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  1. Wonder if Michael Thomas would be available via trade in the off-season? The Saints are 90M+ over the cap next year, so you're going to see a ton of changes in 2021. Rebuild on the way.
  2. God that really was a game that deserved a full stadium. Proud about how we completed. Clear we've got the right foundations in place with plenty go build on just definitely lack a playmaker or two.
  3. I'll take being within 11 after that half. We're a second half team and we finally have a QB who can move the ball. Need a strong opening drive but you never know.
  4. Fair but I think they were expecting the Tampa player to just turn and run. Presume they saw that on tape during the week. He just didn't.
  5. Don't mind that attempt on the kickoff. Obviously saw something on tape during the week. Just backfired. It is what it is. We need to be ballsy to win this game.
  6. Heinicke v the goat Tom Brady. Some story this if we could somehow pull it off.
  7. No idea what to expect with Heinicke likely starting. Could rise to the occasion or could throw 5 picks but I'm still very excited. We win the turnover battle tonight and we've got a real chance I think.
  8. There's levels to this though. Haskins is probably only as good as a one legged Heinicke.
  9. What is wrong with Tress Way? Punting really poorly by his standards tonight
  10. Great drive. Get the ball to start the 2nd half too. Puts us in a great spot as a second half team. Alex doing a great job taking care of the ball. Only way we lose this game is by making mistakes ourselves.
  11. Too much panic in here. We're a second half team. This was never gonna be easy.
  12. In a game like this I'd rather go to a guy who plays with heart like Cam than a guy who looks like he couldn't care less in Sims Jr. His attitude has stunk all year. Type of guy who'll dodge blocking someone to avoid getting hurt knowing he's going to be looking for a job this summer.
  13. McLaurin playing is huge just hope he isn't a decoy. The less Sims Jr and Gandy-Golden on the field for us tonight the better. Absolute liabilities.
  14. Good riddance. Great day for the franchise to be freed from dead wood. Hated the pick when we made it but honestly didn't think he'd be this bad and have so many attitude problems tacked on. Truly one of the worst draft picks in our history. Delighted Rivera isn't messing about any more though and that we're moving on.
  15. Genuinely excited by how good we can be with a young competent QB next year.
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