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  1. Of the 7 2014 coaching hires, only Zimmer is still a head coach. Gruden went 1-5 in his first year and got 5+ years. Gibbs was 1-4 before he got his second win in his first year coaching under Devil Snyder. Lovie Smith is a decent guy and a decent coach, he only got two at Tampa.
  2. Damn, forgot that Philly kissed their sister.
  3. Watched the game again. Was surprised that in many ways, except the final outcome, how similar it was to our first game, well kind of the opposite. First, we get the turnover and have the ball 1st. It looked like we might tie it up. Turn it over ourselves but stop them and it is looking like we might get another chance. Turn over! Leads to giving them another TD. Second FG was set up by a long pass completion that spookily looked much like the overthrow by Wentz the week before. Just two plays and we'd have been down 10-7 at the half. The week before the and the Eagles would have been up
  4. won't pump the brakes until my car crash! Team 30...Them 0
  5. On the Goedart TD, I have only seen a handful of FS that would have been able to prevent that score and all those FS are in the HOF (or probably would be if they weren't murdered). I am sure Wentz was licking his chops once he saw that one vert was getting backer coverage and we only had one deep safety against two verts. The one I would point to would be the overthrow that should have been a TD at the end of the half. Even then, I'd question why you are putting a safety in that position.
  6. What if we hit 6-2 with losses to anybody plus the Rams. How about starting 6-0 and with two division foes? OK, they are both at home and not away.
  7. Because both Philly and New York play a 1:00 game on Fox and CBS has the premium 4 pm game anyway. Our game would very likely be a 1om game if it weren't in Az.
  8. I have always been convinced that had Kerrigan gone to Houston and Watt had gone to us, a lot of Washington fans would be complaining that we'd pick have picked Kerrigan over Watt. Not that Watt isn't slightly better just that he didn't change positions much, got Wade Phillips as his DC as opposed to Hasbeen and played on a team with a pretty good overall defense.
  9. Sometimes you whiff but at least on the whiff he made effort. I did not see it as half-assed but just lack of ability, which may be worse. On the first, only reason is something like you guess
  10. I am convinced that one of the biggest positives when SM was hired was the cojones it gave Norv Gruden in 2015. The most negative thing was when he was let go is that Norv Gruden's cojones were removed.
  11. Watched the game again, looks like regression to the mean. On the FG drive's first play, if they have the TE run a different pattern, Wentz eats end zone. On the Dallas Goedart TD, they run two verts with one being covered by a LB and we put only one safety deep. In this situation, the TD is a given unless the QB or the receiver screw up. Later, they had a situation were a certain TD was not executed,
  12. Another thing, like us last year, they got up but could not establish a run game.
  13. Watching the 17 point jump by the Eagles without the emotions getting in the way. Drive one was would good but a few small errors by us helped big-time. On the second drive, had the TE run a slightly longer developing route, Wentz would have been eating end zone dirt. After another mediocre run, Wentz turned a 3 and 7 into a much more manageable 3-2. Mostly dominated them except for Collins mistake and one big pass completion you could see that the Eagles were unable to stop our defense. Next possession, we pretty much dominated them. Fourth was due to inconsistency on our part.
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