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  1. "League done messed up", charging money to come to his draft party, wanting the coveted #7 - all red flags before Snyder got a chance to corrupt him.
  2. What makes you think he's a decent kid? From everything I've heard he's an entitled spoiled brat.
  3. LOL Yes we take COVID precautions seriously (unless it affects a big market team or a big name QB) but dammit we take it seriously!
  4. Got some scoop from my contacts up in Big Blue Country. This isn't the trainwreck it's being made out to be. Colombo apparently wasn't Judges' guy (was Garrett's) and the feeling is growing in NY that he is the reason #1round draft pic Andrew Thomas is underperforming. In fact, Thomas's college coach has said his technique has changed and is ineffective - that's on Colombo. Joe Judge was investing too much time working with the OL which is partly why the vast improvement over the last couple weeks. Judge brought in Dave DeGuglielmo was the other guy they interviewed, as an advisor much t
  5. Aikman was smart to call it quits when he did. Extending his career would have likely cooled his chances to get in as he and his teams were noticeably declining.
  6. The same defense that gave up the late TD to Moss? Eli's numbers would have been better had Steve Smith not had a ball go right off his chest for an INT at the Pats 5 yd line too. But Super Bowl aside, Manning went into Dallas and beat the Cowboys. He went to Green Bay and in the coldest game on record beat the Pats. Then again in '11 and '12, beat Rodgers in GB, before having a legendary 'chip game against SF. To keep touting the "defense won the SB" or the "his name will get him in" line shows pure football ignorance. It's something to make butt hurt fans feel be
  7. Eli deserves to get in. Maybe not first ballot but eventually. Record doesn't mean much re: a QB. I come from a family of Giants fans so I tend to watch most of the games. There were plenty of games where Eli had the team in a position to win and the defense or special teams choked it away. Also, Jerry Reese did a HORRIBLE job of drafting Offensive lineman once Accorsi's team moved on. Reese was obsessed with finding "raw talent" like he did with JPP. That experiment worked out. Others not so much.
  8. Giants and Redskins forming good coaching staffs.
  9. Giants were big on Rhule. McCarthy wanted the Giants job (partly because he is very high on Daniel Jones) but Jerrah made him an offer he couldn't refuse and word was out the Giants had their eye on Rhule so McCarthy went with the bird in hand. Rhule wanted the Giants but Carolina absolutely gave him the farm at 7 yrs with incentives up to 70mil plus a buyout of his contract at Baylor. As a courtesy Rhule called the Giants (before even interviewing) to see if they'd match that. Giants said no we have other guys in mind but thanks. Judge was hired by his alma mater MS
  10. What a catch. Piss poor throw. Blame the ankle, closer
  11. Wouldn't shock me if Haskins was exaggerating his injury to either: use it as an excuse for poor play or, if he leads a miracle comeback he gets the gutsy 'warrior hero' narrative. Lebron does the same thing.
  12. If you think his intentions were anything other than a narcissistic stunt aimed to bring attention to his "me me me" attitude then you are naive my friend.
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