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  1. That was before all these movements your comparing these times to the 80s and 90s.
  2. Horrible job, first of all trying to overpay for Amari Cooper what were they thinking he would of never been accepted here. You already have a #1 WR. Thank god he didn’t come here. What they got for Trent Williams was a joke of picks cause they continue to throw them away with every bonehead deal they make. No TE in a TE dominant league. What are they waiting for? Wasn’t Kelce and Kittle in the Super Bowl? We are cursed until we change our name the NFL will never allow us to play in the big game. They don’t even allow our name to be said on Sportscenter. I’m no tree hugger but damn wake up.
  3. You see idk either. I mean we have Kerrigan, Anderson, Payne, Allen, and Ionnadis. Tell me why we need Chase Young. Convince me I’m all ears and to want to be convinced. But ask yourself this would you rather have Drew Brees or Khalil Mack?
  4. I to like Chase Young but Tua might be the left handed Drew Brees. And don’t ever tell me where to put my threads at I’ll put them where I want.
  5. We have a real question here boys. Do we draft Tua. I do like Chase Young but we do have plenty of DL and DE’S. Can we afford to go after another pass rusher. And here’s my reasoning behind this Tua won’t play next year so we get to see Haskins for a full year. If Haskins does good we trade Tua who experts believe is a sure thing and we get another first round pick. So please chime in on this I want to hear your thoughts.
  6. wtfskins

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I guess that all depends how much he wants. But ya he is worth something. I tried to be on the band wagon of not laying guys but that’s the reality of things now guys get paid whether we agree or not. He is a solid solid player.
  7. You guys are talking sandwiches and we’re about to lose a 3rd cb who I guarantee will hold up a Lombardi trophy in his young career. Either here or on another team. I could literally change this thread to “Congratulations Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland, and Quinton Dunbar who let me remind you had a game sealing interception last time he played. Who’s next Fabian Moreau? Gimme a freaking break get your head out of your asses. Do I have to do all the thinking all the time? I know I’m a millionaire but god damn. Wake up Redskins fans. Don’t even think about rooting for him to leave I’ll slap the taste out your mouths.
  8. wtfskins

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Totally agree. Guy is a baller and we want to not sign him. If the redskins let him walk and he wins a super bowl that might make me root for another team.
  9. wtfskins

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    No it’s cause coaching guys were either covered or wide open it was ridiculous. I agree pay Dunbar. Give him good contract not great one. He is a good professional cb with experience. That itself justifies it.
  10. wtfskins

    Chase young trade value.

    If Dak Prescott is worth multiple first round picks what could a potential premier pass rusher be worth once he is a proven talent in the League. This article was printed today about Dak Prescott’s trade value right now. The Cowboys traded Herschel Walker for 3 Super Bowls I believe.
  11. wtfskins

    Who should be the next GM?

    I could do it . It should be me a true redskin fan.
  12. Exactly point them out. We need to hush this nonsense and public opinion.
  13. From what I’ve been reading fans are definitely on the release Kerrigan bus. Which is absurd.
  14. Congratulations to the ex Redskins DB’s who had a huge impact on the Super Bowl champs KC Chiefs. Thank god we’re so deep at CB that we didn’t need these guys anymore. Is there anyone else we can get rid of while we’re at it? You know what let’s go ahead and get rid of Ryan Kerrigan a double digit sack machine is not needed here in DC. Those are easy to find in the NFL. Why would we need him? A great overpowering bull pass rusher who terrorizes our division rival Dallas Cowboys. Ya great idea let’s drop him. His contract is not the issue he is actually under contract and wants to play here. Hell we are too deep at DE now let’s just give him away for free so he can win a super bowl and maybe stay in the division and kick our ass twice a year. I understand we’re under new management but if our fan base continues to root for stupid decisions like this we will continue to suffer as a franchise.
  15. wtfskins

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    Heck both the Packers and the 49ers both had losing records last year. Now one team will be in the Super Bowl. The difference is minut in the NFL from winning and losing. We just got to get in the tournament.