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  1. Maybe I'm just hypercritical, but none of these seem like a great idea... Washington Redtails +250 --- someone said it before, but it sounds like we're getting spanked. Washington or Washington DC Football Team +250 --- welp, we lived with it for a season, so it shouldn't be out of the question. But it's boring. Washington Redwolves +450 --- people will say it seems forced to include the word "red" and/or to conjure up NA imagery. Washington Renegades +900 --- what are they renegades from? If they really wanted to be renegades, they would have told the NFL to s
  2. Well, if we're going that route, we might want to call them the Washington Useless Scumbags... Like the "Gary Busey Helmet Protector Helmet Protector"?
  3. What do you mean, "BS name"...?
  4. Did they set a record for the most WRs selected in the first 3 rounds of a draft? Seems like a lot of them went so far.
  5. Is she the female Roger Goodell?
  6. The narrator gave me a headache. He said "dog" so many times, I started thinking I might actually be a dog.
  7. The Ravens just drafted an actual rhino for their O line...
  8. I know what you're saying here, but the choice of words you went with made me spit out my drink. LOL
  9. Could definitely see that.
  10. Why was the Run DMC guy so angry when he was making the Steelers' pick?
  11. Nobody else would take it...
  12. First guy I've ever seen described as a pterodactyl.
  13. Sometimes, he tricks them and puts his hands up like he's going to clap, but then stops suddenly. It's hilarious! Jerry is a delight!
  14. A bit of a surprise, but he looks interesting. As an aside - this is the first pick that I was able to actually see as it happened. My 5 yr old threw up in his bed moments before we picked Davis last night, and I dozed off for a few minutes earlier and missed Cosmi.
  15. *starts petition to have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame moved out of Cleveland*
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