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  1. BraveWarrior

    Roster analysis - self scout heading into the offseason

    I love this topic, Martin. My biggest concern on offense is probably RB, where we have some talented players, but they can't stay healthy. TE is also a position of need, as Reed and Davis are almost certainly gone. O Line is always a concern. Need 2 new tackles, and competition at center wouldn't hurt. On defense - I said as soon as we knew the 4-3 would be back that we are going to need an imposing tackling machine at MLB, and a real leader of men, since the MLB is the QB of the defense. I don't think that type of player is on our roster right now. As for FS - if Nicholson was consistently as solid as he has (very) occasionally shown, we'd be okay, but he's not. Unless Del Rio can coach him up, we need to upgrade there.
  2. I love that Dan is bringing in guys who are respected and thought of as "football men." It's been leaked a lot recently that people with inside info have said too many football decisions were being made by non-football people. Looks like that's about to change, and that is the way they will affect a real culture change in DC. Also, Rivera and Del Rio are both guys who don't really need this job, and therefore don't have to be yes men for Dan. They can tell him things he might not want to hear, and if that causes the relationship to fracture, both of these guys could get work in other places.
  3. BraveWarrior

    Who should be the next GM?

    I like talking about the business/front office side of football about as much as a lot of people here like talking X's and O's, but I'll say this - as long as the next GM is not named Cerrato or Allen, I'll be happy.
  4. I thought it was nice that he mentioned it. And if it's true, then Ron had plenty of time to share his philosophy with Dan, and after all that time, Dan offered him the job and Ron accepted. So it must have been productive. I'm ready to ease off Snyder just a little for now. He ousted the guy primarily responsible for a lot of the crappy things that have happened over the last 10 years. He seems to want to finally bring in some people who actually understand the game. And he knows he has to do this now, after spending the last few seasons at Fedex seeing an increasing number of empty seats, or ones being filled by the opposing teams' fans. If this were business as usual, he would have kept Bruce and told him to hire the new staff.
  5. "We" the fans may not need to hear it, because we've been through it again and again, but this is Ron's first public appearance as one of Dan's employees. Give him a break...
  6. Was probably an inside joke btwn him and Ron, as it sounds like they've been meeting and "collaborating" since about the end of November, based on what Ron explained.
  7. I don't think the teams that are in the playoffs would appreciate that!
  8. BraveWarrior

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If RIvera/Del Rio prefer a 4-3, I think we need to think about a monster middle Linebacker at some point. If not through the draft, then through free agency.
  9. BraveWarrior

    Welcome the Redskins Jack Del Rio---And defensive philosophy

    If it's true about Del Rio, I'm really excited. I've been wishing for a defensive minded coach for years now, and it looks we'll have two of them.
  10. Ah, but did you calculate the effect his firing would have on the Harvest Fest? He was actually really good at that. Bruce is fired! This is like Christmas in December!!! Oh, wait...
  11. I know he was at the Fiesta Bowl Saturday night.
  12. BraveWarrior

    What will constitute success for you over next 5 seasons?

    BY the end of the 5th season, I would like to be able to watch a Skins game with the expectation that we can beat any opponent, or at least be on the same level as any opponent. I would like to see the franchise functioning like a professional franchise that has brought back a culture of class and success. I'd like to see the stadium filled with fans (Redskins fans, not the opponents' fans). I'd like to see all this happening because Dan has finally stopped meddling and brought in real football guys to run things.
  13. This is what I want more than anything. We need a guy to come in and instill discipline and accountability. Shanny had that back in Denver, but he was older by the time he came to DC and had taken his foot off the pedal a bit by then. Rivera is also very motivated to get right back in the saddle after being let go midseason. So, maybe tomrrow goes like this - we find out who the mystery GM is, and then they interview Rivera and like him, so they hire him. In the press conference, DS says "So, I'd like to introduce __________ as our new GM, and Ron RIvera as our new coach. Um, if it's alright with you, Bruce Allen?"
  14. BraveWarrior

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm in the same group that wasn't blown away by CY's performance last night. As a Clemson fan, I was going into the game worrying about him, but also excited to see what he can do. I'll also admit, I didn't watch many Ohio State games, so I didn't get to see his full body of work. Also, we don't know yet who will be doing the picking for us on draft day. A less experienced GM will want to pick a guy like Burrow or CY to make a big splash, whereas an experienced NFL exec might look to trade the pick for multiple other high picks, given how much need we have at so many positions. Bruce Allen will look to use the pick on someone who missed most of the season with a knee injury and is no longer considered a 1st round pick, but will be a steal if he can only get healthy.
  15. BraveWarrior

    Next Coach?

    I've been wishing for a return to the 4-3 for years. I didn't like it when they switched to the 3-4 and never thought it would work because they never brought in a true NT, always plugging in DTs and DEs. I've also been wanting them to bring in a defensive minded HC. They are usually more disciplined, bring in bigger players, and usually have tougher teams. There are always exceptions, but this is what I see. I've been very excited since Ron RIvera became available, and I know he wants to keep coaching.