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  1. Woah, to call that a reach would be an understatement
  2. GHH in unable to admit to getting something wrong shocker!
  3. I think 160 mill is crazy money tbh. For me, Coutinho is a brilliant player but not properly elite,top tier. When you think Liverpool paid 8 mill (?) for him it's actually some business. I don't blame Coutinho at all either. There's no loyalty in football any more and exactly like Van Dijk did already this season, he's forced a move that gives him a better wage and a far better chance of winning trophies. When Barca or Real come calling it's a matter of when not if.
  4. Dunno why you have to undermine me with every single post but anyway that's besides the point... I addressed why Sunderland is a fine move for him but you deleted that from what you quoted to suit your point. The football they play isn't even that bad at all either.
  5. Jesse Lingard has to be on PEDs. Only explanation.
  6. Really? I don't think the benefit of proper competitive football playing at a decent standard can be underestimated. The Championship is a million miles tougher than the Youth Cup. Way more to be learned playing at that level. If you look at the UK and Ireland's best players at the moment. Kane, Vardy, Alli, Lallana, Delph, Stones, Coleman, Bale, Ramsey etc etc. They all have the same thing in common, learned a lot of their trade in the lower leagues. I don't think that's a coincidence. Even nowadays when young footballers are being thrown thousands of pounds at a stupidly young ag
  7. 75 mill is mental but then again 40 mill for Salah now looks like the bargain of the century. It's all relative to how the player performs really. If he helps fix that defense he'll be worth every penny. Massively important signing for Liverpool. Still need a few more in but big step in the right direction.
  8. Are Arsenal - Liverpool games ever not brilliant? What a game.
  9. The warmth on this thread really knows no boundaries. Thanks
  10. City played nowhere near their best and still were utterly dominant. Second year in a row there's gonna be no title race.
  11. Lukaku with two assists at the wrong end Otamendi is lethal from set pieces. Great finish.
  12. Bit tempted to not bother after you just told me to "**** off" () but anyway....no need. You should play your best team possible in derby games, no excuses. These games are too important for that. Going against an Everton team with one of the worst defences I've ever seen and with Salah, Coutinho and Firmino all bang in form you won't get a better chance to put up a cricket score against them. Criminal not taking advantage of that. He treated Everton like the mid-table team they currently are and showed no respect to the rivalry really. I hate that. You ha
  13. Thin skinned or what. ****ing hell. I just said you could've won that 3 or 4-0... I'm out of here till the rage passes.
  14. Whether you think it's soft or not it's still an incredible stupid risk for Lovren to take. Brainless stuff. Klopp has made a right mess of this. Everton lining up with one of the worst defenses I've ever seen in this league and he rests two of his best attacking players and takes another one off with half an hour left. This should've been a straightforward 3 or 4-0 win for Liverpool.
  15. Lads, in all fairness. You two are the ones who keep bringing it up now. I have no idea why its after getting brought up again but that isn't my fault. I think both of you are somehow finding a way to get outraged by a point you actually agree with. I don't get it at all. If Liverpool some day win the league with Mignolet, any of their current CB's and Jordan Henderson all starting I'll admit I got something wrong. I'm not worried..
  16. When did I say everyone else's is? Said they were better than Liverpool's. I'm sticking by that.
  17. So you think the spine is good enough now or what? I can't keep up
  18. City Spurs Chelsea Man Utd Liverpool Arsenal How the top 6 ranks imo.
  19. No nerves hit but pretty blatantly aimed at me tbf
  20. So the spine is good enough again now in your opinion? A couple of weeks is a long time in football evidently
  21. Can > Henderson playing the holding role imo. Can only be good for Liverpool that. What an uninspiring set of games so far today. Awful.
  22. Yep. Live a little less than an hour outside of Dublin. Generally the further from Dublin you go the friendlier the people get. We're all fairly easy going though. Galway is a lovely part of the world. Love going over there. Something about the Irish and Americans that we always hit it off and get along great. (Bar myself and @DC9 sometimes )
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