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  1. TMK9973

    PREMIUM World Series tickets for sale

    Sorry for the long delay. if it makes you feel better they sold on the 24th.
  2. TMK9973

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Super Bowl??? "Im fat, Stoned, and Broke. So Im back!!" = Trent Williams
  3. TMK9973

    Why starting Haskins the rest of the way could ruin Skins future

    I think you have it backwards. If you dont play him - The Skins will continue to think we have our QB of the future and he just needs some more fine tuning. We need to play him and see if he is any good. Somethings are rookie mistakes and i can accept, or playing behind a bad line. LIke getting sacked right away. Not recognizing coverage. Waiting for a guy to be "WIDE" open before throwing. That is what i expect. Recognizing the defense, finding a wide open guy, having time to throw and then sailing a pass -THAT'S the stuff that isnt about him being a rookie. We need to find out if that is just who he is or not.
  4. That was his strip price. Meaning what he paid when he bought a entire strip. Which, btw, he only gets credits, not cash back, for games not played (so he paid for game 4 as well, he will get a credit for that game that can be used on next year's tickets only. So yeah, again, he paid a lot for the year. And $170 WS strip price is 400 uper rows. Been a full STH since 2011.
  5. The guy who committed the domestic assault we welcome. But talking about it as if its not big deal -well -thats where the Astros draw the line!
  6. Even better -some of my closer friends who are die hards asked me before the presale -I DID offer to buy them tickets at my face for the presale. But i was clear that they had to be prepared to pay $300 to $500 a ticket that day, I couldn't tell them where the tickets would be until last second, and they would have less then 2 mins to decide and would have to be online during the time of the presale to make the call. Only 1 person actually agreed on those terms (Everyone else was like "I'll wait". That 1 friend got 2 tickets for lower level seats at $750 total. The other ones are now looking for tickets for under 1k. LOL.
  7. They are. Not for 10k or stuff like that - but my premium seats sold for $3200 each (Although that market is slow). PNC seats selling for around $2500. Standing rooms is selling for about $800 - $1100. Seats are selling for $1100 to $1500. When you list tickets -you have access to see what tickets are actually selling. Keep in mind - this is not greed. 1- DISCOUNTED Season ticket holder prices were still between $250 and $600 2- Anyone who got tickets at those prices (or 90%+) was a Season ticket holder. Which means -they paid basically full price for all (or at least half) the games. So all those games that they couldn't make, and tickets were being sold for $5 on stub hub - those mid week games against the marlins that had 12k fans there - those STH paid full price. so they lost hundards / thousands. Nats finally made the WS and they are now FINALLY able to recover some of their losses. (I know you weren't complaining about the prices -just asking a legit question. But im using your post to vent a bit as i have CASUAL friends (Not even close friends) getting mad at me for not selling them some extra tickets i got at face).
  8. I have 2 extra PREMIUM World series tickets. Sunday Oct 27th. These are not "i just want to pay a little and get in the stadium". These are "HOLY COW -WHAT AMAZING Seats. Picture below is your view. Section 127. Row H. These are 5 rows behind the on deck circle, (4 rows behind where Lerner sits, thats him standing up. Row only had 4 seats. They are Padded seats WITH access to the PNC Club. All you can eat and drink (Draft beer and house wines). Selling them for $2800 each - which is over $1000 LESS then you will see on Stubhub for other tickets with the fees they add on. . Tickets can be sent via Ballpark app directly from the Nats (Or a PDF file if you don't want to register with the Nats). If game is not played because of a sweep -Money will be refunded in 24 hours.
  9. 7-3 game at halftime (Niners) , 38-10 final.
  10. TMK9973

    Throwing in the towel

    I've stayed this for years. His team doesn't fight because they learn from Jay. 2 years ago against chargers is when it was most obvious. Down 24-0 with over 2 mins left, we have a pick 6. And Jay kicks the extra point as opposed to go to 2. Lots of teams score 2 TDs I'm final 2 mins. He didn't even try.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen - We have a unique situation here!! 5 players on the Injured list this week got BETTER as the week went on. Allen went from did not practice, to limited, to full Moreau went from limited to full Moses went from limited to full Nicholson and Robert Davis went from did not practice to full. We will win this game.
  12. TMK9973

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    The idea that a team that says they are focused on rebuilding for the future (AZ) would trade next years 1st rounder for a 31 year old, often injured, 1 failed test away from suspension, OL is ridiculous enough, then throw in a All pro CB??? come on guys. Be real.
  13. TMK9973

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Ive stated this a few hundred pages ago- but will state it again. I think he is retired. I will be shocked if he ever plays football again. No team will trade a 1st rounder or a young player for Trent -Considering Trent can hardly play a full game these days, let alone a full season, he is getting older and is 1 failed drug test away from a lifetime ban. He took a gamble that the Skins would offer him more money or trade him. No good offers came and they wont offer more money. The fines have now piled up. My question -is if he retires and never plays football again -does he still owe the fines? I suspect not. (They skins can try to get the signing bonus portion back - but thats prob it). So congrats -both lose now.
  14. Latest update. Besides Redskins tied for most players on IR (again). I continue to watch and test my theory that Redskins players never get better during the week, and most other teams do. Skins have 8 players on the Injured report this week. 5 did not practice yesterday (2 of them practiced Wed but not yesterday. a 3rd practiced last week, out for the Cowboys game, and Did not practice Thursday. 2 others had limited practice. Including Moses - who is new to the list this week. In compression - Bears - 5 in injured list -only 1 did not practice Cowboys - 14 on Injured list -6 did not practice Giants -7 on injured list -only 2 didn't practice yesterday (4 didn't practice Wed. meaning, 2 players actually got upgraded during the week!) Eagles - 13 on injured list -7 did not practice.
  15. I think that examples shows what i (and others) are saying. If every month i get a flat tire and my wife lectures me about getting a flat tire, and i get another one - EVEN If 12 other people got one on the same road on same day - the issue is clear. Im a dumbass driver who buys cheap tires!. So yeah -your example is spot on - Regardless of what is happening to other teams -the Redskins medical staff is terrible at keeping players healthy and recovering. You can keep making excuses - or dismissing every incident in as if they are happening in a vacuum, but they aren't. You have a team that leads the league in missed games due to injuries You have a team that a former player is suing them for a health issue You have a team that another player is holding out due to medical staff You have a team that week after week, is one of the only teams where players never seem to get any better on injury reports between Wed and game day You have a team that, after only week 3 in the new season, once again leads the league in players missing out due to injury. This is called a pattern. You cant just review each incident alone and say "its not so bad" you have to look at the entire picture. The post that said "We have 10 people on IR after week 3, fire the entire staff" wasn't saying fire them for JUST that reason. He is saying it because the issues and pattern keep happening and 10 players on IR by week 3 shows that it is continuing to happen.