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  1. Not sure what I'm missing here. Any time I said the correct decision was made it was in the context of the offside part of the decision. I'm still genuinely not even 100% sure about the Kane dive part as it's not a clear call. Every call in football isn't plain black and white unfortunately. My summary though was that Liverpool were very unlucky to have so many close calls not go their way. I stick by that. Let it go GHH.
  2. I'm not getting into another mad debate but I called the Kane penalty decision harsh at the time if you read back.
  3. Ah I'd never defend blatant diving to be fair.
  4. Yeah it's every game now really he does something. England international's always get preferential treatment when it comes to these things which isn't right.
  5. Video isn't working but I presume it's the Ali dive from earlier. Terrible dive I agree 100%. He should be punished at this stage no doubt.
  6. This puts it to bed anyway. Decision was the correct one even if they made a bit of a balls of the process in giving it. Wonder if Klopp will come out and apologise for not knowing the rules of the game and wrongly calling the referee inadequate.
  7. That's the rule according to the book so I don't see Clattenburg's argument to be honest. These rules are made in order to give the benefit to the attacking team and that's exactly what happened. "Deliberate" means any attempt to play the ball that results in a touch. The mere fact that it causes so much debate means Liverpool were pretty unfortunate to come out the wrong end of it to be fair. I do think the correct decision overall was probably made though. Yeah I respect the linesman for putting himself out there to be honest too. Most would shirk from the responsibility in that position.
  8. This kind of rational thinking isn't allowed on here I'm afraid. The pitchforks will be out for you soon too. At the end of the day, Lovren played the ball so the correct decision was 100% made there. Kane couldn't have been offside by the rules of the game. I do think the actual penalty decision (Karius' foul) was dubious enough. Kane was definitely looking for the contact. Not a straightforward call by any means though.
  9. I've never known such a hostile thread where people takes themselves so seriously I've said absolutely nothing outrageous here. If I have please point out what it is. You're Liverpool fans so obviously you have an agenda. Maybe take a deep breath, read over my posts again and realise what I'm saying is actually completely fair. If it wasn't then I wouldn't have every pundit under the sun agreeing with me I reckon.
  10. Dunno what world you're living in but getting called a **** is generally said to be an insult. Note how the petty insults only come from one side of the argument too (not mine). As always you're both overreacting and getting annoyed over very little. I said Liverpool were unfortunate to have all the decisions go against them but apparently that somehow feeds to my "agenda". I give up
  11. Since the neutrals are agreeing with me maybe ye should take a look at yourselves I dunno what part of me saying Liverpool were unlucky to concede all the decision they did feeds to my apparent agenda but guys always read what you want to read I suppose. Anyway I waste far too much energy defending myself from insults on here. I'll leave ye at it for the time being and enjoy my Sunday night!
  12. You look at it here (the linesmans view) and it looks a blatant pen. Then you look at it from this view at it looks awfully harsh. Just one of those calls. Very tough to say for certain. Liverpool very unfortunate to come out the worse in all the big ones though for sure.
  13. The linesman said the first pen was offside if Lovren didn't play it. The ref (who had the better view of it) correctly said that Lovren did play it. For the second penalty the linesman (who had the better view of it) said it was a pen. I thought it was harsh enough myself but I can see why he gave it. There isn't an exact formula between who gives the decision. The ref has the final say but surely it's whoever see's it best that should call it which is exactly what happened. Don't see the issue myself. Lovely words as always! Hopefully makes you feel better about yourself
  14. How do you come to that conclusion? They both agreed that both were pens. Dermot Gallagher (Ex Prem Referee) also brought on to the show and said every decision was spot on. I said in my first post that I thought they were close calls. Most days Spurs probably don't get them all to go there way but today they did. It is what it is. A draw was a fair result overall. Dunno why I'm the villain here.
  15. Both said Spurs deserved a draw, both said Lovren played the ball for the first penalty so wasn't offside.
  16. Carragher and Souness on Sky are agreeing with me for the record!
  17. God how I love how amicable this thread is.
  18. You can't be offside when it was last played by a Liverpool player though. Whether it was a dive or not is a close call though. I'd like to see it again. Think a draw was fair overall. Think Spurs shaded it but a few close calls went their way tbf. Great game.
  19. Could be 2 or 3 because of Sanchez's mistakes! He's all over the shop in and out of possession imo. Looks very nervous.
  20. Liverpool looking pretty secure at the back whereas Spurs are at sixes and sevens. They badly need Alderweireld back. Sanchez having a proper mare.
  21. Think the last time Man Utd played a decent team away from home without Matic and Herrera starting was when they played Arsenal and conceded about 25 good chances. Same again today, look absolutely wide open. Great game.
  22. VAR is a complete abortion of a system isn't it. Literally going to ruin football. I don't want to be celebrating a goal and have it in the back of my mind that it could get disallowed in two minutes. Awful.
  23. Yep it's not a tricky formula. The rose, 1919 and Leeds United/LUFC need inclusion, keep it nice and simple and job done. To be fair I always liked the shield we've been using the last 20 odd years even if it only really brings back horrendous memories.