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  1. should of held on to DH strictly to trade him straight up for JJ
  2. Taylor was with Scott in Minn andf Car. See if Taylor can bring it home next week. Kyle and Taylor perhaps our QB's with Alex 3rd in 2021.
  3. nice punt TW, that was a 65 yarder shame no one could down it inside 5.
  4. C'mon ya'll...don't be falling for this banana in the tailpipe trick. We've seen this movie before and know how it ends, don't be fooled.
  5. haskins had a gap to scramble right, again he chooses to loop around going to his left. I don't understand why he is not capable of flushing to his right it makes no sense and hard to watch.
  6. When has DH ever converted 8/15 on 3rd down and 2/2 on 4th for the WFT?
  7. no sir. This is material for a Twilight Zone episode. What does it mean when someone says they are in the twilight zone? noun. 9. 0. Twilight zone is the mental state between reality and fantasy, or the lowest level of the ocean that light can penetrate.
  8. Totally agree and feel the same. I would also add the Thomas Davis clip from one of the practices as more evidence that you can clearly hear how DH reacts to someone trying to help him.
  9. Nah......as long as general EyeGasze is at helm, JETS are front runners on #1. If he's dealt with, jets win some games bettering our chances at it
  10. Allen needs to work on the turnovers to be sure lets see if he can clean that up over next couple weeks. For overall game performance though, I saw a lot of big time clutch plays on 3rd and 4th down. Converting 8/15 on 3rd and 2/2 on 4th. 10/17 is pretty ****ing insane. Definitely could get use to see that stat line each week. Don't think we saw that much when DH was in. I also saw clutch passes dropped in bucket with touch. Heck even that moon shot to Gibson coming out of flat was a thing of beauty even though the play itself didn't gain many yards. Why does it feel so much like twilight zone
  11. Sounds like its been coming out of both ends since at least Friday. Between bathroom visits he must be on continuous IV drip for hydration, poor simba
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