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  1. I don't know what's more embarrassing? Admitting that Limp Bizkit is your favorite band any time after 2005, or the fact that you can't even spell Limp Bizkit ?
  2. That's been the weird part of this whole journey. I went to the University of Illinois when the Chief was still the school symbol (definitely not a mascot). And the argument was always, "why should we change when there's still a team called the Redskins?" Then our fans would argue, "At least we don't do the Tomahawk chop and turn their culture into some Neanderthal war chanting. We're not even the worst offenders." And Braves fans would contend, "yeah but look at Chief Wahoo. We're not even that bad. Cleveland needs to fix their issues first." And Indians fans would counter wi
  3. This is probably why they're so quick to espouse conspiracy theories accusing everyone else of being crisis actors.
  4. Seriously, if Rudy had ridden off into the sunset after his mayoral career, most of us would go on believing everything we thought to be true back then— that he cleaned up New York City and provided strength during a time of crisis. Instead he’s used the following 20 years to completely invalidate all of that.
  5. This is actually pretty cool but I've had none of these symptoms. Can I sue for false advertisement?
  6. If they did poke their own eyes out brushing their teeth, you can be certain there would be conspiracy theories about the ADA and how it's really a dark partnership between dentists and eye surgeons to profit off the working man.
  7. My first job out of college, I was a project manager for a bunch of contractors replacing PCs in a production facility. I was working late one night, when one guy beeped me on the walkie talkies they gave us and said, "hey... you need to come to Zone 3F bahahaha*coughcough*hahahahahhaha" "Uhhh, what's up Tim?" "Ron <unintelligible laughing/talking>," Tim said. "What?!?" "<unintelligible laughing/talking> thumbtack <more laughing/talking>" "Tim... I can't understand a word you're saying. What's up?" "<unintelligible laughing/talking> his bu
  8. Yeah, that was a pretty entertaining one- "Joe Biden is so senile and out of it that he had to memorize all his debate answers for the questions he was pre-fed."
  9. I think we've all moved the goalposts on ourselves here. Trump's campaign Chairman, personal attorney, National Security Advisor, Deputy Campaign Chairman, and multiple close advisors (Papadapolous, Nader, Stone, Bannon) all did jail time for thing they did as part of Trump's campaign\administration. This would be of epic proportions under any other administration, especially compared to the fact that the Republicans investigated Benghazi 12 times and couldn't charge a single person with a crime. We're well past anything big happening IMO. The only thing missing is 47
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