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  1. Virginia did everything in its power to prevent me from getting vaccinated but they could not stop me from getting it through my company.
  2. Also, an offense/teams can give up cheap scores or put defenses in bad situations or not do that. Help minimize how much work the defense has to do (even a great defense gives up the big play if the other team's offense has too many chances. A good dc will also be able to take advantage of how his offense may limit the other team's playbook.
  3. Having a true QB competition is not bad for the team. If you want to see it in a negative light, you could argue that it is a bad signal about the QB talent that only thing is that we have no known elite guy and don't want to give up what we'd have to to get him.
  4. I consider Marshall as the first elite LB we had since Hanburger and one of 4 we've had in my fandom.
  5. Sammis is 25 and a part of an NFL development program, he could have been one of those young guys who might have missed his chance to a guy like Tebow. If he takes 2-3 years to learn TE, he'll still be south of 30 and could put in near a decade of good work. Tebow is a 33 year old who has already had his chance. Even if his second chance works out, he only has a couple of years at most.
  6. RG3 was not the only home run swing we've made. I KNOW since 1999, we've taken that home run swing 7-8 times. Because a mock has a QB rated one way has nothing to do with whether the pick was a home run swing or not. In fact, mocks that rated Campbell as a 2 probably make the move a bigger swing.
  7. Huh? We have either made a move since 1999 many times, tried or did not need 7 or 8 times. The best moves we've made for a franchise-type guy was actually flipping Snead for Sonny back around the time I was born then trading a second rounder for the rights to some guy up in Canada in the early 70s. Further, the second best way to make sure you pick a bust is to trade up huge. Only team to have success with this strategy in recent years was good to begin with (had been for several years a playoff team) and a coach who is the spiritual successor to probably the greatest QB guru ever (Holmgren).
  8. With the exception of Allen thru Gibbs 1.0, it is not for the lack of trying to find the guy. Since Snyder: Ramsey, Campbell, RG3 and Haskins (not to mention multiple trades). Since Baugh, Snead was the closest because we flipped him for Sonny. Our best direct guys were Rypien, Ferrotte and Cousins
  9. But the only person they did not prove themselves to was you. After the game, the guys don't go into a glass case until the next game, they have several days each week, plus had all of camp in many cases, to prove themselves.
  10. Analysis seems to suggest that Bates is what our coaches hoped Sprinkle would be. A good blocker that provides the QB a reliable check-down option. Maybe I'm getting old but I remember when draft picks actually looked like adults.
  11. Well, Fields is a bust. Chicago drafted him.
  12. At the time, Ryan Kerrigan was considered the second or third best DE in the draft. Since he played most of his career out of position with bad defenses overall, I don't think I'd take any of the other DE drafted before him except Watt (although I believe Watt would have been only slightly superior with us from 2011 to 2019 as opposed to the HOFer he was and Kerrigan would be just a tier below HOF status with Houston).
  13. I just wish they would just say former Washington LB and forget about those DC years.
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