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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION


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Just now, KDawg said:




No reason? He was moving faster than he probably ever moves to chase Hurts. Big dude's legs don't usually move that fast.

I'm just making jokes. They are not very good ones. Its the first game I've watched this year, so I'm off my game. 

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2 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Well, that’s on Del Rio.


Slot blitzes and no spy in the red zone.  Eagles have opened up the playbook and he’s flummoxed.


Its simply not good enough.  

Del Rio expects players to Spy and Cover at the same time. He can't control when his backers commit. 

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Just now, Daniel.redskins said:

We aren't winning with Smith. I respect the guy, but this conservative crap is getting old. 

Its a double edge. He does provide sustained drives which keeps the D rested. And with a mobile QB, that's not a bad thing. Problem is Alex's lack mobility give the D an advantage. Score on this drive and its all good. 

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3 minutes ago, ddub52 said:

Looked like within 5 yards to me 


There is literally no way you can see that from anything they showed on TV unless you have a view now shown on TV. Irt's apure guess on your part. It was waist up so you can't see how far they ran. Ref saw it past 5 is all the matters.


Point was and still is we should not have to worry about a few bad calls!!  We should be curb stomping this team. get up 10 and since then playing like a last place team. 

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