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  1. Am I the only one that liked Redtails? Seems to be out of the reckoning altogether now. Warriors feels so lazy to me. Much prefer something unique to us.
  2. Jets finalised draft. #20 Jaelan Phillips, Miami, DE #23 Rashod Bateman, Minnesota, WR #34 Jaylen Mayfield, Michigan, OT #66 Jevon Holland, Oregon, S #86 Paulson Adebo, Stanford, CB #107 Jamar Johnson, Indiana, S #146 Demetric Felton, UCLA, WR #154 Victor Dimukeje, Duke, Edge #186 Darrick Forrest, Cincinnati, S Jets also gained: Chicago's 1st round pick 2022 Chicago's 1st round pick 2023 Chicago's 2nd round pick 2023 Houston's 2nd round pick 2022 Houston's 3rd round pick 2022 Houstons 5th round pick
  3. The NY Jets select Darrick Forrest, S, Cincinnati
  4. The New York Jets select Victor Dimukeje, Edge, Duke @skinsfan57 OTC
  5. The NY Jets select Demetric Felton, WR, UCLA. He's definitely undersized and will probably be limited to only seeing the field on certain packages deployed as an RB or slot WR but god is he electric with the ball in his hands. Nice gadget piece for a Jets offence that's badly in need of a spark. @thelongestbreath OTC
  6. Well in that situation the trade would be veto'd though that's the point. There is consequences for each future pick traded too as long as when those who have given up picks state that at the end of the draft beside their list of drafted players. I just think 99% of trades done here are fair and realistic ones. We're basically scrapping trades because of one bad one a few years ago. Seems a bit OTT to me.
  7. Yeah true it could make things messy but the really big ones generally only happen within the first 10 picks anyway. It's generally plain sailing after that so I don't think it'd really delay much at all. No future picks just takes away from the process completely for me tbh. The more realistic we keep things the better.
  8. I think the way we have it this year is the best compromise tbh. Taking away future picks altogether makes it too unrealistic. I think maybe an option going forward would be to give teams unlimited ability to trade future picks but if say over 3 GM's deem a particular trade unrealistic there is an option to veto the trade.
  9. Can I send someone a shortlist so they can make my pick for me and I don't stall things? Live in Ireland so its 2.30am here!
  10. The NY Jets select Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
  11. The NY Jets select Jevon Holland, S, Oregon. Jets secondary is a mess. Holland comes in to likely fill a position of need as a nickel corner but his versatility will be invaluable. Great athlete with really good ball skills. @thelongestbreath OTC
  12. Massive difference between trying to move an old washed CB to being a starting FS and moving a young 23 year old WR to TE though. We did it with Niles Paul previously and our current best TE literally transitioned from QB lol. It's not a reach to think Harmon can do it too.
  13. Aye a quick fix won't sort that **** Jets roster
  14. Did a search but obviously made a mess of the spelling. Late trade offer in and accepted. Announcement on the way.
  15. Oh no sorry guys give me a minute
  16. NY Jets select Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn State. Some might think it's a slight reach but I really like this guy. Got all the tools to be a really good TE at this level as both a receiving threat and a good blocker. Just might take him a couple of years to out it all together but the Jets on the rebuild have that time to develop him in a position of need.
  17. The NY Jets select Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan
  18. The New York Jets select Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota @murphys4life OTC
  19. The New York Jets select Jaelan Phillips, EDGE, Miami. @actorguy1 OTC
  20. Yeah got to include the second one too if we include the first I think
  21. Up to everyone to give it the necessary weight come the end of the draft and I'm including two extra first rounders in my haul I suppose. I think it's a realistic trade on both sides though.
  22. The New York Jets have agreed to trade the #2 overall pick to the Chicago Bears for their 1st (#20) and 2nd (#52) round picks this year. 1st 2022. And 1st and 2nd in 2023. @clskinsfanOTC
  23. The NY Jets are open to offers for the #2 overall pick
  24. I wouldn't rule out him being a long term solution to the TE issue either. Has all the tools to be our next Niles Paul if needed. A position where we might be able to hide his lack of speed a bit better too.
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