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  1. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Arm Strength –Has struggled to drive the ball down the field, particularly once he’s forced off of his throwing platform. Opportunities to stand in tall or release a throw from a set base can generate ample power, zip and velocity. https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/11/19/2019-nfl-draft-player-profile-will-grier/ Absolutely, I’d love to address what you’ve posted. I’ll be back in a few, excellent post for discussion, didn’t want to appear to ignore it, posts like that make this thread worth returning to over & over. Re: anyone on Grier *Video of his ability to drive a ball.
  2. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    When you watch Lock you don’t question that his arm is better than Grier’s, or do you? Seriously, the radar numbers are interesting, but I haven’t seen any hint of that arm on film, I’ve seen the opposite. I believe his arm is incredibly weak, I can’t find anything but lobs that show any arm strength, and I see that on hudl every week watching hs prospects. Every QB I’ve watched has nfl throws but Grier. But, others see what I don’t. I just want it posted, I’m eager to be shown the Grier arm - not lofted passes, show the ball on a line, that’s what keeps a defense from collapsing, that’s what gets the ball to a wr in time to make a play. I don’t think he can possibly pass in the nfl with the arm he’s shown in games. I don’t see anything decent in Grier but his toughness. His athleticism looked dreadful v ISU. I’ll watch more, I’ll not give up, but I’d prefer some assistance, people are getting upset with me. Absolutely. I’m all in on that draft with Thorson, perhaps Finley or Rypien. I agree, we won’t blow it up, unfortunately we seem intent on playing in 14 tightly contested games & a blowout or two in the other direction.
  3. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Charlie has decent sources for a draft guru — more has been shared recently, publicly, since I shared that in January, which I probably shouldn’t have. Not that my post meant anything, but I can’t get carried away on a forum, which is easy to see myself doing in the fine company I’ve found myself in of late. Perhaps there is an es private group, the Guice... diagnosis, for instance, could be shared there. If there is any justice in this world, “Gif game is strong” - will be inscribed on my tombstone. Gifs can, at times, help ease the tension when dudes disagree on the net; hard not to laugh at a well utilized gif. I’d rather trade up to #1 — and then draft Grier — than make Foles a top 5 paid QB. I love your Hock, Samuel, OG combination, but I’m not a Foles fan, obviously. He’s a solid QB, but I’d rather give a Matt Moore nothing than Foles 28 million. Folesgold is not an uncommon refrain among sanctimonious football folks. As always, I could certainly be wrong about him. You just can’t miss & win when giving a guy that much — Minnesota is finding that out with better players than we can surround Foles with. I’d like to see us blow it up, but I wanted the same a year ago. We have an extraordinarily narrow route to a SB title trying to build on what we’re committed to. Imo
  4. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Absolutely. I’ve expressed the same in more ways than, even your newest namesake, could possibly count. I don’t hate Jones, I’m not sure how you arrived at that — I have not worked out an opinion on him. I’m not a fan of hedging opinions, I’ve asked someone to show me anything that displays the gifts Grier has that give him a chance to become a top 20 QB, or even a starting QB, or even an NFL QB. No one has shared a consideration other than moxy & no one has shown any clip of him doing anything that warrants a draft pick. I don’t care who is right or wrong, I don’t care who is good or not, I enjoy the discussion — I’ve asked for the other side of Grier & been left hanging — prom night all over again.
  5. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    In addition @RWJ it’s interesting that Jones has been mocked, by Charlie Campbell, to the Giants, since I posted that the Giants love him. A wild world of coincidences we live in. @MrTuring
  6. volsmet

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    BRADLEY BEALSG, WASHINGTON WIZARDS Bradley Beal said he wants to retire with the Wizards. After it was announced that John Wall would be sidelined for 12 months, and the Wizards then traded away Otto Porter and Markieff Morris, there were rumors that Beal would also be put on the block. However, Beal would prefer to stay in D.C. "If I can retire in this jersey, I will. I’m all about loyalty," Beal said. SOURCE: The Athletic Feb 16, 2019, 12:38 PM
  7. volsmet

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Basketball class is probably stronger. At one point 9 of rivals top 68 prospects were from the dmv.
  8. volsmet

    Sports Wagering thread

    Of course a kid from Gonzaga HS blows a nice +1300. Gonzaga, never trust a zag. Ind st -1 Clemson +176 Wake +1345 GW +320 Marshall -7.5 RI -11 NTX -2.5 Fla +3.5 UAB +270 SIU Edw +105 Mizzou +375 WVU +900 Easy work. If you fade.
  9. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah, but he’s just saying because a guy reminds you of someone, it doesn’t mean he actually has any of the attributes that make the other player good. I don’t like how he said it either, I’ve never seen anyone say Grier acts, looks or tries to imitate Baker, I hadn’t seen anyone compare them at all before that quote. *I could see someone saying just because Jones ...... it doesn’t mean he’s Peyton or Eli.
  10. I’d recommend IQ injections, but then there’d be no Republican Party.
  11. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Easy 10+ wins with a rookie QB & heavy contract on the pine means Steve would trade up bigly for Kyler, or so I’d interpret it. That wasn’t a criticism of him, I don’t see how you could see it as one.
  12. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Good to see people around the league checking in. Allen seems to have Grunfeld-ish security. Gruden may be safer if he shows something with a rookie, he’s not likely to do much with a vet. What round would you take Gary in? Agree. Kyler over Haskins, not close, imho. Kyler — Lock Haskins So far, anyway.
  13. volsmet

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    Bobby Witt Jr may change that, but Rutschman is filthy, he will probably open as a top 25 prospect in baseball as soon as he’s drafted. Our system is a joke, Duq was the worst gm in the game, but at least we should pick 1st for 5-12 years. #SpinRate
  14. volsmet

    Random Thought Thread

    It would be nice if there were a few red districts in this country that produced something other than tenants at drug rehab facilities.