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  1. Allen should be the starter? Why is that? If it cam down to Heinicke and Allen it’s the former all day
  2. As a UNC alum I watched Chazz closely; ball hawk and natural leader
  3. Let’s draft Tua; he’s beaten the belt, the Bible, Saban and Dilfer, injuries and has a winning pedigree like no other
  4. Love the hire and no nonsense from Ron. Defense will drastically improve! Lots to like and glad we fired Gruden early
  5. Bruce will **** it up anyway so what does it matter? Still same BS management
  6. ‘Also 52 and also made plans. They don’t care why should I? I live in Austin TX and the sports bar I went to had one corner TV for the Skins. I sat through that debacle but not this week
  7. Really?? I’m after Kellen Moore or Bienimey
  8. I‘m that dumb what had Gruden ever done? He sucks
  9. ‘Why would you want any of those to stay? They’re trash and so is Allen
  10. I don’t understand waiting to fire Gruden and Manusky; do it now and let the interims coach and we’d instantly jump ten spots in total defense
  11. Also crossed into the apathy netherworld this year. Knew both games were over in early third quarter and just don’t care anymore; was involved whole hog 2012 and since 70s but now why should I care ? They don’t
  12. Time to dump the roster and Gruden and tank like you’re supposed to
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