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  1. volsmet

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    That’s always been the case. There is no such thing as a respectable trump supporter. Never trust a republican, nor a former republican. We can only hope. Coke & hookers would class up the White House.
  2. volsmet

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Cam Reddish, Nas Little or Porter Jr.
  3. If Keenum was the QB at OSU in *2018 the Buckeyes would have set every offensive record in college football history. Keenum is better at Football than Dwayne, it’s not close. Haskins is more talented than Case, it’s not close. Work & time allow the former to eclipse the latter; more patience is the cure to Redskinitis, as you are aware. People think DH has better mechanics than he does because they don’t know what mechanics are. DH missed more guys by 5 yards+ than any legitimate nfl prospect... he also had an incredible completion % .. the issue is reps, which create the fluidity of your mechanics.
  4. Only if you’re now literate, otherwise I fear running into the same issues we had previously.
  5. Another profiler, fascinating. 757 is the kind of guy who thinks reading is a punishment.
  6. You read words, they come off a certain way because of you. The article was not about last year, everything you said was ridiculous. You have no argument, just misplaced pantaloons.
  7. Posting on a site with people who would insinuate that I’ve, somehow, intentionally misrepresented an article - that I shared - in June - about offensive lines - to this audience - in an effort to smear the Skins - is nauseating. I suspect you’re not a profiler, naive odalisque.
  8. These guys do good work, they rank the Skins line 24th in the nfl, with Trent. Fortunately we get to play Miami & Buffalo ... Miami may put a few of our DL in the pro bowl.
  9. Whats often tough, that is never discussed, is the pace at which different WRs get to a spot - having a Beasely is underrated, but becoming less so. Even Rodgers can hit a perfectly covered Nelson with more regularity than he could hit an open WR who hits his windows with greater variance. After protecting DH, I’d be serious about getting him the guy who is a legit threat & will run a million routes with him in the offseason. The troubling thing is, these QBs have made about half of their completions after they’d have been hit in a real game. There, obviously, isn’t real pressure in this setting. Running for your life when you can’t be hit is one thing, running for your life v the Bears is quite another. How many QBs must suffer before we take this problem seriously. #QBstrong
  10. He is who he is, those who expected anything else were not evaluating him rationally. Again, 15 starts ago he was playing a team like Churchill, now he’s set to play the Eagles to open 2019? That’s crazier than people think. There is a way to help him, it’s unconventional and sends the ESers into a frenzy, but it’s the correct way to manage this particular asset. That, of course, assumes we are going to give him reasonable protection... without that, playing him would be foolish. Haskins issues are real, there were obvious. Haskins gifts are elite, they are obvious. To improve the former and free the latter he has to be protected or he’ll throw into zone coverages all year and get pummeled.
  11. One of the best things about him, if he fails it won’t be because he failed to give it all he was capable of giving. He’s been doing that work since he was about 6.. literally, 6 years old or so.
  12. volsmet

    Random Thought Thread

  13. volsmet

    Random Thought Thread

  14. That’s just something coaches say, he made a million mistakes & there isn’t likely one of them he made just once. The cliche is used to praise a kids mind, it’s not literal. I agree with you on the overall take away, he was precisely as expected, a very inexperienced rookie with very obvious issues and very obvious talent.