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  1. Greg Little & Marvin Jones are potential trade targets that could help DH.
  2. On target % is a concern, one that requires a million reps. Unfortunately, his mechanical issues limit his immediate upside; Id prefer to roll him out and let him unleash more frequently. I don’t think he’s going to be the most accurate on short stuff, but I think he can be an elite deep ball guy if we design plays that get us one on ones out of the pocket. Screens & roll outs, let him sling it.
  3. To Hell for the sewell To hell with victory Depraved in a whore bath Delight, in old, DC
  4. QBs in this position should be rolled out frequently. Problems with the pocket? Remove it. It’s the most underutilized set up in the game.
  5. Wonder why DH left TM here. Gibson immediately could have been big, AZ was late to him. Thomas was the read left.
  6. Darnold and Rosen to the Tb practice squad.
  7. On the 2nd throw a Lance stares right for an hour v bums with a great Oline protecting him.
  8. I don’t know how the feet ever get like this, other than anxiety in the pocket.
  9. After week 1 I thought we were firmly in contention for the #1 overall pick, so I’m not on the same page as Nick.
  10. We should bootleg 90% of our passing plays. He had the same struggles and same flashes of brilliance in college that he’s had here. Being terrible is better than being ok. Sewell, Fields or Lawrence do more for us than a 50/50 proposition in the middle of the draft. His accuracy on the easy ones, in the middle of the field, was poor in the first half. That’s entirely mechanical, which he struggles with more than he’s anticipating pressure.
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