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  1. TOO MUCH AIR. The other thing that Big Ben does better at is that his mechanics don't fall apart like Haskins' does. Ben can find the safe area of the pocket, plant his feet and find his target (or he has the natural touch to find his receiver on the fly anyway). Haskins doesn't have the feet/poise when hurried and his mechanics take a hit as a result (see last two videos) haskins2.mp4 haskins3.mp4 haskins4.mp4 Another example of his mechanics going to pot when he feels pressure. This time a mid range throw.
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm not concerned by his arm strength at all. I'm just saying in comparison to a Big Ben it's not at that level of natural arm strength. Feel like Haskins had one Big Ben-esque play in his entire career and people have seen that, his big upper body and concluded that he's like Big Ben. Not the case at all. This play is an outlier. Big Ben does this numerous times a game, remember that. haskins.mp4
  3. I'm just obviously watching a completely different prospect to what you are tbh. Not saying Haskins and Smith are identical by any means but there are loads of comparisons. Both are clearly smart guys who can read the field. Both don't throw deep downfield with any regularity and have accuracy issues when they do. Both excel when throwing at medium range. Both lack poise in the pocket when the only options they have are deep balls or balls put into tight windows. Both tend to come undone when pressured down the middle (Haskins more
  4. I described Haskins in the draft thread as Alex Smith if Alex Smith didn't have his mobility to draw on. Both are hesitant to throw into tight windows or to throw deep. Neither are the type to carve up defenses with their arm. Haskins doesn't really possess any of the tools that makes Ben great at all.
  5. He's much more Alex Smith than he is Big Ben. Big Ben can throw deep, is elusive in the pocket and is comfortable under pressure. Haskins has none of those traits as of yet. Honestly, the only thing he has in common with Ben is body type really.
  6. Jay is a really bad liar lol WATCH LIVE_ Redskins HC Jay Gruden speaks to the media following the first round of the _NFLDraft 10˸17 - 10˸23 (tSWTBLoiFik).mp4
  7. Lot of my guys trending up but plenty trending down too
  8. Happy with the Jets haul. Brian Burns, DE, FSU N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona St. Dru Samia, OL, Oklahoma Charles Omenihu, DL, Texas Renell Wren, DL, Arizona State Mark Fields, CB, Clemson Emeke Egbule, LB, Houston Penny Hart, WR, Georgia St. Big thanks to @goskins10 and @Skinsinparadise
  9. Two guys available that are sticking out on my board as insane value. Neither in big positions of need but I may take one of them. The New York Jets select Penny Hart, WR, Georgia State. His size obviously a concern but can be a really good slot receiver imo. Nice insurance for the injury prone Crowder.
  10. The New York Jets select Emeke Egbule, LB, Houston @actorguy1 OTC
  11. The New York Jets select Mark Fields, CB, Clemson
  12. He's definitely got the speed and measurables but I don't see a guy who knows how to use them to play the position tbh. Gets bullied a lot given his size. I always love watching the tape on the CB's coming out but this years class has left me a bit cold tbh. All of them have their flaws.
  13. The New York Jets select Renell Wren, DT, Arizona State
  14. The New York Jets select Charles Omenihu, DL, Texas @tibbidoe OTC
  15. Jets select Dru Samia - OG - Oklahoma @tibbidoe OTC
  16. I think we're getting fleeced giving up #15 given we lose a year of his contact and he didn't light the place up in his first year. I am however very worried if we pass on Rosen that we'll force a QB at #15 instead and take a Lock for example who imo isnt good at all and an even bigger overpay. I loved Rosen coming out last year and had him and Darnold pretty much neck and neck behind Mayfield for my top 3. Think Rosen is probably better than any QB in the draft this year personally. So if we did give up #15 I could probably talk myself into it being an ok deal. I do
  17. Jets select N'Keal Harry - WR - Arizona State Surprised he's still on the board to be honest. Ideal physical WR to make big contested catches in the red zone that the Jets have been crying out for. Joins Enunwa, Anderson and Crowder in one of the best balanced WR crops in the league. Each receiver brings a different skill set. With Bell at RB too the Jets put Darnold in a great position to make strides in his second year. @bedlamVR OTC
  18. The Jets select Brian Burns - DE - FSU Absolutely love this guy. Would've taken him at #3 if I had to. Only Bosa that I'd rate ahead of him out of the edge rushers in the draft. Watch his tape against Miami last year. So explosive. Will be a game changer for the Jets D in a position of bad need. @PokerPacker OTC
  19. The Jets have traded 7 and 68 overall to Cincinnati in exchange for picks 11, 42 and 198.
  20. Yep a bargain. I'm pretty confident the guy I would've taken at 3 will be there at 7 however so I'll take what I can get.
  21. Jets trade #3 to Jacksonville for #7 and #98 overall
  22. Sorry for the delay guys. Have a couple of trade offers on the table. Hold on for a little bit longer.
  23. Can't believe theres no QB needy teams queuing up to take #3 off my hands...
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