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  1. No one has argued conviction for convictions sake. So while you wax philosophical with your pithy comment, real discussion on the merits wages on.
  2. Your statement assumes that it IS wrong, which i totally disagree with based on the word origin created by Natives, the low precentage of Natives who find it offendive and multiple high school mascots in Native populations called Redskins. How many non natives find it offensive is irrelevant. Being offended FOR someone else is ridiculous. We may disagree about whether the name is right or wrong on its own, but the mob telling you it is wrong and you should change it does not determine the rightness or wrongness of the name. Caving to pressure on something like this that isnt obv
  3. Now youre getting it. The people who are “offended” wont be satisfied not matter what you do. And once you do what they ask they know youl’ll bend to their will anytime they come knocking. This is why you stand firm.
  4. Yeah not changing it could hit your pocketbook...for now, but changing it could hit your pocketbook for much longer. Dont change it, take the hit let things die down and let the free market decide.
  5. The reason this issue comes for a while and then goes for a while is because a small mob decides to go after it when its politically expedient. The reason that in the past it has faded away is because they did not give in to that mobs demands and were backed with legal precedent as well. This is the same reason they shouldn't change it now, if you submit to the mob demands because they have once again come knocking not only will they know they own you from that point forward but they likely won’t ever be satisfied. You changed the team name? Great now change the logo. You did t
  6. I dont think any of us can say definitively that no MD will ever sign off on him playing again or say definitively what a patients prognosis is without being a) a medical doctor and b) having examined Alex and his medical records personally. And there IS a reason for him to take the risk: To overcome that which people say cant be overcome and that he wont let the injury stop him and keep him from his passion and will to play football. He wants to prove it to himself and sometimes that more important than fame, money and accolades.
  7. 1) Should be no problem to have fans in the stands by September 2) If its not, this idea is going to end up being super awkward and distracting and people will just ask that they stop doing it after a few games
  8. No one in seats? By September? Only by choice or because a particular state governor isnt allowing it...most everything will be open and full throttle by Sept. except maybe California...but i think even they'll fall in line by then
  9. No he struggled with arm strength, accuracy was one of his strengths....although he did have abad 3 game stretch.
  10. Unpopular opinion here, but id take Jake Fromm and have him compete for the starting job...two years ago everyone talked about him like he was the next sure thing at QB at the top QB in the draft when he declares....comes down to earth this past year but the talent is there...Im just not sold on Haskins. I hope Haskins proves me wrong if hes the starter but I dont mind rolling the dice on Fromm esp in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Fromm is going to be a successful QB in the NFL.
  11. Its not a sure thing that he’s still an elite talent...he battled lots of injuries towards the end of his career and has lost a TON of weight since retiring...and he’s only gotten older. The odds are probably actually AGAINST him being elite for Tampa this year.
  12. I mean it kind of is...the point he’s making is that making a big free agency splash by signing aging veterans who were the best at their position not too long ago (sometimes even the year previous) seems to never work out Yeah i mean aside from just the greatest QB of all time and one of the most physical and dynamic TEs to ever play the game who had massive chemistry with that QB....they basically did nothing!
  13. First off, i agree that disciplining your child is important. However, Jesus didn’t have children (based on any reliable sources), and “raise thy child with an iron fist” is not in the bible. Anywhere. Proverbs does mention the importance of discipline but no where does it say raise them with an iron fist. Also the problem have with AP isn’t him disciplining his child, its the severity of the discipline. Have you seen the pictures? The punishment was brutal compared to the “crime” especially for a small child.
  14. It depends on whether they outright fired him and therefore released him from the terms of the contract, or if they just said we will not be renewing your contract, you are free to leave. In the case of the latter the terms of the contract will still control until the contract runs out.
  15. Got to imagine this is going to help in the Trent Williams talks.
  16. It will be a total team effort. Super smart players.
  17. Well after that, id gladly take either player. Trade Haskins.
  18. The review is to ensure that it was a turnover...if you want a PI call that wasnt called you have to challenge....same scenario happened yesterday with raiders intercepting mahomes...ruled an INT by raiders but cheifs challenged and the guy who got the INT was ruled to have pass interfered
  19. I dont understand not challenging PI there...fairly obvious and you absolutely cannot afford the turnover so why not make an attempt to get it overturned
  20. Im sorry but if its less than a yard the call should always be a QB sneak....its nearly unstoppable...
  21. Its hilarious to hear their new toy in the form of the Mario 1up sound effect on first downs getting smoked 28-3
  22. You serious? I thought it was freaking hilarious! But seriously how does a concussion last several weeks
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