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  1. Don’t want a QB, maybe a chance at Parsons?
  2. Any chance WFT moves up to 9?? Just to say FU to all other NFC East teams!! Lol. Don’t really care if they do or don’t, just thought it would be a funny move.
  3. Who gave the Bucs the best game of the playoffs???
  4. It’s crazy to me all of this doubt in TH. I watched a QB in a burgundy and gold uniform actually perform for 4 quarters! (In a playoff game!!) Without the drops in this game, I wonder if we are still playing?? I would love to see TH start next year and get a legit shot. Draft someone young like you should, let Alex decide to walk alway. I’m drinking the TH Kool Aid!
  5. Sad the season is over for our team, happy with the way season ended, especially because how it started. But, I get happy again because this thread title will soon be reset for all the new players!! it’s the little things in life
  6. I’ve been saying this all over the board, but if Alex is not 1000X healthier this Saturday night, we have ZERO chance. I do believe our D can cause problems for the Bucs O. But, they are very good with a lot of weapons, Godwin scares me the most, and even with a great effort I see them scoring 24 plus points. Alex as immobile as he was Sunday night will not be able to “check down” to that many points. Here’s to Ron having the stones to play the unproven QB, but at least the kid can move if problems break down in protection. TH will also throw the ball more than 8 yards down the field. As
  7. Does anyone else think it was somewhat reckless to allow Alex to keep playing last night. He had ZERO chance of protecting himself in case a play broke down. I still have 20/20 vision (hahaha) and my eyes were watching a man that could not run away from any danger. Even if he felt pressure (which wasn’t there sometimes) and he defaulted to throwing a ball away or tryin to run out of the pocket. I hope he heals more this week which will give him somewhat of a chance to escape pressure. Or just the ability to drive off his back foot and throw the ball down the field. Jus
  8. Just the fact that Taylor has 2 healthy legs, I believe he needs to play next week. Turner was forced to call the game like he did last night. I believe Scott knew with Alex’s inability to move, all he had was to throw to the flat. I wasn’t shocked at all when Epps jumped JD in the flat for the pick. Quite frankly any Qb can come in and throw to the flat or check down every down. Did we throw the ball at all over 25 yards all game??? Tampa will blitz and blitz more if Alex is in, I love his story and his grit to come back. But after watching last night, you could see he was gu
  9. I just don’t understand, how do coaches who get paid millions, not see how badly a player is struggling to even move!!! It has nothing to do with anything else, a player cannot move, how is he in??? just don’t get it...
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