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  1. I just binge watched the Amazon show All Or Nothing when it featured the Panthers, so I could get a better idea of Rivera as a coach and a person. (I know he's been a HC for years, but unless they were playing the 'Skins or it was a playoff game, I never paid much attention to the Panthers.) Seems like a he's a solid guy on and off the job. Has that air of authority that Jay never had, yet seems very open to getting to know his players and looking out for them. I think he's the perfect guy to change the culture in DC. I also think he won't cave in to Snyder when Dan feels the need to stick his head in the room to see what's what. And bringing in Del Rio was such a great move. Our 1 and 2 guys are ex-NFL linebackers who played tough, and I think that's going to rub off on the players.
  2. Have such great memories of rooting for Dexter back in the day. He bought into the rivalry with the Cowboys so hard, and it always made Dallas week so fun, not only to see what he'd say, but also how he played against them. HIs episode of A Football Life was amazing. Get well soon, Dexter!!!
  3. BraveWarrior

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I have to say, I'm getting pretty excited about the young players that will make up our receiving corps this coming season. It was a WR rich draft, and I think we walked away with a couple good ones. They should team nicely with Terry and with Harmon. I think they seem to be rangy players who have good size and can go up for the ball, and from the highlights, they are pretty sure handed. Gandy-Golden makes some nice one-handed catches. Not sure any of them have blazing speed, but they do nice work after the catch.
  4. BraveWarrior

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    If he cares that much, why doesn't he tour some of the nicest team headquarters and training complexes to see what other franchises have, and then tear down the current ****hole and put up the money to build the most luxurious, state-of-the-art facility in the league for the benefit of his staff and players?
  5. BraveWarrior

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    Being in the medical field, and seeing the pics of what was left of Alex's leg after all the debridements, I am amazed they were able to put enough of him back together to save the leg at all. If he never plays again, I'm just going to be happy he survived it.
  6. BraveWarrior

    Welcome to the Redskins Antonio Gibson, RB/WR Memphis

    Looks like we finally have a guy who could get the "human joystick" nickname that we've see guys who've played for teams like the Chiefs get over the years.
  7. I would imagine it smells pretty gamey in that room with him in there all day...
  8. Ass men are in charge of the Redskins?
  9. Did Michael Irvin just say "the Bingo's locker room" when talking about the Bengals?
  10. Gruden, in his first offseason back with the Raiders, brought in a lot of no-name "grinders" to instill the culture he wanted. They finished that season 4-12.
  11. While I probably saw other games before this, the earliest Redskins game I can still remember is the 1979 season finale, when Staubach beat us in the final minute to knock us out of playoff contention. I remember being so upset, I went up to my parents and told them to throw out all my Redskins stuff! Kept that passion for them for many years... until 20+ years of Snyder's mismanagement made me indifferent to how the team has played the last few seasons.
  12. BraveWarrior

    Roster analysis - self scout heading into the offseason

    I love this topic, Martin. My biggest concern on offense is probably RB, where we have some talented players, but they can't stay healthy. TE is also a position of need, as Reed and Davis are almost certainly gone. O Line is always a concern. Need 2 new tackles, and competition at center wouldn't hurt. On defense - I said as soon as we knew the 4-3 would be back that we are going to need an imposing tackling machine at MLB, and a real leader of men, since the MLB is the QB of the defense. I don't think that type of player is on our roster right now. As for FS - if Nicholson was consistently as solid as he has (very) occasionally shown, we'd be okay, but he's not. Unless Del Rio can coach him up, we need to upgrade there.
  13. I love that Dan is bringing in guys who are respected and thought of as "football men." It's been leaked a lot recently that people with inside info have said too many football decisions were being made by non-football people. Looks like that's about to change, and that is the way they will affect a real culture change in DC. Also, Rivera and Del Rio are both guys who don't really need this job, and therefore don't have to be yes men for Dan. They can tell him things he might not want to hear, and if that causes the relationship to fracture, both of these guys could get work in other places.
  14. BraveWarrior

    Who should be the next GM?

    I like talking about the business/front office side of football about as much as a lot of people here like talking X's and O's, but I'll say this - as long as the next GM is not named Cerrato or Allen, I'll be happy.
  15. I thought it was nice that he mentioned it. And if it's true, then Ron had plenty of time to share his philosophy with Dan, and after all that time, Dan offered him the job and Ron accepted. So it must have been productive. I'm ready to ease off Snyder just a little for now. He ousted the guy primarily responsible for a lot of the crappy things that have happened over the last 10 years. He seems to want to finally bring in some people who actually understand the game. And he knows he has to do this now, after spending the last few seasons at Fedex seeing an increasing number of empty seats, or ones being filled by the opposing teams' fans. If this were business as usual, he would have kept Bruce and told him to hire the new staff.