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  1. My best friend who I was with all last Saturday tested positive Friday morning so I got tested on Friday and my gf did as well. Hoping to get my results back today or tomorrow. I’ve had a cold all week. Cough, slight body aches, slight headache all week and now congestion the last 2 days. All been pretty mild so I’m hoping it’s just a lingering cold. My girl who lives with me has had no symptoms so we’ve been apart from each other best we can in the apartment until we get the results. Hoping for the best.
  2. Redskins- 26 dallas- 23 Defense sets up short fields for the offense.
  3. Believe me we have many more reasons to believe you’re weird than this comment
  4. Ron and Kyle Allen are idiots. Kick the extra point and Kyle could have ran it in. Hopefully both are in different organizations next season. Done with both. Ron why? Because you bench Haskins for this Qb who again gave up 14 points on 2 turnovers and I’m sure you’ll continue to defend him. Unacceptable. Fire Ron and start over.............Again
  5. He had one last year against the 49ers . Redskins- 23 giants- 21 Hopkins game winning 36 yard fg. Gibson has a big game.
  6. I’m willing to bet that Haskins doesn’t get traded and he starts again before the season is over. I don’t believe all these reports of him possibly being traded. Just **** that comes out when things are going poorly.
  7. Houston ****ed me up. Damn had everything else.
  8. I didn’t bet it but I do like Minnesota +3 today. I think New England -6.5 is the lock of the day. Raiders are way overrated. In my opinion anyway lol. Good luck to everyone today.
  9. Falcons -2.5 New England -6.5 Houston +3.5
  10. This coming out about Larry doesn’t surprise me at all. Back in October me and my girl took a vacation to Miami and going to the game was the cap of the vacation. We went to the Redskins rally that Saturday night before the game and my girl knows little about football and definitely doesn’t know who Larry Michael is. I get back from the bathroom and she tells me “that weird guy over there came over and hit on me” she was pointing at Larry. I said him? In a laughing way because that’s the voice of the Redskins lol. It wasn’t a huge deal she said he just came over to her put his arm around her a
  11. What is that tweet trying to say? Lol maybe I’m drinking too much but I don’t see what the point Wise is trying to make.
  12. The above post is why I’m so upset about the name being changed which looks inevitable at this point. I’m a white man and I’ve heard what you said numerous times from American Indians, Native Americans And that’s who should matter. Not white or black Americans who tell you it’s racists and are super sensitive these days. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Had one person last night now 2 people tell me today that people they know that are high up told them a shutdown for Maryland is coming this weekend. I’m still skeptical until it happens, but 3 people telling me basically the same thing deserves a little thought.
  14. Had a friend tell me that his friend in the Know told him to prepare. Hogan is going to enforce a shelter in place on Friday. Not sure how much I believe that. Seems a bit extreme for Maryland but who knows.
  15. Virginia basically shutting down most work places. Businesses don’t have to close but must follow the no more than 10 people ban. Wonder how that’ll work since most work places have more than 10 employees. https://www.wusa9.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-details-every-positive-case-in-virginia/65-e7afd4c2-7dc7-4f4d-b317-1772458fee17
  16. So what are the chances Hogan puts Maryland on lock down?
  17. So how long until we as a country shut down? Work and all.
  18. Yup. Looks like the warriors will be the first team to play in an empty stadium tomorrow.
  19. Dc is trying to cancel all events through April first. That’ll be interesting for the Wizards and Capitals.
  20. No no no to Marvin Lewis as head coach.
  21. Finally! Something to look forward to in this game atleast. I know he’ll struggle, Bill pass defense is legit but just show me something. Don’t throw 3 picks and look lost. Look like you belong out there. Can’t wait to see him Sunday. I’m excited.
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