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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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Just now, Wildbunny said:

Me too, yes.

Rewatch the action, ball is send in his direction. He got outspeed by Lautaro. But you can clearly think he was the intended receiver of the pass.

I was rooting for France too, bro.  Direct your anger to the first PK.


That wasn’t offside, shoulda let him just go.

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Easy peasy prediction


I won't miss a red star on our jerseys.

I hope Zidane won't take over on Jan 1st 2023

Time to move on to USA, if infantino is still there I hope the FBI will put his ass in custody as soon as he lands. ;)

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So entertained, but going to post a few more thoughts because I am feeling hyped a few hours later: 


Di Maria is the under-rated MVP.  Man was out here megging everyone.  France didn't wake up until he was off the pitch. 


The penalty on Otamendi was such a stupid, brainless play that was a coke dropping out of the sky.  Then all of a sudden Mpabbe shocks them with a half volley. 


Dembele is the under-rated LVP.  He's not known as a defensive player, but Argentina exploiting this match up was why they were so dominant.  


Mbappe is a mix of Messi and Ronaldo.  He may not have Messi's ability to turn on a time, but his dribbling was so smooth.  Him and Haaland are the next stars of the next generation (unfortunately Haaland is Norwegian).  


Argentina midfield also underrated.  Enzo and Mac Allister are 21 and 23 respectively.  They broke out, also Julian Alvarez a bit too.  All young stars. 


Both teams showed tremendous mental strength. 


Coman also demonstrated very strong underrated MVP for France.  Not sure he plays much for Bayern (they are feeling loss of Lewa)... also, I didn't know Camavinga could play LB either.  France had a few chances in ET... even Coman tried to play through a yellow breakaway that could have been an insteresting advantage.  


Champions League Round of 16 starts in Feb... PSG features Messi, Neymar and Mbappe, but they seem to underperform in the tournament (those players split too many of the touches).  Real Madrid is the defending champions... 





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1 hour ago, Fergasun said:


Is this similar to the racist taunting the black players have been subjected to in their home country?


Sadly I think toxic fans and celebrations aren't exclusive to any one country.  

What was sickening was to watch a few videos interviews of some of those degenerates argentinians singing outside the stadium using the N word.



The chant which aired on television and has now gone viral on social media is disgusting and offensive for all kinds of reasons.

One section is aimed particularly at Kylian Mbappe and alludes to his supposed romance with transgender model Ines Rau, who was the first trans woman to feature on the cover of Playboy.

"They f*** transvestites like f***ing Mbappe" chanted the group of Argentina fans."


Over here now have more and more violent assaults on referees. Most of the racists acts come from the amateur league. The sanctions are also much more important, whether at the disciplinary level or at the criminal level. Associations take their share too with services of general interest to educate those idiots. In league 1 they are tracked with video surveillance, banned and prosecuted.

From what I see there are countries in which racism is more rampant than others (Argentina, Italy, Serbia, to name only a few)

What is really sickening is that FIFA doesn't do anything about what happened, their lil' darling got his trophy that what mattered the most I guess. 🤮




WC 78 World cup of the generals (briberies, corruption, drugs, whores)

WC86 the infamous hand of Maradona

WC94 Maradona failing a drug test

WC 2022 infantino, and the game vs the Netherlands just to mention a couple

They are wearing 3 cheating stars on their jersey

Did you hear any comments from Messi or AFA about some of his racist teammates and fans ?


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Salt Bae Banned From US Open Cup Final After His Antics At 2022 FIFA World Cup Angers Fans


Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, better known as 'Salt Bae', has been banned from the US Open Cup final after his antics at FIFA World Cup celebrations angered football fans across the world. Founded in 1914, it is the oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in America. The development has been confirmed on the official Twitter handle of the US open cup.


In a tweet, US Open cup wrote, ''Salt Bae is hereby banned from the 2023 @opencup Final.''


The decision comes after the celebrity chef caused a commotion at the FIFA World Cup final and broke a key FIFA rule. He left the fans massively annoyed after he made it onto the pitch and crashed Argentina's World Cup celebrations at the Lusail Stadium when the players were rejoicing with their families. In total disregard of FIFA rules, the Turkish salt sprinkler was seen grabbing the coveted FIFA trophy from other players and posing with it



Click on the link for more


What a douche.

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4 hours ago, China said:

What a douche.


Absolutely !. Wondering why the Argentinians players let him touch and hold the cup ?

This WC was really unique, MaFifa found new ways of inviting anger and ridicule



See Ribery's instagram video :rolleyes:


"While he is a friend of notorious FIFA president Gianni Infantino, Gokce - the owner of a popular steak restaurant chain - does not fall under any of the criteria above, and therefore appears to be in contravention of this particular set of guidelines. 

He was also pictured with official FIFA accreditation while on the pitch on Sunday evening, although the governing body has not commented on how this happened. "

Now they're peeing on fans shoes without even bothering to tell them it's raining ! :rolleyes:


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