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  1. Welcome to the Redskins Trent Williams!! LOL.....all sides messed this thing up, maybe they can all now sit in a room and just figure it out. He’s not worth 20M and a high pick. Compensate based on fair market value.
  2. I wonder if Trent Williams watched any of The Last Dance???? Maybe it would motivate him to stop being a **** and finally play some football. LOL
  3. This is a great idea....however, I read that roster, especially on offense and my heart sinks.....not very threatening.....
  4. John Riggins Art Monk Dave Butts these men are the earliest redskins I can remember. I have been hooked ever since
  5. Is it crazy to think of a scenario where we select Isaiah Simmons second overall??? Thoughts...
  6. Pretty sure he was selling all of his old Panthers gear and gave the profits to the local Humane Society on Saturday. What a great way to purge all of your old items instead of just throwing them away. The money he made went to a fantastic cause, the building of a new humane society building.
  7. Glad Ron Burgundy decided to go all new. This team/franchise has to be completely rebuilt.
  8. I find myself wanting everything new, however, if it’s best for Haskins and the team then hopefully the choice is for him to stick. Although, I am not fond of Run, Run, Pass. Repeat. Play calling....
  9. This site has helped me as a Redskins fan, the **** we had to endure has been excruciating. Maybe with this new year and new coach and Bruce gone the pendulum may start to swing the other way. Who knows?? But, either way the ES board will help me thru!!
  10. Time for the 2020 free agency thread!! I’m so sick of reading the names on the 2019 title. New year, new coach, new group of talented players to the list!!