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  1. So we need a defensive score it seems. You're not gonna keep Jalen out of the endzone for the rest of the game and our offense is trash
  2. Cam Simms takes some horrible angles on his screen plays. Just on this drive and once vs. Pitt
  3. What was Maurice Jones-Drew week 17 bold prediction? 5 total TDs for Jalen Hurts? ......
  4. You know, what it comes down to for me is this......I don't trust Haskins to dink and dunk it down the field for 8+ play drives ala A. Smith. Asking him to do that is a recipe for disaster and mistakes. He needs to hit big. The play style he played in at O State with good O-Line play. We shall see what Turner cooks up...
  5. Thing is, what we've been doing hasn't worked for a couple of weeks now though. Our O has been flat and unable to score. I agree on the jet sweeps. We've hit on those the few times I remember us running them. I'd like to see us stick with the run, and use play action to let Haskins look deep. I stress again though, with good protection. O-Line has gotta hold up today. HTTWFT
  6. Would be helpful if Turner doesn't trot out his typical WR screens and wheel routes the entire first half. O-Line needs to hold up, and I'd let Haskins sling it (under no pressure of course)
  7. Would love to see the All-22 on that big Cam play. Looks like he had 2 O-Line blocking for him on the right, but he went left into a defender ? ? ?
  8. Another delayed blitz, soft coverage, and poor tackling. ALso, Kendall has looked off all day.
  9. Steelers/Ravens moved to Tuesday now. This update will now give them 4 days rest, vs our 9 days rest. If there ever was a time to knock off an undefeated team...
  10. It can be such a pivotal part of a game. It takes one play, just like on O or D, to swing momentum or even a game. * One big return setting the O up with a short field. * One big big hit to fire up your D coming onto the field, or even force an opposing teams fumble in their own territory * One blocked field goal or punt to either keep points off the board or once again set up a short field for our Offense that averages 20 points a game (29th best in the league) And yet, here we are
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