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  1. So it looks like this system on Wednesday might not by much of anything for the Dc area?
  2. For what it’s worth the line has dropped from +10 last week to +6 now. Vegas sees this as a closer game than most.
  3. Hate that we gave up the pick, but if Wall really wanted out then I’m ok with actually getting a legit player back in Westbrook. That said I don’t like we traded Wall, I really wanted to see him healthy. Thanks for everything John Wall.
  4. Does he come in and play right away? Sounds like he can’t shoot but they seem to like it on ESPN.
  5. 9 minutes in and BMitch is at it again.....Lol. It almost makes me not wanna listen to his show anymore. He literally gives Haskins a break for any and everything. I really think it’s deeper for BMitch than just the benching. He definitely has animosity towards Ron.
  6. Listening a little today to the first 30-40 mins of the Brian Mitchell show and man oh man he definitely has a grudge with Ron over the QB situation. He can not let it go, and takes every chances he gets to bring up how unfairly Haskins has been treated blah blah blah. Then the eagles fan Scott Linn chimes in with his 2 cents rubbing BMitches balls and stroking his ego on this opinion. It’s not even the fact that I disagree with Brian because I do think Haskins should start at this point but just the way he goes out his way to make points about it and his grudge is just clear, that part makes
  7. Bum ass Alex Smith. **** the run after catch TDs don’t give me that bull****. Haskins next week please!
  8. Alex smith is trash at this point. I get it, great story. But he’s not an NFL Qb at this point. Haskins needs to start from here on out. If not then I really question Ron’s credibility.
  9. I like BMitch but yeah when he started going on his Haskins rants since he got benched he became hard to listen to. And yeah Linn annoys me too when he just gets passive and agrees with BMitch on his rants. Then I can’t take Linn serious when he’s ranting and raving like he cares about the Redskins or the direction they’re headed when he’s a damn eagles fan. Lol sit down and worry about your own team.
  10. Funny as **** . Those white people have no idea who he is. The same people who would call him the “N” word if they saw him in the streets .
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