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  1. TMK9973

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    Is this rally a big issue? The only time ive ever seen this really factor is the story of the Texas wrestler, and thats cause TX has a stupid law that says you have to compete in gender your birth certificate says you are. In this case- he is transition to male, takes male hormones, etc....but is FORCED to compete against women. Where he wins all the time.
  2. TMK9973

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    Less Flags in the NFL. Watching the 87 super bowl recently -Crazy how faster it was when after every play someone isnt looking for a flag. (BTW- Easy fix- Add more Ref discretion. The the foul was away from the play of had no effect on the play, no penalty, unless its Ref decides its being done intentional after a warning. So those holds 5 yards behind the runner -ignore. The defensive holding when QB threw a quick slant to the other side of the field -Irrelevant.
  3. My Son was born in 2001. Ive made him a die hard Skins fan like myself. We watch most games together -if not together texting non stop during the games. Im guilty of child abuse. Its painful and i feel terrible that for him, the "Glory year(s)" was 2012. I actually asked him the other day how he stays a skins fan. More of like "its too late for me, save yourself". He shrugged and said "I have no clue!" I never tried to push him to another team -I did try to get his focus on the Nationals (They have become my 2nd love, if they ever win a WS they will probably become my 1st love). And while he does like the nats -its just the same passion. I guess my point - if i have one- is if you are truly a die hard (and im not judging or saying you aren't. Im just saying "if you are" your son will most likely follow as well. And not all bad. Truth be told -he is just use to losing.
  4. TMK9973

    Season Ticket Renewals

    No - but it was different. 1 - The stadium only sat 54k, If Fed Ex only sat 54k it would be 100% full every game, 90% redskins STH. even now. 2- Skins were winning. 3- Because it was small -because it was always sold out, and because there was no stub hub, buying tickets without being a Season ticket holder was very expensive! Getting redskins tickets was a treat and a event! (Also - there were less die hard fans of other teams in the area. With no Sunday ticket, with no internet, it was very hard to follow a sports team that was not local. Cowboys were the exception as they were a "national" team so to speak.
  5. TMK9973

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    He was paid - so i doubt it.
  6. TMK9973

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Just to be clear -its not really true that the Redskins took NO risk on this. Foster has been on "paid" Leave since Nov. The Redskins HAVE been paying him all this time. So yeah - If he was found to be guilty -the Redskins wasted some money, and terrible PR. Also - I read that charges were dropped simply because there wasn't enough evidence. Doesn't mean he has been proven innocent. Prosecutor needs "beyond a reasonable doubt", the NFL does not.
  7. TMK9973

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Im just calling it now. 2019 Super bowl champs!
  8. I used to be a little more forgiven for Snyder. I have (And still do) see him as someone who just wants to win. His early days of control was based on a desire to win. His overspending on super stars was based on bad advice but he would not be outbid. Even over the years -He has tried to pull back and stay out of football decisions. Yes -He wants to make money, this is his job and lively hood -but i 100% truly believe that he wants the Redskins to win and would take losing money if the return was Redskins win. I do feel that he is a Redskins fan and everything he does is to help the team win as best he knows how. HOWEVER - after 20 years - hes proven to be wrong. His instincts are wrong. The people he trusts -are wrong. The people he hires - they may actually be ok - but he doesnt trust them enough to let them do their job or he is talked into firing them too soon. Hes done it a lot of different ways - each time has been wrong. So where do you go from here? The Redskins are a freaking mess. They have no real culture anymore, no "underlying belief" they can build off, no grand plan, nothing. But what they do have is money. They still have lots of money, and a owner willing to pay. Allen needs to go. There is no question here - he has had complete control for many years and it has not workedo out. You may like him, you may trust him, you may even ask his advice for where to go next, but you still say goodbye. He should Create a board of trustee so to speak. He can stay on the board, but his vote should only be 1 vote. It will be hard, but he has to recognize that his gut / his instinct has been wrong. The board should be a mix of insiders and outsiders. A mix of Redskins believers (Doug Williams, Joe Gibbs) and non Redskins football people (If he can find any). They should have 1 task and 1 task only. Fine a team president who will have control of the vision. The interview process should be 1 question "What is your vision for the Washington Redskins, what will be their 'Mission statement', and what will you do over the next 3 - 5 years to get us there?
  9. of COURSE This is about losing! Because that is what NFL teams are judged on. If we went 11-5 chances are we wouldn't be having these issues. But we have these issues, which result in us NOT being able to get to 11 wins. These arent things that are in a vacuum. Its not like we are the only NFL team not to reach 11 wins in the past 27 years and on a unrelated note the front office under Snyder's leadership is a mess. Its because the front office is such a mess, we are unable to ever get to 11 wins. Yes -If we can win 11 games and reach playoffs 2 or 3 years in a row, no one would be talking about how bad the front office was, because if we could win 11 games and reach playoffs 2 /3 years in a row our front office probably WOULDN'T be having these issues.
  10. TMK9973

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    So stupid! Suspend him if you want, cutting him is just dumb. Foster says F this team and its fans - No problem. AP says he still hits his kid - No issue Another player is on Video Beating the crap out of a guy "Ok -Suspended but on team" Another player beats his GF at team hotel for another team -CLAIM HIM. One of our best D players says some things that are spot on - but shouldnt have said them - CUT HIM. Gruden and Allen need to be gone! IF they had a strong moral code they were using - fine- but this is just the latest "Read news, react without thought"
  11. Edit- this could be correct.
  12. Still not accurate. I know there was a lot of back and forth, but if Seattle loses, we are still alive even if min and Philly wins
  13. You all made this so much more complicated then need be. There is no bug in the playoff generator. but here is another one you can use. End of day - If we beat eagles but eagles and us both lose this weekend -We do beat time in a tiebreaker. In fact -if we beat the eagles - there is no way we dont finish higher seed them them. Both would have a 4-4 Division record. Both would have 7 loses in common game We would be 7-5 in Conference games (we are 6-5 now) and they would be 5-7 (They are 5-6 now). Thats it. The Eagles are of no concern to us in the playoff chase. We beat them we pass them. We lose to them we are out.
  14. false. If we both lose this weekend we have the same record yes. But doesn't matter. Because we play the eagles the following week. We already discussed this. If we both lose this week, then we win the following week. We have the tie breaker over them. so they are out. IF vikes win (AND we lose) we cant catch them anymore. BUT we could still catch Seattle and we have tie breaker of Seattle if Seattle lose to the chiefs and cards in week 17. That is how we can still get in with a loss this sat and a vikes win on sunday. IF we both lose this week - and the vikes win against the lions - once again -neither of us can catch the vikes. But - while WE could catch the seahawks if the seahawks lose twice - the Eagles can not. They best they could do is tie the seahawks, who have the tiebreaker over the eagles -but not us. Make sense? Bottom line Eagles and Lions lose this weekend - Eagles cant make the playoffs no matter what else. But skins lose and Seahawks lose - we can still make playoffs. BTW -ColonialWBSkinsFan actual post is not about seattle. ITs about Us winning - eagles lose, Vikes win. Meaning Eagles are out. Period. No matter what happens. But we would still get in with a win against eagles and bears winning. that is 100% true.