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  1. Darth Tater

    Be afraid. Be very afraid....

    Disagree. If we drop in draft position, Danny won't have the shiny new toy to market a bad team. His best marketing ploy would be to totally revamp the front office. He could probably buy himself another year or two of suck and maybe even rehab his public persona if he actually turns into the blind squirrel that finds a nut. Bruthe has been focusing on the almost there thing since 2016 (the year we seemed ready to really step up was when SM gave Grudes the stones to go with Cousins) and the fact we haven't stepped up then is almost certainly the coaching and FO. While the problems are reasonable in isolation and others seem out of his direct control, injury issues over multiple years, Trent Williams, Kirk Cousins, Shanahan, Gruden, the DCs, image issues, McVay, LeFluer, Kyle. sum up.
  2. Darth Tater

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If Bruce 'Bug-Eyes' Allen has any say we will pick Tua in the first round.
  3. Darth Tater

    Next Coach?

    It is not the QB but the defense that has less pressure as this strategy tends to keep them off the field more. A big thing is that you also are more likely to be in position to steal a game or two. While the Washington Snyders have not done it yet, they have been in Q4 to steal wins against some good teams. Several of our 2005 and 2007 wins came because we were just a FG or a lucky play away. We got a false positive on Zorn in year 1 in part due to a great running game. Our good running game the first half of last season covered a lot of issues both on defense and offense. The running game covered a lot of the Jags issues in 2017 which showed last season. This is the real problem since the Snyders don't have to be much better to finish the season 6-10 and we may see no attempt to solve the rot as Allen keeps making that "we're close" argument and Snyder (along with many Skins fans) keep buying it.
  4. Darth Tater

    Next Coach?

    I have no opinion on who our next coach should be until we fire Bruce Allen and optimally Dan sells the team (see my Kick Starter campaign )
  5. Darth Tater

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    A big IF here. Cheapest option would be as a backup. Next best would be any plan to cut him. If he starts, that would indicate that Haskins is either a bust or the rot is still there. I'd probably go for the rot still being present unless Snyder sells the team or at least fires Bruce.
  6. Lots of things could happen but have an almost 0 chance. This is one of them. My biggest fear in a way is that we go 7-4 or 6-5 (maybe a solid 5-6) which will probably suck me in again but also mean that the real issues aren't dealt with. In 1998, start 0-7 but finish 6-3. Did have an ownership issue but the finish followed by 1999 kept me going. In 2001, start 0-5, I was about to quit on the Redskins. Finish strong so I gave them another chance even after they fired the head coach. In 2003, we start 3-2 and the losses were an OT and a two point loss that included a failed two point conversion, we only finish 5-11 so again I was on the verge. We re-hire Joe Gibbs, so I'm back. In 2004, we don't look good but hey, its Joe Gibbs and he deserves another try! In 2009, we have an awful year but after they hire Shanny, I think they deserve another couple of years though I did worry when he destroyed our defense. In 2013, Shanny proved an asshole who also was just a mediocre coach but we got Norv Gruden who was the hottest candidate. After the ugly 2014 season but we hired a real GM so I thought we give them another season. In 2016, defense sucks and Kirk goes brain dead at times but we really just need to tweak the defense a little bit for it to step up. In 2017 and 2018, defense looks like it is stepping up. Injuries and the loss of Jackson and Garcon without anybody stepping up to fill those roles. Though Andy had screwed us again, at least we looked like we could overcome that fail over the first half of the season. Might be time to bail.
  7. Darth Tater

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We don't seem to draft offensive line year 1 starters well unless they are top ten first rounders. While Gruden and Allen seem to think we have to much cap dollars invested in the oline, if we have to rely on that high end, we need to go for the best olineman available or perhaps trade our 1-1 next year for multiple ones. We also will probably need to find a long term partner for Montez.
  8. Bowe was the 23rd pick, Harmon was the 206th. If Harmon's first four years are just half of what Bowe did over first first four and then Harmon moves on, that pick is highly successful.
  9. Darth Tater

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    How often have you seen the team that was dominant still end on the losing side and sometimes by multiple scores? Last year in the Tampa game, we would have lost almost as badly as we had the previous week if Tampa did not try so hard to lose (missed 3 chip shot FGs and all but one of those TOs was primarily on Tampa). What if the refs had made the right call in the Houston game? What if we had signed Kaepernick and not been why the NFL folded in that case?
  10. Darth Tater

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Alstott correct ruling? Good chance we'd have been Pittsburgh's SB opponent. Rogers doesn't drop that pick and we go up 10-0. Probably end up winning 24-10 if we don't mess up that gift from Seattle. Pittsburgh probably gets to play Carolina in the SB. 2008: Jordy Nelson over Devin Thomas DeSean Jackson over Fed Davis There are only 3 guys who went in the second after Kelly that were as bad or worse as Malcolm Kelly statistically speaking. So, pretty much anyone. Probably could have signed Kelly as a priority UDFA or thrown out a late round flyer if we just had to have him.
  11. Darth Tater

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    If Green Bay then took JC, we'd all be complaining that we took Rogers. In 2005, there were huge red flags on Rogers and much of his success is probably due to the fact he had several years to fix them. OK, primarily its because I have become so negative... We sign Warren Moon in 1984. OK, pretty fantastical as JoeyT was coming off his best year (excepting for the SB) and Moon would have been a likely backup. The Oilers were about as set to go after him. However, Joe Gibbs was a big supporter of Tampa going after Doug Williams (while a "black" QB was scary) and Moon also looked as physically similar to Gibbs ideal (Dan Fouts) as he was going to get.
  12. Darth Tater

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Seemingly good? We beat the Cowboys in 1979. Pardee wins the political battle of 1980 over Beathard. Beathard signs as GM on another team, hires Gibbs as coach and a DB coach from his old team named Pettibon.
  13. Darth Tater

    A little insight on Case Keenum.

    My best case scenario. Case shows enough to get another big contract from someone else while Haskins shows enough that Gruden (because of Case shows enough to be desired, Gruden probably stays) decides to start him. Smith is not putting on a brave face and is able to be a quality backup next year (believe it or not, he'd probably be in NET the least expensive backup solution). If we don't go to the playoffs this season, baring another bad luck excuse, we will have a new coach next year.
  14. Darth Tater

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Joe Gibbs returns in 1999. Assuming our drafting is pretty much the same, I think this team was a good fit for his style. Especially awesome if Trent Green stays, see below Trent Green stays with the Redskins. Could have picked Culpepper and let him ride pine for a couple of years. Jevon Kearse was available with Lang starting to look like something, we'd have been excited, We could have really started building a formidable OL adding Damien Woody though he would have likely been the backup center/guard that year if Gibbs had come back We don't trade up to draft Samuels instead using our natural pick on Samuels instead of Lavar. At 12, Lavar might still have been available while if Chicago goes that way instead of Urlacher, maybe we end up with Urlacher! We also would have had the 24th pick. Maybe instead of Sanders, we take Plummer for a future replacement for DG. The Rattay supporters in NE win and we take Brady instead of Husak. OK, unless we had made all the right moves, I seriously doubt Brady would be the F'in Tom Brady of today, at least not for us. I suspect its F'in Tim Rattay.
  15. Darth Tater

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Given our heavy focus on the oline, especially in the recent past, we need to ask why we are in such a precarious state on the offensive line.