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Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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1 minute ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Haskins should not be thrown to the wolves in this situation.  He’ll get killed.


Keenum made this mess, he’s going to have to ride it out. 


I need to see Haskins would be worse then this to believe it, couple reps tonight wouldnt hurt, you are enabling Case but making him think hes safe, hes not

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2 minutes ago, NewCliche21 said:


Sexy Rexy at least says "**** it, I'm going deep" in an attempt to do something good.

Keenum doesn't know deep unless it's how much of a hole he gets us into.


Fair, I was jus thinking of the nonstop turnovers, even if they are intermediate routes at best

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2 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

Here is the difference, Haskins would have an excuse for looking this bad.  Keenum doesn't.   He has been making bad reads all night, even when he has decent protection.  He is going full-on Grossman, just throwing ball to get rid of it somewhere.


he'd have an excuse to the fans, would he have an excuse to himself?

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