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  1. This defense is Absolutely ****ing laughable. . Open 3 after open 3. When it’s not an open 3 it’s an easy drive and lob or foul. Have some pride.
  2. Why do our best players throw the ball all over the place?
  3. I think we’ll definitely get one game, possibly 2. I see most of the games close maybe one blowout in game 2 by Philly. Especially if we can steal game 1. But I see it more so down 0-2 coming back to Dc and we take game 3, then probably out in 5. If we take game 1 or 2 in Philly then I think it goes 6.
  4. Man I hate when players give up open layups. Especially when they pass it to Bertans. Guy looks terrible out there.
  5. All I heard all day was how bad Russ has been in his career in the Playoffs. I see it now. Holy ****.
  6. Man NBA refs are the worst. Really slow down the pace of a game.
  7. Bertans went down and we kept playing. I guess they figure there’s no difference, we’re always 4 on 5 when he’s on the court anyway.
  8. They said refs are letting them play . No refs are letting Boston play, not us.
  9. Outside of the 2nd quarter Beal has been bad, although he isn’t healthy, and Russ has been bad tonight. Ol playoff Russ lol. And the fact they’re calling every touch foul on us.
  10. Man that pumped in crowd noise is annoying. Game getting away from us now. That’s game. See you all Thursday. Shooting practice right now for Boston.
  11. If the pacers lose to the lakers today and Charlotte loses to the Knicks then I’m sure a win tomorrow against Charlotte would give us the 8 seed then the chance to win the one game and become the 7 seed and face most likely Brooklyn. I doubt we’d win a series against them but they play no defense so I think we could make it more interesting. I don’t want to face Philly.
  12. We open week 1 at home against the Chargers.
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