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  1. TMK9973

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I had a great idea this morning. Hear me out. I keep reading and hearing about how great of a leader Alex Smith is. That, while he might be a good to great QB, as a leader and motivator he is top of the line. Quotes i hear is how he makes everyone better, that men want to give everything they have for him. That he has a great football mind and very smart. That is a true leader. Meanwhile- the sad reality is - he may never play football again AND we are still on the hook for his salary for multiple more years. Meanwhile - Gruden is dead man walking. Your next Head coach of the Washington Redskins - Alex Smith.
  2. TMK9973

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    first - why does everyone say "Last year". Bad new boys -He signed a extension and is under contract until end of 2020 season! 2nd - I actually like him as a OC. I know that is not popular -but i think in general he actually comes up with a good game plan. He works well with QB's and knows where the strength is. Thats the good stuff. Bad -He makes ZERO adjustments. He has zero time management skills. He does not know how to motivate and get the most out of his players. Biggest -He quits. You see it on him all the time. Ive said it for years - if the skins are down by 14 or more in the 4th qtr -he quits. He starts running out the clock, stops rushing. His players see it. I can give so many examples - Games that we most likely were going to lose no matter what - but he just stops trying. Its embarrassing and snowballs. It snowballs. Its why even when we were playing well, our losses were blowouts (We are losing -guess we wont win). Here is a great example. Skins / Eagles MNF. A close game for the most part. 14-13 going into 4th qtr. Things fall apart and all of a sudden - 4th and 24 with about 3:30 left and us on our own 22. We punted. Odds we convert there? less then 1%. Odds we score and get make it a 1 possession game? Very little. Odds of doing anything if we punt? 0%. But he gave up. Lets punt. get rid of it. So why does it matter? Compare that to MNF against the Cowboys in 2005. Team had played almost 8 qtrs without scoring a TD. Down by 2 TD's with 3:50 left facing a 4th and 15 deep in our territory. Gruden - in a situation punts. Gibbs went for it. TD. Skins get ball back and score again and win. Do the skins win MNF if they went for it? Doubt it. But it shows the team you are gonna play until the end. That you wont quit. That you are going to play to win the game until the last second. Meanwhile - Gruden is thinking about how quick he can get on the bus. He quits. If Gibbs was a poster on this board he would be posting in the playoffs thread about how we can still make the playoffs. Gruden will be the one posting in the same thread that its stupid and there is zero chance and we should just try to wrap the season without any more bad injuries.
  3. Cool..... Meanwhile =- This thread is not, nor has it ever been, about "if we will win another game or not". its about "What is the math to make the playoffs.
  4. 21%. So until that reaches 0% - why not understand what the math is.
  5. TMK9973

    Best/Worst Season in Redskins history?

    Almost. The game was in DC. I was there in Tickets Gary Clark had gotten my sister and she gave to me. '91 was the year. Most games were just dominate. Tony Kornhiser and "The Bandwagon" articles made him a star (outside of DC). Chip Lohmiller, our kicker, was doing commercials with Michael Jordan. OUR FREAKING KICKER WAS DOING COMMERCIALS WITH MJ! For 1 season - We were the greatest football team in history of football. We were marching to the super bowl and EVERYONE knew it. The only question being asked that year is "Can anyone stop the Redskins" (Answer -no). It was so great.
  6. TMK9973

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    Edit- I see others already pointed it out that it was short
  7. TMK9973

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    1 - While I agree with you in general. Hopkins did not donk the kick. IT fell about 6 yards short in the end zone. 2- What play are you talking about? the 3rd down play? Again -If the guy caught it right around the FG line (Which was 7 yards) then its 4th and 2 with about 8 seconds left and we cant spike it or get the FG team there. We needed to gain teh yards on 2nd. By 3rd down -Houston had everything at the sidelines covered.
  8. TMK9973

    Can we stop pretending now?

