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  1. Nice call on this @LadySkinsFan. Back like a month ago iirc
  2. Fox 5's Tony Perkins hates gay people too?
  3. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    He honestly might be the worst American in history. Like ever. And not even limiting that to president, which he wins hands down. Dahmer, Gacy, Manson and Co were obviously much more violent and psychotic but their ranges of vileness were miniscule compared to President ****tard here. Thinking about it, there's a good chance the politically active John Wayne Gacy would've been a better president. I'd be mad if they pissed on him if he was on fire, let alone help him pass anything. Don't do a goddamn thing that's going to give him something positive to crow about on Twitter. Maybe help him pivot off a cliff but that's it.
  4. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    $10 says she's got bigger balls than her husband. Literally. You decide who I'm actually insulting with that joke.
  5. BornaSkinsFan83

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book Thread

    Huh. Must be a sign... Just decided, literally last night, to get into science fiction for a bit. It'll be the first time since that horse**** Michael Crichton global warming novel destroyed part of my childhood way back when. I'm starting it off with Peter Hamilton's The Night's Dawn trilogy. I'm not sure how popular it is or how likely anyone here will have heard of it, but doing some research it had much of what I was looking for (space opera, exploration, different species, strife, struggle and the American Way) and rave reviews for it. We shall see. PS I still strongly believe that Steven Erikson's Malazan series is the greatest fantasy series of all time. By far. It's huge and complicated and it doesn't hold your hand at all so not everyone will be able to make it but it's at least a must attempt for everyone, and especially for those tired of the whole Nordic setting that the fantasy genre drowns in, for whatever reason.
  6. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    You really think he's using the term "Back guy" in private? Let's keep it real here. ......... Btw, I think Christie found his way back to relevance if he wants to take it. Being a **** to Republicans that nobody likes anyway. Kinda like Joe Scarborough's evil twin. He's very good in that role.
  7. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    He was my favorite to talk **** to on Twitter. Cause I knew there was always a 10% chance he would use his security clearance to track down where I live and show up to my house in his Mustang. Really added an extra sense of excitement. I really wish virginboi Stephen Miller would stop being a scared little **** and start tweeting. Anyway... How ****ing tacky is this family? Like I'm not wrong about this right? Wearing heels to a disaster area is beyond tacky as **** right? Tacky try-hard rich trash. No class and so far out of touch. I don't recall ever bad mouthing her but wtf. Just gross. Image over substance to the nth degree. They're worst then regular NYers on that front and that's really saying something.
  8. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    And Finland kicked Russia's **** in and embarrassed them for most of it. It really emboldened Hitler and his invasion plans (thank Stalin for purging any and every senior military worth a damn leading up to that. Apparently everyone but him saw war on the horizon. ****ing megalomaniacs.) 35 years earlier something similar happened when Japan embarrassed Russia and beat their ass in 1905. This also emboldened Germany and others and made WW1 more likely (and got us some sweet cherry blossoms here in DC). Sorry for the history lesson. Saw an opportunity and couldn't pass it up. **** Russia
  9. I do know one thing for certain: The only thing ignoring them, staying medium and going high when they go low has gotten us is Donald Trump in the White House and the Alt Right Nazi's dominating online culture and now moving it to the streets. "Don't feed the troll" politics is no longer an option. As much as Tina Fey and her cake-eating white privilege might hope otherwise, it just isn't. Some of us actually have something tangible to lose in this fight.
  10. BornaSkinsFan83

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    I think I came up with a good sports metaphor today. Barack Obama is to Jackie Robinson as Donald Trump is to John Rocker. I wish I could photoshop. I'd do a new eclipse meme working off of that idea.
  11. Btw i agree that violence for the sake of violence is stupid and entirely counterproductive (don't get me started on the vandalism). But I don't think you should be lining up to get canned at the salt pits ala Gandhi or stomped out on the bridge ala MLK and Co. This ain't that type of fight. I like what I've been personally doing. Just going to as many rallies as I can and not taking **** from anyone but never instigating direct confrontations. You remember when we were younger and you'd always tried to get the other person to swing first. Like once that happened you were free to do anything? Of course both kids would get suspended no matter who threw first but that mindset was always there. Like it was a legal loophole for violence or something. It's stupid but I think that's the way to play it here. Confront, don't instigate and defend don't escalate. No weapons but be strong. This isn't the mid 20th Century and this isn't a huge empire canning half-naked Indians. Empathy is a smaller factor. You have to stand up for yourself but you can't give them ammunition to use against you in their propaganda. It's a fine line to walk.
  12. BornaSkinsFan83

    Random Thought Thread

    Reggae will always be tops with me For those who don't know about Scientist (above and below), start here I remember in the Watchman comic book, there's a scene where the one dude talks about humans finding the absolute pinnacle of music, and that pinnacle is Dub Reggae. And the pinnacle of Dub Reggae is Scientist. And something positive for our times...
  13. If you can stand a bunch of whiney Germans crying "woe is us. Nobody I know was a Nazi. I swear! It must have been the other Germany!!" then I really recommend "The Memory of Justice". It's available to stream on HBO right now. It's fascinating because it's from the 70's so it's almost exclusively folks being interviewed who experienced the Third Reich firsthand. Including Albert Speer, Hitler's favorite architect and good friend and who, for all his faults, is really an amazing man (the most senior Nazi to own the Holocaust and condemn Hitler and spent the last 30+ years of his life walking the walk), the admiral who was officially the last head of state of Nazi Germany, who is a bitter old curmudgeon, the psychologist of the Nuremberg defendants, a lot of the legal folks involved in the trial and many, many others. It's 4 1/2 hours long and obviously can get very heavy at times so you might want to watch it in batches. If you've never seen it though, it really is a must watch. Can't recommend it enough. One of the greatest documentaries ever.
  14. BornaSkinsFan83

    Random Thought Thread