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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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1 minute ago, Destino said:

Acosta with the best yellow card.  Saved a goal. 

That was the consensus over in my office too. 

Tired of the World Cup hype and a team that can’t get out of group play


this is going to come down to who scores more goals against Iran. 

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That was an incredibly stupid penalty to take.  He’s got his back to the goal, you don’t need to force a play on the ball there.  I get he’s dangerous with the ball on his foot for a quick turn and shot but you can’t take such a huge risk in that spot.  There’s no chance you’re tackling that ball cleanly.


Just really, really stupid.

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On 11/13/2022 at 6:27 PM, Long n Left said:

How about the story line of the world’s largest sporting event being given to a homicidal, human rights abusing nation, that bribed FIFA officials to get the bid.


Sportswashing of the highest order by a regime of horror. How about the thousands of deaths of poor non-Qataris that were coerced by the promise of more money than they’ve ever seen, only to be forced to work mad hours to build the stadiums and infrastructure, and live in squalor. 

I love the game of footy, and pray that my beloved Oranje May one day win The Cup, but I’m having massive misgivings about watching this. 

I probably will, but only the Dutch and USA matches.


US journalist Grant Wahl says he was detained in Qatar for rainbow shirt


US soccer journalist Grant Wahl says he was detained by security staff after he wore a rainbow shirt to USA’s World Cup opener against Wales.


Wahl, who works for CBS Sports and writes a popular Substack column, wore the shirt as a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community to the game at Qatar’s Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.


However, he said a security guard told him the shirt was not allowed. Wahl said his phone was “forcibly ripped” from his hands by a guard as he tweeted about the incident. He said he was then detained for 25 minutes and told to remove his shirt, which a member of security staff said was “political”. He was also asked if he was from the UK.



Wahl says he told a New York Times journalist who was passing by what had happened and he was detained too before being let go shortly afterwards.


“Then a security commander approached me,” Wahl wrote in his Substack column. “He said they were letting me through and apologized. We shook hands. One of the security guards told me they were just trying to protect me from fans inside who could harm me for wearing the shirt … A Fifa rep later apologized to me as well.


“But the entire episode left me wondering: What’s it like for ordinary Qataris who might wear a rainbow shirt when the world isn’t watching here? What’s that like?”

Wahl said he was subsequently allowed to wear the shirt in the stadium.


A Wales LGBTQ+ supporters group said some of its members were forbidden from wearing rainbow hats at the same game.



Click on the link for the full article

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Re watched USMNT 2nd half.  They had their chances there but also couldn't finish.  Frustration with officials went beyond just the yellows..  missed handballs... fouls on follow thru (our man got caught a few minutes before the goal) and the constant shin kicking of Pulisic.  I think they had 8 or so good chances in the entire game but couldn't create in the final third.  There were some good runs we did not take advantage of.  


I thought Aronsson was going to score off the cutback cross to him... and US kept on just swinging it into the defenders.  Wales was able to push then away from the central area of the attacking zone.  


Watching them play I would have preferred a lineup that had Reyna over Sarggent.  What's the point of holding back Gio? I would like to see Gio in there because I am not sold on Sarggent.  But who knows.  Do not want to see so many crosses against England.




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Darnit!!!  I looked at all the matches and decided when to wake up early (west coast).  This one didn't rate.    


How can this happen?  Argentina is FIFA top 4. Wow.  Looks like Saudi has had a proper training and they played an immense high line defense with keeper out to minimize Argentina chances.  


A fantastic upset!!! First of the tournament.  Argentina is under pressure now.  Not atypical given their World Cup history... 

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KSA could turn out to be a darling of the tournament.  They are very well coached. They could also end up getting smashed by Mexico and Poland. 


Dennark with also a disappointing result against Tunisia.  


When then tournament expands are we getting bigger groups?  Because I do think there is more random wackiness in a smaller group... 



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He’s 47 years old if I heard the announcers correctly? 

hell of a save


I know it’s 0-0 but it’s been a great game


World Cup should always be thanksgiving week. Between being off 3 days and it being fine to take 2+ hour lunch breaks to drink beer and eat wings because it’s just a slow week, it’s perfect 

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I watched the 'Redeem Team' documentary on Netflix (about the 2008 US Olympic Men's Basketball team) a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things that stood out to me was that for some of the mid-tier countries the US played, the talent pool was so small that kids with high potential are identified very young and play together/against each for over a decade before they take the floor together as an Olympic team. The US team had magnitudes better talent but far less chemistry- and even that had to be forced given that international basketball was ultimately a sideshow for those players.


It seemed similar with the Saudi Arabia vs Argentina game this morning.  Those guys mostly play in the Saudi domestic league but have magnitudes of time on the pitch together compared to the Argentinian players. I only watched the last ~30 minutes but their performance seemed far from a fluke given some of the chances they stopped.  Granted, the World Cup actually is a major event, compared to Olympic basketball.

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