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  1. Owls0325

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I'm going to take a guess and say if Williams is traded he's going to the Browns or the Rams who seem to be in win now
  2. Owls0325

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If we were to trade Trent for let's say a 2020 2nd rounder the best case we could get currently left in free agency is Donald Penn formerly of the Raiders
  3. Owls0325

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/inside-linebacker/available/ Here's what available to pick up currently left in free agency at ILB
  4. Owls0325

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    Doctson could find himself being the surprise cut more for if the Skins believe that they won't be able to stash a young receiver on the practice squad and believe a young receiver has a higher ceiling than Doctson.
  5. Green- Locks Black- Higher Likely Red- Potential Cuts/Trades Yellow- Potential Practice Squads Purple- PUP Offense- (25) QB- (3) Haskins, Keenum, McCoy, Woodrum, Smith Summary- Haskins and Keenum look like they are certain to be on the 53 man roster with this being a close fight to seeing who starts week 1. McCoy could be a surprise cut particularly if he struggles to recover from the leg injury he's had a second operation on which would see about 1.3 million saved. While Woodrum looks like at best being a practice squad member and Smith will end up on PUP due to the fact trying to cut him would see 36 million in dead money regardless of him even being able to pass a physical. I can't see any QB being added to the roster. At this stage I would lean towards Haskins starting week 1. RB- (4)- Guice, Peterson, Thompson, Perine, Marshall, Love Summary- This is shaping up to be one of the Redskins strongest positions across the teams. For it be successful it needs key members to stay on the field which is a worry with 4 of the above names having previous ACL injuries. The success of this unit will largely depend on the fitness of the offensive line which if key members are able to stay on the field has the potential to be a top 5 unit which would be a great positive for the RB group where rotation could be key to success however in the past Peterson has struggled to adapt to this. Next year we could see Guice and Love become the main two here. WR- (6)- Richardson, McLaurin, Quinn, Harmon, Doctson, Chesson, Quick, C Sims, S Sims, Davis Summary- Before the draft this would have gone down as one of the weakest units on the redskins roster. Richardson and McLaurin look like the only real locks to make the roster which means that competition for places should be high across camp. However I would expect Quinn and Harmon both to make the roster there is the potential for Doctson to be cut which would save only 620,000 however this would only happen if Doctson is soundly beaten in training camp as the Redskins will continue to search for compensatory picks which could come from Doctson having an upward year. Players need to steep up here particular with a new QB at the helm. TE- (3) Sprinkle, Reed, Davis, Flanagan, Holtz Summary- This group has severely underperformed in the last few years for the amount of money that the Redskins are contributing to this group. Cutting Reed could see the Skins save around 8 million while cutting Davis would say around 5 million. The problem with this however is that the depth behind these two isn't strong which mean unless a trade or a player is claimed that could make suitable contributions it's unlikely either would be cut however it would be a surprise to see a restructure on Davis contract. I wouldn't expect Rudolph to be see as a potential trade due to the cost that would be needed along with a new contract written up. OL-(9) Williams, Moses, Scherff, Rouiller, Martin, Christian, Pierschbacher, Flowers, Bergstrom, Kerin, Dunn, Okeke, Catalina, Parris Summary- This group on paper has the potential to be great however year after year for one reason or another it never seems to produce. Injuries have been a massive problem for this group and I can't think of another team in the last few years that have had to deal with the injuries that the Skins have had to deal with across the line. The first four I see as locks this year on the roster however next year I could see replacement been looked for in the draft for Williams and Moses as age starts to catch up. Scherff needs to sign a new deal otherwise a potential strength could become a weakness. Hopefully the rookies can help to bring some real