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  1. I think of Gruden. His best year was in 2015 when he appeared to grow a pair because SM was brought in and BA was practically demoted (not officially, though). When SM was removed, Grudes seem to become worse every year and by late April 2019 seemed to have checked out after bending over for BA from 2016 thru 2018. A bend over attitude and lack of development even by very good technician would worry me if I wanted him for GM.
  2. Kyle is right now a great technician but his GM skills are probably lacking. During what should have been the years for learning how to be a GM, he basically had a boss named Bruce.
  3. He was a TE though also the back up FB on most game days (true for most backup TEs who just want to be active). He was an LB in juco.
  4. Our best FBs over the last 20 years was a TE converted to FB in the CFL (Sellers) and a LB converted to FB by us (Young).
  5. Westbroke's major issues in the NFL were health, attitude and QB. None are easily detected during the draft process. On days when Westbroke was healthy and the QB was using him, he was often a man among boys even in the NFL.
  6. Running Back was actually not really a thing until the 60s, it evolved as teams went into two back sets. One halfback became one of what is now called a WR while the other became one of the two RBs. Truth is,in most 3 wide sets (with a single back), the remaining RB is technically/historically a FB and the extra WR is a HB. Of course, what makes it hard is as formations changed, position designations change. For example, original spread forms (invented in the 1920s) was a mod of the double wing which put two halfbacks in a slot created by splitting out your ends and taking the QB off the f
  7. @KDawgI'll admit that taking Art Monk over Charles White was something I didn't understand at the time.
  8. What killed the FB position was the rise of I-form variations where the FB was no longer a RB. Now, a FB is not one of the two RB slots. John Riggins was considered a FB during his whole career (he had been retired for several years when people started calling him something else). Jim Brown was a FB. When the spread offense was first designed, the RB was the FB as it really is just a modification of a double wing (meaning, you slotted both HBs.
  9. i have never have liked trading up in the draft and we had too many holes to waste resources.
  10. You forgot Gardner. All but Desmond Howard made sense to me
  11. A part of me knows the real reasons why Heinike is likely to not work out:. Name is too hard to spell. Since we failed to keep Trent Green and Kurt Warner goes from out of the league to HOF, I've wanted us to have a guy with a similar story. My dreams like that never come true.
  12. It is not glaring holes that worries me but the long term damage from the fail that almost always follows selling out for a free agent. A high end player who is allowed to hit FA by his team is not likely to be as good as advertised. The FA signings that are great tend to be from signing guys who are not valued as highly as they should be (injury history, age or are not yet proven).
  13. Most of that came while not playing his optimal position, without a good DC and often as the only elite talent on the defense. I also don't remember him bming about it.
  14. There are only 2 players I would trade up to get and neither will be available at 12-13.
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