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World Cup 2022 Thread (Ole.... oleololeole...ole... ole...)


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1 minute ago, Destino said:

I’m not. I love the idea of Europe being shut out of the final. It won’t happen though France is almost certain to win.


I've got a buddy of mine who's a rabid soccer fan.  He looooooooooves Messi.  LOVES Messi.  And I troll him constantly saying that Maradona, Pele, Beckham and some other randoms are better than Messi, that Messi is like 4th or 5th best of all time.  And I hold over his head that Maradona won a World Cup and Messi hasn't. 


So it's really about keeping Messi in the loss column for me when it comes to World Cups and I figure Mbappe and France have the best chance of doing that.  And if Messi ends up winning, I'll just tell my buddy that Maradona did it coked up which makes his World Cup victory that much better.

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