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  1. The reception to the DC defenders is AMAZING! Went to a bar in ashburn to watch expecting to be the only one. There was a crowd that built up to about 25 people all watching and cheering for the Defenders. DC is STARVED for a winning football team!
  2. BTW - I didn't see the press conference live (Listend to some of it). But looking at pictures. Did Snyder NOT bring out the 3 Super Bowl trophies? if he didn't, thats huge.
  3. im excited - and about everything. Not just the Ron - but HOW it happened. Im tired of the "Its still Snyder" and "Nothing will change until Snyder is gone". Snyder has mad a CRAP LOAD of mistakes. And he is never going to be a accessible owner. BUT - you can't spend years complaining that Snyder should be doing things a different way, and then when he does, throw your hands up in the air and say "Nothing will change" Why bother arguing if when someone says "you are right" you still arent happy? For YEARS everyone has been screaming that Snyder needed to find football people from outside, review every bit of the organization, follow their recommendations, and get rid of anyone and everyone if they do not fit into the new culture. So Dan Snyder went out and got a group of football people. Had them review EVERY part of the org. Snyder took their recommendations and followed it. Fired Bruce and others that were close to him, but not the right person. Went thru EVERY bit of the organization. We said Dan's only job should be to get the right people then but out. So he went and found the best available person right now and reviewed with him every bit of the org. He is doing everything we begged him to do for years. Yes -I enjoyed the press conference but ive been excited before. The difference to me, is this is not changing 1 piece. This is a overhaul, that seems to be the result of Dan Snyder losing all pride and bringing in outside help and saying "What needs to get done"
  4. By then the good coaches will be gone.
  5. TMK9973

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    This argument about cheering for or against the skins to win for draft pick has been going on for months -and makes no sense. Look - People rooting for a win or a loss doesn't actually effect if they win or not. Im a skins fan -So Im gonna root for them to win every time because WHILE I am watching the game (for entertainment) It is more fun to see the team I like win. HOWEVER - If they lose - i won't be that upset as it prob does help us long term.
  6. TMK9973

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    You know - I am actually very optimistic on this team all of a sudden. Haven't felt this way in a long time actually. For the 1st half of the season or so i thought we were screwed. We were playing bad, getting crushed, and seemed to have so many holes we were looking at years before we would even be competitive. But last few weeks, including yesterday, as we play more and more young guys, as i see these guys fighting until the end, even with nothing left to play off, I see things different. I see a GOOD young core of players. Some future stars (Scary Terry), some may just be role players (Bostic) but it is a strong core. Give me a good draft and a few key FA's and we will be competitive again. Not SB favorites by any imagination - but a little less injuries and def playoffs again. Mark this thread -IF Bruce if fired AND we have a few less injuries - we will be fighting for a playoff spot this time next year.
  7. TMK9973

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    Norman played a total of what? 5 plays? And still managed to cost us! All in all, offense played well, Haskins looked really good, defense showed we have some good players, and our draft position stayed strong and I was entertained for 3 hours
  8. TMK9973

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I have Eagles having to go 1-2-1 at best. Im not following all the tie breakers but im basing this on the espn playoff generator. Having said all that - Here is how i see it Cowboys are CLEARLY not winning any more games . Eagles - They beat cowboys (See above) obliviously we beat them . This leaves 2 against Giants but with Eli back and having something to prove - No problem. We beat the Eagles and cowboys (See above) Giants - We can take em. Also - if we reach the playoffs on a 6 game winning streak we will be unstoppable. So - In my unbiased, clear as day, view - Which can really not be disputed by anyone -The only thing standing the way between the Redskins to win a super bowl after starting 1-9 is the Packers this Sunday! My logic is solid.
  9. TMK9973

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Will the last one left, please turn out the lights...
  10. TMK9973

    PREMIUM World Series tickets for sale

    Sorry for the long delay. if it makes you feel better they sold on the 24th.
  11. TMK9973

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Super Bowl??? "Im fat, Stoned, and Broke. So Im back!!" = Trent Williams
  12. TMK9973

    Why starting Haskins the rest of the way could ruin Skins future

    I think you have it backwards. If you dont play him - The Skins will continue to think we have our QB of the future and he just needs some more fine tuning. We need to play him and see if he is any good. Somethings are rookie mistakes and i can accept, or playing behind a bad line. LIke getting sacked right away. Not recognizing coverage. Waiting for a guy to be "WIDE" open before throwing. That is what i expect. Recognizing the defense, finding a wide open guy, having time to throw and then sailing a pass -THAT'S the stuff that isnt about him being a rookie. We need to find out if that is just who he is or not.
  13. That was his strip price. Meaning what he paid when he bought a entire strip. Which, btw, he only gets credits, not cash back, for games not played (so he paid for game 4 as well, he will get a credit for that game that can be used on next year's tickets only. So yeah, again, he paid a lot for the year. And $170 WS strip price is 400 uper rows. Been a full STH since 2011.
  14. The guy who committed the domestic assault we welcome. But talking about it as if its not big deal -well -thats where the Astros draw the line!
  15. Even better -some of my closer friends who are die hards asked me before the presale -I DID offer to buy them tickets at my face for the presale. But i was clear that they had to be prepared to pay $300 to $500 a ticket that day, I couldn't tell them where the tickets would be until last second, and they would have less then 2 mins to decide and would have to be online during the time of the presale to make the call. Only 1 person actually agreed on those terms (Everyone else was like "I'll wait". That 1 friend got 2 tickets for lower level seats at $750 total. The other ones are now looking for tickets for under 1k. LOL.