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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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6 minutes ago, Destino said:

well he hooked the defenders leg long after the ball was cleanly kicked away.  There’s no comparison.  

You can still foul after the ball is gone.  Can’t just go around kicking people in the legs.




PKs have such an impact on a game that they must be awarded on how blatant they are.  It needs to rise to the level of clear and obvious IMO.


Haven’t seen a single one today.


And I say this as a former ref.



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Okay I retract previous statements, there’s no conspiracy, all is even and the board is washed clean.


We got a damn good game here folks.


Sorry to anyone I harmed along the way.  I just want good, clean, fair soccer and now we’re getting it.


Don’t even care who wins.  Just give me something legitimate and ideally, a SICK goal and not PKs.

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