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  1. Meh if Kerrigan was still good it'd genuinely annoy me. He's washed to bits and won't improve the Eagles at all. Good on him getting paid. Owes us nothing.
  2. Yeah think its clear they see Charles as a guard. Cosmi needs at least a year to get up to scratch. Last thing you want is to be forced into playing him and we see him getting destroyed and his confidence shattered. This buys him time to develop. Great move.
  3. Took him in the mock draft on here. Kind of a different type to what we've drafted previously. Doesn't really have the special traits to work with but is just really sound at everything. Bit of a tackling machine. Guaranteed special teams ace and should compete at safety I'd think. Happy to get him.
  4. Steven definitely a goner. I think the other two still have a chance to compete. Absolutely love this pick. We badly needed more speed and this guy is electric. Really high effort player too in his blocking so can see why Rivera would like him. Great value.
  5. Absolutely love that pick. Should've called it actually makes so much sense for us. Need more speed and he's a good blocker too. Absolute steal where we got him too I had him as a borderline first round talent. Tremble goes straight after to Carolina. Interesting.
  6. Not watched much of him so can't say much but seems like a guy with loads of good traits thats a bit raw. We have our starting CB's locked in for 2021 so happy to have a high upside guy being coached as depth rather than an old vet thats got no future here. Liking the pick in theory.
  7. Not watched much of St Juste but seems like he's got size and plenty of decent traits to work with. Only going to be a depth piece realistically with Jackson and Fuller locked in as starters so makes sense to have a high upside guy you can coach waiting in the wings.
  8. I reckon we might take a CB. Melifonwu or Adebo.
  9. Mills to the Texans. No QB taken by us thank ****
  10. Haven't heard us linked to him at all but Jamar Johnson would be a great fit to fill our need at safety
  11. Happy with him. Definitely decent value where we got him. Would surprise me if he's our starting LT next year though. Think he's got plenty of improvements to make and a body that can add another 15 pounds of bulk to it very easily. Great guy to have in the building to develop though.
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