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  1. Please reread my post. I said nothing about 5 or 6 sacks per game.
  2. Loved the 8 sacks, 2 INTs, forced fumble and recovery against Wentz, but this was a Philly O-line with some issues. If we can get5 or 6 sacks against a couple of really good O-lines, and the LBs and secondary step up a lot, then I'll feel better about our prospects for the season.
  3. I don't plan on financially supporting them any longer.
  4. 40 time doesn’t matter if you’re standing still back there...
  5. Wow, such a scary new and improved defense. I expected at least a better prepared squad under Del Rio. Looks like they brought in a few guys who never played football before to be in the backfield.
  6. Gonna pass on new merch. The team name and logo I love are dead.
  7. I seem to remember Biden criticizing Trump's travel ban as "xenophobic" back then as well. I also remember Dems such as Pelosi, Cuomo and DiBlasio downplaying the threat even into March. I reviewed Biden's 5 point plan, and aside from test and trace (which is more effective in the early stages of a spread, and not so much at the pandemic level), I don't see anything very unique or anything that hasn't become a part of the overall response at this time.
  8. Very interesting, if not very one-sided, discussion of the Covid response. Just wondering though, if we all agree Trump's response led to many needless deaths, and we all agree that's a bad thing, and if Biden says he has a Covid response plan that will save thousands of lives if he's elected, then how is it okay that Biden doesn't share his plan now? Think of all the people that may die under Trump's leadership that Biden could be saving between now and Election Day, and even more between now and his 1st day in office.
  9. Not sure about this. Does this leave WFT with a RB stable of guys who run gadget plays and swing passes all game? Because we know those plays and those guys aren't as effective when trying to preserve a lead, chew up the game clock and tire out an already tired D line. I'm sure WFT's RBs will be fun to watch in the 2nd quarter of a game where you're pulling out anything you want from the playbook, but if they're fortunate to finally get back to being a team that can have the lead going into the 4th quarter, I'd like to see someone who can play a bit more old school getting the car
  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Ron and JDR are about the only reasons, aside from some of the younger players, that I have been sticking around since the team gave up its identity.
  11. Good point. The most obvious connection to the new team and the Redskins (aside from still being located in DC) is that the owner is still "the team." That's a disturbing thought...
  12. Honestly, I've been very conflicted, but if Dan or anyone else high up in the organization was up to some things that would severely tarnish the franchise I've loved for over 40 years, then that might make my decision easier. I'd have rather seen Dan forced out while we were still the Redskins. But don't worry, I'm sticking around here long enough to see how this all shakes out...
  13. Welp, if this is really so damning to the franchise, then it'll be that much easier to make a clean break from my fandom than if just from a name change.
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