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  1. Harmon is a very bad loss to such a thin receiving core.
  2. Probably will but every pick was BPA. Reaching for picks in order to fill a need is where drafts can go downhill quick.
  3. Jets total haul for 2020: 1. Ceedee Lamb - Oklahoma - WR 2. Cam Akers - FSU - RB 3. Alohi Gilman - Notre Dame - S 3. Curtis Weaver - Boise ST - Edge 4. Alex Highsmith - Charlotte - Edge 5. Leki Fotu - Utah - DL 6. Javelin Guidry - Utah - CB 6. Binjimen Victor - Ohio State - WR
  4. With pick #211 in the 2020 NFL draft, the NY JETS select BINJIMEN VICTOR, WR, Ohio State
  5. With pick #190 the NY Jets select JAVELIN GUIDRY, CB, Utah
  6. New York Jets select Leki Fotu, DL, Utah with the #158th pick
  7. With the 120th pick in the 2020 ES mock draft, the NY Jets select, ALEX HIGHSMITH, EDGE, Charlotte. A bit raw but got all the tools to develop into an NFL starter. Worst case scenario should be a special teams stud.
  8. With the 79th pick in the 2020 ES Mock Draft - the NY Jets select Curtis Weaver, LB, Boise State Good, solid, productive edge rusher. Nothing flashy as an athlete but gets the job done. Be a good asset for the Jets in a position of need and should compete for a starting role straight away.
  9. With the 68th pick in the 2020 draft the NY Jets will select ; ALOHI GILMAN, S, Notre Dame Great piece to add to any defense imo. One of the best tacklers I can remember watching coming through in years. Notre Dame moved him all over the field to play to his strengths but he's at his best coming downhill and stopping the run. Can be a great asset as a strong safety especially in early downs and guaranteed to be an elite special teams player.
  10. Sorry guys, pick on the way. Give me 10.
  11. With the 48th selection in the 2020 ES NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Cam Akers, RB, Florida State Pure BPA. Akers 10 names above the next available player on my big board. I'm good and happy with my pick thanks. @murphys4life OTC
  12. Jets select Ceedee Lamb, WR, Alabama. My favorite WR in the class.
  13. Happy to go again this year with the Jets.
  14. Exactly what the tape showed in college tbf. Loses his foot mechanics and let's the ball sail far too often
  15. Got to take public transport. Guessing Uber is the best (& only) option? Anyone got experience on if you're better off using the Uber lot or walking a bit away from the stadium and grabbing on Uber from the metro station maybe to avoid the crowds? Any advice appreciated.
  16. Gruden calling a great game to be fair to him so far.
  17. It's just his deep call gets very inconsistent when pressured and that's all down to his feet. His mechanics tend to completely leave him at any sign of pressure and that effects both his deep and mid range throws pretty noticeably. The ball just sails on him. We've just got to use him smartly. Quick passing game designed to get him in a rhythm. He's deadly accurate when given a clean pocket and throwing mid range. Some of his throws to the sideline are really really impressive with the zip and accuracy he gets on them. I don't think there's any great comp out there for him at the moment but it's definitely not Big Ben. I said there's similarities between him and Alex Smith because both are safety first and won't force anything down field. If utilized correctly though both can thrive. Obviously Smith is a better athlete though and doesn't really have the same mechanical flaws. I think if you combined Smith's safety first mentality and Winston's arm/lack of mobility in the pocket you aren't far off.
  18. It's good. Won't be anywhere near a problem. Gets really good zip on his mid range throws. When throwing deep he's got to really set his feet right or he tends to get way too much air under the ball. Marino was a gunslinger who threw the ball into tight windows. Honestly I'm never going to understand the Marino/Big Ben comparisons. People see a big bodied QB who stands in the pocket and put two and two together. Haskins doesn't take risks with his throws. He's safety first in order to avoid turnovers. He also doesn't thrive when the play breaks down. Ben and Marino are the complete opposite.
  19. You should watch his tape instead of being put off by the round he was selected in tbh. Projected 2nd rounder in most places pre-draft. The talent isn't really in question. Teams put off by combine numbers. The tape doesn't lie. He's really good. I like him more than McLaurin tbh.
  20. Psyched about this. Insane value getting him this late. Great hands, smooth route runner, an absolute beast of a blocker. I see a lot of Alshon Jeffery in him. Really do believe we've just drafted our future WR#1.
  21. Wow Smith wasnt great last year by any means but to say Haskins will be better right from the start is extremely optimistic. If he's good enough to beat out Keenum/McCoy in camp we should be pleasantly surprised. If he comes in and performs as well as Smith off the bat we've got an absolute steal. Let's reign in expectations a bit here before we get too carried away. Also Haskins is afraid to throw the ball in tight windows a lot too, watch the tape. He's no gunslinger.