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  1. Had one person last night now 2 people tell me today that people they know that are high up told them a shutdown for Maryland is coming this weekend. I’m still skeptical until it happens, but 3 people telling me basically the same thing deserves a little thought.
  2. GOSKINS_08

    The Quarantine Thread

    Had a friend tell me that his friend in the Know told him to prepare. Hogan is going to enforce a shelter in place on Friday. Not sure how much I believe that. Seems a bit extreme for Maryland but who knows.
  3. Virginia basically shutting down most work places. Businesses don’t have to close but must follow the no more than 10 people ban. Wonder how that’ll work since most work places have more than 10 employees. https://www.wusa9.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-details-every-positive-case-in-virginia/65-e7afd4c2-7dc7-4f4d-b317-1772458fee17
  4. So what are the chances Hogan puts Maryland on lock down?
  5. Here comes the lockdown.
  6. So how long until we as a country shut down? Work and all.
  7. Yup. Looks like the warriors will be the first team to play in an empty stadium tomorrow.
  8. Dc is trying to cancel all events through April first. That’ll be interesting for the Wizards and Capitals.
  9. GOSKINS_08

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Who’s the woman commentating?
  10. GOSKINS_08

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No no no to Marvin Lewis as head coach.
  11. Finally! Something to look forward to in this game atleast. I know he’ll struggle, Bill pass defense is legit but just show me something. Don’t throw 3 picks and look lost. Look like you belong out there. Can’t wait to see him Sunday. I’m excited.
  12. GOSKINS_08

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    can Kirk just keep passing in the redzone? We might actually have a chance if that were the case. Oh and maybe if he wasn’t able to rack up so many yards on screens.
  13. Clearly don’t trust Keenum but Haskins still can’t see the field? Oh the weather will definitely be used as an excuse to trot sorry ass Keenum out there again. ****
  14. GOSKINS_08

    Sports Wagering thread

    Load it up. Denver +3 over Arkansas state 69
  15. GOSKINS_08

    Sports Wagering thread

    Temple +4 Oklahoma -10.5 Purdue +4 Tennessee +6 Duke -17.5 Over Georgia 52.5