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  1. I don’t care how much Kerrigan cries for playing time. Sweat is better period. Second why is Alex Smith in the league still his offense goes backwards. Third Rivera has no clue how to manage a game and do his job on game day. You called timeout one play after you should of challenged a 3rd and 5 incomplete pass. And he has numerous game mis management mistakes. Last I thought this team was doing a new reset on management and all coaches and incompetent management positions. So my question is why didn’t they clean house here in the forum. All the mods and ad
  2. Of course he’s a bust. How can any franchise sign a high dollar free agent? High dollar free agents are a waste of time and money. All you got to do is look at the latest trends of free agent busts. I just hope we learn from this mistake and be very careful when we sign free agents.
  3. Alex Smith has no business in the NFL what is he doing as a backup. Haskins should be the backup. Smith needs to be let go or forced to retire. This is on our incompetent coaching staff. They have no idea what they are doing.
  4. Yes how many 4th and 1s are we gonna punt? Our cheerleaders could do better than this. Even Ryan Clark said he wasn’t gonna call this team the Washington football team until they look like a football team. They’re just the Washington team.
  5. Like my buddy said our cheerleaders could do better than these chicks. Let’s name all the girls on this team. I’ll start. Thomas Davis, Landon Collins, Dwayne Haskins, Ron Rivera. Did I leave anyone out?
  6. Another td againist the zone why are we still playing this defense?
  7. I only see one the check down he can’t throw to the guy behind the check down cause the checkdown is in the way.
  8. Haskins can be a good QB in this league he needs to learn on the bench though. He is green and needs time this is a good thing. Also we need to see Kyle Allen to evaluate him as well. I think they should of had a 2 QB rotation the first 4 games just like preseason.
  9. I wonder how Bill Callahan is doing in Cleveland. Oh ya I forgot he’s got the best running game in the league. Only if we kept this guy. We are always letting go of our good coordinators to see them excel on other teams.
  10. I like Curl a lot he is always around the football. I plug in Collins and curl at the lb spot and then try to defend the pass a little better. And hope teams run for it in 3rd and 7 in fact I’ll pray they run for it there. We have a better chance of stopping that run then defending the pass with LBs in coverage. Hindsight is very clear now that we know the results.
  11. We didn’t play that bad on the line. I’m with Rivera on this one we have a lot of players playing well and it’s not fair to them to keep a limited Haskins in the game. Let Kyle Allen get the next 4 games and then reevaluate.
  12. It was 3rd and 7 why were the linebackers in the game on that play anyways? It was obvious passing play.
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