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  1. It is more likely that anybody we draft at QB will be a bust. If we trade up, we are much more likely to be screwed as a franchise. You need to wait until you are a perinial playoff contender and trade up then like KC (playoffs 3 out of 4 years, 4 straight winning seasons and 3 11 or more win regular seasons BEFORE the trade), hope you get lucky (UDFA like Dallas, later pick like Seattle, someone good somehow hits FA like Tampa, another teams trash like Tennessee or someone slides to your natural pick like happened for Green Bay) or or have a bad season at the right time when you are actually
  2. I'm just not comfortable with a guy whose first name sounds like a last name.
  3. Most recent? Haskins. Earliest? Chuck Long.
  4. Several first round QBs I thought were can't miss were but I've never been wrong about a first round QB I thought would fail. I would not touch Lance unless he is available in round 2.
  5. He is 69. I don't see him as a head coach much longer no matter what. In any case, even if Tom had stayed in NE, I think they wouldn't have done much better than they did. Hell, in the second half of 2019, they struggled to a 500 record. Improvement in Buffalo and Miami have to be considered since if they had not improved, NE may have won the division even with their mediocre offense.
  6. Um, Walmart employees are mostly not expected at VOLUNTARY training sessions. If they are not VOLUNTARY, it is BS for management to say they are. If Rivera expects the players, it is a black mark on his character, not the players.
  7. Thing is, albeit Smoot did come back, only Rocky got a second contract after the rookie deal and not because they got a crazy offer. Rocky only got a 1 year deal. Smith was probably the only one I'd have to think they should have gone after.
  8. Trask is arguably the best QB we can get in the draft without selling out. He also has a certain relationship with a coach that remind me of the relationship Farve had with Holmgren back in 1991 which was one of the primary motivations behind why Holmgren gave up what he did to get Farve.
  9. I am thinking that the argument is more about getting a replacement for Barber. Barber was money in short yardage situations but was not what you want to spell Gibson or even start a few games. Further, I can see us wanting a guy who can let us take full advantage of Gibson's versatility.
  10. Of course BEFORE the trade that was because all of 3 of top10 worthy QBs are likely to be gone by the third pick and there are likely going to be as many as 1 other QBs over-drafted in the top 10, maybe as soon as 5.
  11. Remember, most NFL contracts are no longer than when the player can be cut without cap damage. While I can offer a contract with an APY of the contract is above the highest, you will likely only see a fraction of that, especially if it is backloaded with relatively low GTD money. Further, by 2022 that is likely to no longer be true.
  12. You are probably correct. One of the side effects of the NFL moving the hash marks in was arguably to make the LT the important oline position as it makes running to the left easier and increases the space available for rushing the passer.
  13. 18 plus the risk adjusted future expectations would have to be less than what WFT is offering for that to be the case (and remember, the adjustment for risk is his, no one else's opinion really matters unless he asked). On a 5 year deal, years 4 and 5 are almost fully at the teams discretion (look at the median real length of a 5 year contract in the NFL) and he's going to be past his prime (probably if he still wants to play a vet min guy who may not get a genuine chance to compete for the start job).
  14. On an LTD, Scherff's career is just about over at the end (unless he is a freak) and in 3-4 years would likely be in a situation similar to Kerrigan's or worse. Now, he is taking a risk that he will be injured in 2021 in a career threatening way but he will most likely be able to shop himself for the best deal in 2022 and they will probably be better. You would have to structure the deal so that it is more valuable to him than 18 now plus what he'll get next year discounted for taking the risk as your baseline. That risk factor, 2022 value and 2023 value are the points of contention. Scherff p
  15. The former minority owners had been unsuccessfully trying to sell so it appears that Dan was forced to make a market (you can't sell, your true asset value is near 0). He financed about half this purchase via debt (don't know WFT's debt situation before this). This is probably the best strategy the NFL has to dump Dan (remember, probably half the owners could be accused of similar misdeeds as Dan is accused of and some of them are probably guilty).
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