quality depth to this unit and let's hope that Flowers isn't as bad as reported otherwise he could be an early cut candidate. This year if Haskins does play it's really important that the line stays healthy otherwise problems could emerge quickly. Defense- (25) DL- (5)- Payne, Allen, Ioannidis, Settle, Brantley, Smith, Wicker, Ankrah Summary- The potential of this group is crazy to think about. It has the potential to easily be in the top 5 of the whole league with solid depth behind the main three. The two Alabama boys the talent is their for everybody to see. Ioannidis is consistently improving year on year and I thought that Skins got a great deal when signing him to an extension. Settle last year showed flashes of brilliance while the coaching staff seem to expect big things of Brantley. I'm expecting no real changes here in the next couple of season. OLB- (5)- Kerrigan, Sweat, Anderson, Brailford, McKinzy, Gates Summary- Kerrigan despite having any elite trade consistently manages to put up +10 sack numbers season after season through hard work more than anything. Adding Sweat alongside him who replaces Preston Smith could be the perfect combination. The speed and athleticism of Sweat alongside the motor and experience of Kerrigan could be a match made in heaven. Behind these two Anderson and Brailford help to add depth where rotation could have to keep freshness across the pass rushers. Look this season for Anderson to continue to expand that he plays in regards to snaps taken. Depending on how this season goes Kerrigan could be a potential trade candidate before Age means that interest is lost. ILB-(5)- R.Foster,Hamilton, Harvey-Clemons, Holcomb, M.Foster, Blunt, Flowers Summary- Reuben Foster adds some real quality to this unit if he able to reach the form that he reached two years ago at the 49ers before having a down year last year. After this we see competition between a young group and Mason Foster who has his limitations. Hopefully Holcomb can come in a bring some speed to this unit alongside Foster which would really help to improve this unit. Mason Foster could be cut to save around 3 million but it looks like the Skins value the leadership that he bring that apart from him is a young group that with Rob Ryan coaching should see development. Potential for a player to be picked up when cuts are made here. CB- (6)- Dunbar, Alexander, Moreau, Moreland, Stroman, Norman, DRC, Holsey, Johnson Summary- On current reflection this cornerback group looks like the most competitive group on the roster currently with competition fierce. Personally I see only Dunbar who has hopefully made a full recovery from injury as a lock. After this we see a young group of corners who all have high enough upside to develop into at least steady starter while people like Alexander have the potential to go further than that. Though controversial if though it would be unexpected Norman could find himself cut/traded if suitable partner found by September if he can't justify the high salary that he currently has. The current cap number stands at 14,500,000 which makes him the second highest player at CB in the league. Over the last few years he hasn't been able to live up to what was expected of him when he signed in 2015. DRC also has concerns as to whether he still has the love for the game but I expect we will see at least one of Norman or DRC on the roster come September. S- (4)- Collins, Nicholson, Everett, Apke, McIntosh, Reaves Summary- One of the most worrying position post draft on the roster. The only certainty to be on the roster come September is Collins who big things are expected of. Nicholson has potential consequences to face and the depth behind this is weak which is way McIntosh a UDFA could find himself with a strong showing in a positive place. Expect a player to be claimed here as along with TE these are probably the worst two positions on the roster. Tre Boston on a suitable contract could be a very interesting pick up for the Skins and alongside Collins could turn this position into a strength with Nicholson who probably works best as the 3rd person. Special Team- (3) P- (1)- Way K- (1)- Hopkins LS- (1)- Sundberg, East Summary- This group is one of the most settled groups on the roster with the main decision that needs to be made is between Sundberg who has recovered from injury and East. Both Hopkins and Way had positive years last year hopefully they can build on this. However let's hope that Way isn't needed as much this year as it's never good when your punter is in the running for player of the year.
  6. Owls0325

