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  1. McLaurin playing is huge just hope he isn't a decoy. The less Sims Jr and Gandy-Golden on the field for us tonight the better. Absolute liabilities.
  2. Good riddance. Great day for the franchise to be freed from dead wood. Hated the pick when we made it but honestly didn't think he'd be this bad and have so many attitude problems tacked on. Truly one of the worst draft picks in our history. Delighted Rivera isn't messing about any more though and that we're moving on.
  3. Genuinely excited by how good we can be with a young competent QB next year.
  4. Is it just me or does Gandy-Golden always look way shorter than the 6"3 and a half he's listed as.
  5. Bench him now and send a message. Had Can Sims wide open there
  6. Much rather play an Eagles team that has nothing to play for next week. Cowboys winning today would be huge for us.
  7. Because he never in a million years should've been a first round pick. Anyone who actually properly watched him in college should've been able to see his flaws. They weren't difficult to see.
  8. Our secondary getting torn to shreds now. Afraid of getting hurt deep and letting them complete underneath as a result
  9. We've done a good job of hiding Reaves to this point. Been a total liability today.
  10. The most embarrassing thing is he was literally out celebrating after such a sub-par performance which led to a loss. Really speaks volumes about his mentality. A loser.
  11. Sick to death of Haskins immaturity at this point to be honest. Literally could have completely derailed our season through his selfishness twice now not obeying covid protocol. Not like we lose a good player by cutting ties with him either. He's complete trash. Sit him for the year and cut him in the summer. Has to be done at this point.
  12. Thomas Davis is a major problem on the field. Anyone would be better at this point.
  13. Just stupid mistakes that Haskins can't afford to make if we're to have any chance at all
  14. One thing I miss about the Gruden era: The scripted opening drive which often led to points.
  15. Because he's never realistically going to be the same player and he won't know the system as well as Allen. You've got to make a call on whether a (maybe) 80% Alex Smith who isn't familiar with the system is better than Kyle Allen who knows the system inside and out. Allen is probably the smart move for now to give Smith more reps in practice first.
  16. We'll all squirm of course but he's going to be given the all clear by the doctors before he sees the field. I don't see the logic in putting an interior QB as back up just because he's more durable. You want your back up to provide a spark off the bench. If anyone is going to do that it's Alex Smith after what he's come through.
  17. A one legged Smith might have better footwork than Haskins too tbf. Honestly though, if Allen did get hurt I'm pretty sure the whole offense would rather see Smith come in than Haskins. He's the better QB to have ready to come on in relief even if he's only at 80% or so.
  18. He's still probably got a better grasp on the system than Haskins does tbf
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