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  1. Honestly, this is already a giant 'L' in my book. Joe Biden was nowhere near my first choice for President but he's had a long respectable career in policy-making. He was rightfully elected to bring basic sanity back to our government and he deserves all the pageantry that goes along with a Presidential inauguration, down to the Amtrak train he wanted to take from DE into Union Station. The right, in all their pearl-clutching about unity and healing, has done nothing to quell these flames, even as they know their cult-like devotion to Trump might end in days. Biden is the loser in all this-
  2. First Putin took Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring, and now the MyPillow guy is taking Bill Bellichick’s Medal of Freedom. When will the New England Patriots catch a break?!?
  3. 1) You nailed it; that was my favorite show as a kid, hence the profile name 2) Oddly enough, on a different forum, someone guessed I was of Indian ethnicity because, little to my knowledge, Balki is a common nickname for Balakrishna (that's not my name though)
  4. Fair point. I'm usually hesitant to say anything bad about Reagan/Bush because I work with so many older Gen Xers and younger Baby Boomers that it basically amounts to sacrilege. The one thing I will say about Reagan and Bush was they had an enormous level of skill at disguising racist policy as 'states rights,' or something else.
  5. Oh crap- now I have to call up and tell all my friends that I'm an Indian-American man. They're gonna be pissed that they've known me for decades and I never mentioned it. I just assumed they all knew.
  6. It's been a long slow drain that started when Barry Goldwater got destroyed in the 1964 election, and culminated with the Coup Klux Klan violently storming the Capitol to take selfies last week. The Reagan/Bush I years were the aberration within the last 56 years of the Republican party.
  7. Heh, "military-style sendoff." That can mean so many things.
  8. Shouldn't you call up Brad Ruff-esberger for help with that? OK I'll stop.
  9. I'm waiting for some kind of sixth sense type of ending where they all realize they spent the entire time fighting Antifa, but it turned out they were the violent anti-government group.
  10. We can't expect her to have the time to transition Jill Biden into her role while she's also burning the midnight oil finalizing paperwork with her divorce attorney.
  11. LOL, definitely the latter. He's already been arrested and charged: NYC man arrested on Capitol riot charges freed on $100K bond (apnews.com) His dad is a judge in Brooklyn too
  12. I don't know why, but this guy was the kicker for me. He looks like a rogue adult Harry Potter minus all the magic skills.
  13. That's pretty rude of Drucker to not mention that Ben Shapiro's wife is a doctor.
  14. Nonfiction: Two Tribes by Tony Evans I picked up watching the Premier League a couple of years ago (mostly because 9am on a Saturday/Sunday is my only time to watch sports uninterrupted). This book goes into the Liverpool-Everton rivalry, and contextualizes the Heysel disaster in terms of the state of soccer in the UK at that time, the political state of the UK, and the city of Liverpool's very unique cultural place within the UK. I know there was a thread somewhere in the Tailgate about the Hillsborough Disaster a few years ago and this provides a lot of context about how messed
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