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Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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Just now, carex said:


who were they playing?  The Bucs.  So similar to the Bears D


The point was they threw logic out the window and decided the future was no, regardless of the outcome.  This game and season are over, unless it interferes with evaluating other players put him out there.  Hell get hit next year anyway, dont convince yourself they will fix this team in one offseason

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3 minutes ago, Idaho fan said:

What could be worse?  Oh I know. How about an idiot (me) who has paid a bunch to fly to NY from Idaho for the  game this weekend.   I get to watch Daniel Jones stomp our team without Barkley.   

Can it be worse than freezing to death last year to watch NY beat the hell out of "Butt Fumble"?

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5 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

It kills me that there will be fans who take away from this game "wow imagine how bad Haskins must look for Gruden not to replace Keenum when he's playing like this!"


When in reality not ruining Haskins tonight will be the ONLY thing Gruden gets right. 

You are not going to ruin Haskins in half a game. this is more about leaving Keenum in. It is pathetic coaching not to change the QB after 4 TO's in 31 minutes. You can always start Case again next week.

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4 minutes ago, KDawg said:


I’m not sure he was right to not play him. 


I mean now its  too late. But after the second fumble and second INT, it was 7-0 or 14-0, my brain is already hazy, and the team could have used a spark. The season is (was) on the line. 


He didnt pull the trigger. And now you can’t bring him in because the spark plug fell apart.


I think from Gruden's point of view, you're right, to save his job maybe that was his best play and he missed it.


From my POV as a fan who thinks this season is already done for, I'm glad.

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