Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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At least he's back.  He's already become the soul of the defense and they have zero edge without him.


The defense was put in impossible situations by the turnovers, but they played well enough to win.  You simply won't win when your QB turns it over five times.  The offense was a disaster.

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9 hours ago, Capsman said:

My God, if Skins fans are this dumb we deserve a crappy team.  Fire Allen or fire Manusky would be the more appropriate chant.  


I‘m that dumb what had Gruden ever done? He sucks 

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2 hours ago, stevemcqueen1 said:


Pass down that Wrangler legacy to Dwayne Haskins?  I like it.


Although can we trust him to not unretire and start playing himself?


No way, not oxy favre, the sexy man his arm is around, the best QB coach this side of Palembang, the one and only uncle Kevin.


2 hours ago, FrFan said:

Redskins defensive end Jonathan Allen was pretty strong with his postgame comments. "There ain't no magic sauce to get this thing turned around. ... Do the little things right," he said. "You don't support us now, which you shouldn’t because were playing like mother f - - - - - - s - - - I don’t know what you want me to tell you. Don’t support us now don’t support us later. We going to circle the wagons and we’re going to get s - - - right."


Now Allen knows what it’s like to be a Vol. 

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36 minutes ago, Otis Wonsley Posse said:


‘Why would you want any of those to stay? They’re trash and so is Allen 

Sorry I meant for that as an in season change..oh hail ya I want allen and gruden gone at seasons end!!..

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