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Jacksonville Jaguars Draft- Complete 1.03 Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Gone R1 #3 1.21 Noah Fant TE Iowa Gone R1 #20 3.69 Connor McGovern OG/C Penn State Gone R3 #90 4.109 Mecole Hardman WR Georgia Gone R2 #56 5.149 Mike Edwards S Kentucky Gone R3 #99 6.188 Phil Haynes OG/T Wake Forest Gone R4 #124 7.241 Alexander Mattison RB Boise State Gone R3 #102 7.249 Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah Gone R4 #110 7.254 Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson Gone R5 #149 In the end successful draft for the Jaguars in terms of draft value with McGovern the only one who went after I picked him to the Cowboys however he still ended up going in the same round. Tooe a risk on taking the punter in the 7th and then he ended up going in R4.
  7. Owls0325

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    1.3 Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Gone #3 1.21 Noah Fant TE Iowa Gone #20 3.69 Connor McGovern OG/C Penn State Gone #90 4.109 Mecole Hardman WR Georgia Gone #56 5.149 Mike Edwards S Kentucky Gone #99 7.241 Alexander Mattison RB Boise State Gone #102 So far been a steady start in terms of value for the Jaguars particularly finding value in the latter rounds
  8. Owls0325

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The problem that I have with the potential trading up situation is that it doesn't really go with what the front office have been trying to do in recent years in terms of a less aggressive approach e.g. trying to collect as many compensatory picks as possible as well as trying increase the % of players on the roster coming from the draft which is almost unrecognisable from the start of Snyder reign where splashes in free agency was the norm. If we were going to trade up to #5 or #3 this would tell me that Snyder had decided to take control again as he did in 2012 to get RG3 which we now know didn't end as we hoped. Even then though RG3 was coming out of college with much more production being a multiple year starter at Baylor compared to Haskins who had a great supporting cast with him at Ohio and is only a one year starter. I'm not saying that I don't think Haskins can be a success in this league, I just don't believe that potentially giving up a number of picks is the way to go on a roster that has multiple holes particularly on offense. Murray would be somebody that I could maybe trading up so far up the board because in my opinion as well as having a bust potential he has the potential to be a superstar which I don't see in Haskins. Even then this would be a huge risk for a team with many holes to fill with and in that case a rookie QB. I do find it interesting that talk on both Rosen and Lock has gone quite recently which could hopefully suggest a smokescreen which the Skins are trying to drive down the price for them. Personally I see no benefit in the Cardinals trying to keep hold of Rosen and Murray (if Murray taken #1) because all this does is narrows down the potential interested parties as well as the price teams are willing to pay. It would be in the Cardinals to trade Rosen just before the Draft to allow that pick to be used to fill the multiple holes that they have in this draft and give Murray as support cast. Finally the less I say about the potential pick of trading up for Jones at #5 the better as that has a complete disaster written all over but it would be fun tomorrow night on here with the reactions if we did and then reality would sink it as to who we've drafted. HTTR
  9. Owls0325

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The positive about this situation is that Dan Snyder doesn't know what he's going to do meaning that other teams definitely won't be able to predict his next move meaning they could be forced into making aggressive moves to try to get to the right place on the board to get a particular player which somehow could help to open the board for the Skins.
  10. Owls0325

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Looks like this is starting to gain momentum. Could be a very interesting ride over the course of the next day or so.
  11. Owls0325

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Summary Selections: 1.3 Quinnen Williams DT Alabama 1.21 Noah Fant TE Iowa 3.69 Connor McGovern OG/C Penn State 4.109 Mecole Hardman WR Georgia 5.149 Mike Edwards S Kentucky 6.188 Phil Haynes OG/T Wake Forest 7.241 Alexander Mattison RB Boise State 7.249 Mitch Wishnowsky P Utah 7.254 Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson All in all I believe that this was a successful draft for the Jaguars with a high focus placed on trying to improve the offense to give Nick Foles more weapons and protection along the offensive line. Two defensive players were drafted who I believe could have an immediate impact on the already very solid defense of the Jaguars. If a balance between the offense and the defense at the Jaguars can be found then they will be a very dangerous proposition. This draft would have been even better if at 7.249 I could have taken John Cominsky who was taken three picks before however it gave me the opportunity to help to improve the special team at the Jaguars which has been solid without being spectacular.
  12. Owls0325

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Jacksonville Jaguars would like to bring in the following PFA: Alex Wesley WR Northern Colorado Olabsi Johnson WR Colarado State Carl Ganderson DL Wyoming Byron Cowart DL Maryland Dexter Williams RB Notre Dame Alex Barnes RB Kansas State Xavier Crawford CB Central Michigan Jamal Davis LB Akron Porter Gustin LB USC Trace McSorely QB Penn State Will explain each in a bit more detail when I get a chance (Apologies if any have already been taken) Would just like to say I've really enjoyed doing this mock draft for the first time and thanks for everybody who contributed to making it work HTTR