    Relex. I knew this would be bad and I knew saints would be bad. We are a good team. Just not elite. We will end 11-5 See our d has been put 7 in the box and rush. It stops the run and forces the QB to react. They have to make quick choices or scramble But our coverage is week. There are guys open all over. So, a smart/talented pass first qb (like luck, bres, and Ryan) will tear us up. A QB like Dak, Newton, Manning can't handle it. They take the sack or throw bad passes. Sometimes they find the open guy and burn us but not much. Meanwhile with 7 in the box no one is running. (Today when Ryan was killing is we dropped back 2 or 3 and the running game opened up) And for those thinking Newton and Dak are great QBs, they are not top passers. Quick ad hoc Decesion or running and accurate passing is not their strong area. On the sack /fumbler/TD against Cowboys there were like 3 wide open guys. Dak just couldn't throw it. So far, the only exception to this is Rogers. And he was so banged up when he played us we caught a break. This is all about the QBs. Nothing else matters. We only have 1 elite accurate passer left on our schedule.
  9. TMK9973

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    The day we signed Alex Smith i have a friend of mine who is a die hard chiefs fan call me and say "You will win with Alex Smith. You will make the playoffs and have a great record. And you will hate Alex Smith every week and think he sucks and you are winning in spite of him. He is boring, frustrating to watch, dumps off more often then not, and then wins" This is who Alex smith is. And Im good with it.
  10. TMK9973

    Focus on NY

    Sorry man - No ill will but this cracks me up. Your predictions are basically We win by a lot or a little Or we lose by a lot or a little. Way to go out on a limb there and rule out the Tie!!
  11. I thought it was ok. Actually like the way its going. Try to rebuild but still have normal human behavior, and of course Zombies. I do wonder a few things - Like those that live on hilltop. They do most of the farming. Dont they ever think "You know -there are some nice houses in Alexandria. Why dont we move there?" also - They figured out gas but not solar power? I hated Fear but this season really enjoyed it. I think its that the characters stopped being so freaking serious all the time. Not every conversation was slow and drawn out and so serious. I get its dark times, but man, people are still human and have actual personalities! in Fear, the beer guy, the girl trucker, guy in the wheelchair. They have real conversations, say stupid things -joke. In WD, every single conversation is deprived of any real emotion other then "MAN. LIFE IS HARD".
  12. TMK9973

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I actually like Jay in General. I think he has started to come into his own (While we are killing him on the play calling, lots not forget that Alex smith simply missed wide open guys). HOWEVER -It seems EVERY GAME Jay Gruden makes a stupid, bone head, not paying attention, doesnt understand football kinda call. Im talking about things like not going for 2 last year against San Diego (When, despite getting crushed, a 4th qtr TD with 3 mins left and all 3 timeouts would have gotten us within 2 scores). Last night - Please explain this. Down 20-6, with about 2:45 left in half, we are punting from our 30 or so on 4th and 7. We punt it only like 35 yards but there is a running into the kicker call. Jay is screaming it should be roughing, Refs dont change it. Then he DECLINES the penalty. Why? Like what logic is there in declining it. Take the penalty and get a better kick then 35 yards, or at least take some time off the clock, or whatever. But why decline it? Next play -DB throws 64 yards and breaks the record. I get that the play had little to do with the outcome -but thats is what im judging him on. Hes got lots of people around him, figuring out a game plan with a weeks notice is one thing, coming up with a goal line play with game on the line is something you probably think of none stop. Making the little calls during the game in situations you hadn't thought of (And making mid game adjustments) is what makes a good coach. He has failed at this.
  13. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Im saying it is part of the game and this rule is silly.
  14. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Such a cop out. Yes -The QB are the big stars. But How often does that big star become a star because the OTHER big star came out of the game due to injury. ITs part of what makes the NFL so great. What if these rules were in place in 2001. The star of the pats is Drew Bledsoe. What if he never gets hurt in game 2? Tom Brady remains a 6th round QB and who knows if and when he gets his chance. But he came on and boom. Big Ben was 3rd string in 2004 when the top 2 QB's went down. In comes big ben and boom. (Yes - slightly different. Ben was a 1st rounder. He was gonna get his chance). What if in 1987 these rules protected Jay Schroeder? Doug williams stays on the bench and what happens? What about if in 1999 Trent Green never gets hit and doesnt get hurt? Kurt Warner goes back to Arena the next year? Yes -QB's are a big draw and when they get hurt sometimes the team suffers and people stop watching, other times the guy who comes in builds his own following and people watch more. This rule is just stupid.
  15. TMK9973

    The new tackling it realistic?

    Disagree - HE could have (and should be able to) keep going forward and tackle the QB. But he would land full force on him. So when he hit him he keeps moving his feet to the right to NOT land on him, his cleat gets stuck and his knee gets torn. This looks to me like he got hurt trying to avoid tackling through the QB (Which is how you are trained to tackle). its a terrible rule as written - Needs to be changed.