
  8. wtfskins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Ya I’ll take the tenth ranked offense potential over what we’ve had for the last 20 years.
  9. wtfskins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I’m gonna take the wait and see approach on this one guys. Lmao what else can I do?
  10. wtfskins

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Why would you not want Burrow at #2 you want to be the team with no QB who traded away a franchise QB. I’m not saying Haskins isn’t a franchise QB in fact I prey he is the real deal but burrow is our plan B just in case.
  11. wtfskins

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    No you don’t trade down you draft burrow. You want to be the team that traded away Joe Montana or Tom Brady. Cause Burrow has that potential. You draft either Young or Burrow whoever’s their. If Haskins plays great then you trade burrow later in the season for a lot more picks.
  12. wtfskins

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Let’s get this guy ASAP.
  13. wtfskins

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Move on from Kerrigan are you guys crazy that guy is a beast he will kick our ass if we let him go. Let’s keep him til his contract is up.
  14. wtfskins

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    We have a talented bunch of players on defense. I don’t dog on any of them. They have been playing the wrong scheme for years. We can not get rid of guys just cause we have to many D lineman and linebackers. We keep them all the best teams in the league have players who spell them. Imagine Chase Young , and Sweat being spelled by Kerrigan and Anderson. And Ionadis and Payne being spelled by Settle and Allen. We can afford all these guys next year why would we want to drop guys this year? Keep them all let Jack Del Rio develop a defense teams are afraid of. Quit with the rumors of dropping Kerrigan and other dudes cause they don’t fit. Believe me Jack will plug them in to come downhill we could be a force but not if we get rid of these guys. 1 more year let’s let them get comfortable and play together.
  15. wtfskins

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Quit dogging on Anderson how do you know he won’t thrive in this new scheme dude is a beast. I’d put him at MLB. He’d be a starter on the Steelers and he’s not good enough to play here you got to be kidding me.