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  1. Havent read the full thread. But a key play of the game not being discussed -Bostic on 4th down for Pitt late in the game. With the game tied, from our 28 and 4th and 1, Steerlers could have tried a 45 yard kick but instead went for it. McFarland went wide and was UNCOVERED. Bostic saw him and ran over to cover and was still running over when the ball was snapped. Luckily, for some reason known only to him, McFarland could have just ran a fly cause Big Ben saw him right away but instead McFarland faked inside, Bostic didn't bite, and the ball went incomplete. If Bostic did
  2. Random - But as bad as our FG kicker has been - the missed FG prob helped us more then hurt us. Down 24-3 late in 3rd qtr facing a 4th and 13 in the red zone - you obviously go for it. We did and then scored a TD making it 24-10. If you are down 24-6 in that situation -you kick the FG. That makes it a 15 point game and we would have had to go for 2 later.
  3. I feel like we have all been avoiding the BIG question right now.... How is Haskins Tummy?? Haskins "Sorry coach. Wont be at game today. Got a stomach thing" Rivera "understand. Stay home and rest. I mean, i have cancer but i get it. feel better"
  4. I would not be shocked if you see Alex Smith Dressed this week.
  5. Fair enough. But i meant whose rookie year was 15 years ago or less. The NFL, and College, has changed so much in that time.
  6. Those are pretty good examples. Thanks. And Yes @Thinking Skins i know they were in your list as well. But your list had many others that didnt mean the critiea. However -Even of those 3 only 1 has gone to a Super Bowl.
  7. Some of those are more then 15 years ago. Some are NOT great or even good (Kirk Cousin is Avg at best. I liked him but he has not gone to a super bowl, has not been a great QB). David Carr is a good one. Alex Smith i'll give you. The rest were drafted more then 15 years ago or not QB i would consider great.
  8. He was drafted 26 years ago! That is DEF outside the 15 year window 19 years ago. He is one i didnt think of. But still looking for last 10 - 15 years.,
  9. I have a honest question. I dont have a opinon yet (Although my Gut says give Haskins more time). We all know Manning and Akiman started terribile then became great. But that was a different NFL. Has there been any QB in the last - say 15 years - That was bad their 1st 16 games and became great? There are lot of QB's that started GREAT and ended up Avg or bad. A few that started off bad that became ok. But any that started off poor and then became a great QB? Hell -Any QB that started off bad but then became good enough to win a SB? (Fl
  10. I can't get over quiting. Yes, it's a learning season. Learn to not quit! Who, besides #17, is so important ok offense that risking a injury is too big of a risk?? We were up by 15 to saints in 2018 with less then 3 mins left. We lost. Cowboys were down by 2 scores last week with under 2 mins left. Won. Play for 60 full mins should not be a controversial statement or something that is not a given.
  11. Besides #17, who is sooo good on our offense that a injury kills us?? Play the entire game!!
  12. Rivera quit. Again. A quiter. I'm done with him. He's like gruden. Could have had the ball with over 3 mins left down 2 TDs vs 1 mins. I don't care if we had no chance to win. We could have sent the message that we play until the end!!
  13. I didnt want to create a new thread -but since this thread refers to the other news - Im hearing its a #metoo / Sexual harassment centered around the 2 FO people fired. The only question I still have is was it workplace harassment, or criminal. Any before you think "Either way -Not huge news" it would depend how much Snyder and others in FO knew / or didnt know (Or how they reacted when told). Think Marge Schott.
  14. The reception to the DC defenders is AMAZING! Went to a bar in ashburn to watch expecting to be the only one. There was a crowd that built up to about 25 people all watching and cheering for the Defenders. DC is STARVED for a winning football team!
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