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  1. Oh no, banned from the tailgate for being pro human rights. Interesting. Better call it quits on the Es before I get in more trouble. Enjoy kids.
  2. What dimension are you living in where you must choose between the redskins & Denver?
  3. The run stop & run block are pretty condensed, the pass blocking is interesting, seeing Wentz struggle behind their #5 pass block unit means his mind is probably in Chuck Knoblauch territory. That said, I like Philly to pull the upset this weekend in Sf. I’d trade Moses today. Huge guy who really struggles when he gets a bit banged up, I’d cash in on the great start.
  4. Those dudes get off the ball, they’re fun to watch.
  5. Haskins telegraphs his progressions, he gets too cute, he wants to prove more than any play or drive or game can prove. His mind is a good one, but he need only look to the Beto boys to realize, a mans mind, can indeed, be misleading.
  6. The best win in franchise history was won because of a Vol.
  7. Crowder finals mvp +25000
  8. @mods please make a rule about negative Heath Shuler comments.
  9. If Allen was a pocket passer, would he have been worth the wait.
  10. Unfortunately, man coverage with no pressure is 7 v 7.
  11. I believe I told the ES that this was coming ... how many days before the announcement? Humble yourself in the presence of the only source of information you’ve got, or be vanquished.
  12. Familia, he doesn’t post here, but he’s got some sources with the Browns. A week later, the media covering the Browns knew what they ES had been told.
  13. You clever guys ever watch the movie draft day? Megan Rogers is my cousin. Hope you guys enjoyed the film. Mean what you say, Cooley. This is a message board, it’s life or banishment on these streets.
  14. Well, I have had family with the Browns for a decade, including then and multiple family members there right now. Option C Oops Or, I just talk to humans who work for the Browns. One of those things.
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