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  1. Can't believe theres no QB needy teams queuing up to take #3 off my hands...
  2. If any QB needy teams want to trade up the Jets at #3 are all ears.
  3. Maybe a necessary move but thats a massive overpay. Collins is by no means a 14 mill player. Relief to have a position that has killed us for over a decade secured though at the same time. I'm mixed on it.
  4. I think this confirms McCoy as the most likely starter tbh. Given Gruden has a proper hard on for McCoy I'd say this is just an insurance move for when McCoy inevitably gets injured in week 3. Not sure if there's been a less inspiring QB battle in the history of the NFL than McCoy v Keenum.
  5. Is it some of the season ticket holders demanding that tickets dont get put on the secondary market? I had the man sitting beside me ask me how I'd purchased my ticket yesterday. He was a season ticket holder and didn't seem massively impressed when I told him Stubhub.. I can see it from their point of view but it's kind of poor form if they're actively trying to make it more difficult and expensive for the regular fan just so they can justify spending way over the odds themselves. No offense to the season ticket holders on here but I think you're mad to buy a season t
  6. Said it all summer, Mayfield is the man. Going to be the real deal.
  7. Stinks of a Snyder move but I'm OK with this one. Literally nothing to lose. Can cut him tomorrow if we want to. Absolutely worth seeing if he has anything left.
  8. Surely we bring an RB into camp for a tryout? The one positive is how early in the process this has happened. As much as I love Alfred Morris he adds nothing that a Perine/Kelley can't bring in 2018. Would be kinda tempted to take a look at Jamaal Charles. He's got that connection with Smith already. Nothing to lose having a look.
  9. Sounds very Leeds. Think we've had one season in the last ten where we've spent more money than we've sold. Get out of there before its too late I'd say!
  10. I see your argument but would've been soft for me. Far too theatrical. I also think if Dele Alli did that against you you'd be labelling him a cheat and baying for his blood to be fair!
  11. You can add in Ireland and Australia to the list of countries where most call it soccer too.
  12. Flag does often shoot up quicker than it should yeah. Seen it many times. I said all along that Liverpool were unlucky to have all the big decisions go against them. By the letter of the law they got the offside 100% correct though so I don't see how one can blame the ref/linesman for doing their jobs correctly. There's no epiphanies, I'm being consistent with what I've said all along with everything. I thought I was being very fair throughout that whole discussion to be honest, you guys just didn't see it that way.
  13. According to the rulebook he's then onside yes.
  14. Not sure what I'm missing here. Any time I said the correct decision was made it was in the context of the offside part of the decision. I'm still genuinely not even 100% sure about the Kane dive part as it's not a clear call. Every call in football isn't plain black and white unfortunately. My summary though was that Liverpool were very unlucky to have so many close calls not go their way. I stick by that. Let it go GHH.
  15. I'm not getting into another mad debate but I called the Kane penalty decision harsh at the time if you read back.
  16. Ah I'd never defend blatant diving to be fair.
  17. Yeah it's every game now really he does something. England international's always get preferential treatment when it comes to these things which isn't right.
  18. Video isn't working but I presume it's the Ali dive from earlier. Terrible dive I agree 100%. He should be punished at this stage no doubt.
  19. This puts it to bed anyway. Decision was the correct one even if they made a bit of a balls of the process in giving it. Wonder if Klopp will come out and apologise for not knowing the rules of the game and wrongly calling the referee inadequate.
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