All Things Star Wars Thread -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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1 hour ago, BleedBNG said:



Say what you will about Disney and Star Wars, but that just seems like a really cool experience.

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I just got back from 2nd viewing of Episode 9.  I have been trying to think how I rate all 9 movies. 


Tier 1: 4, 5, 3 -- I prefer New Hope to Empire -- the movie is so great (Han shot first).  Over rewatching I have come to really enjoy the tragedy in Episode 3 more and more. 


Tier 2: Episodes 2 and 7 

I feel like the only person who enjoys an Ewan Mcgregor adventure movie.  Yes, the Anakin Padme stuff is cringe -- but bad acting and some poor dialogue doesn't ruin a movie script.  Episode 7 was pretty good as well and even though Starkiller base was just a rehash of Death Star (you can tell its Palpatine if it involves blowing up planets).   It did a good job of blending in the new and old characters.  Episode 7 was a fairly strong start to the new trilogy.


Tier 3: Episode 1

I can't remember the critical reaction, not sure how I felt, but it does do a good job of clearly having a plot and getting into political intrigue, introducing characters, telling a good story.  It does lack the typical high pace we want from movies, but the last act is a blast (starting from when they take back the palace and do the space battle with kid Anakin stupidly blowing up the comm ship).


Tier 4a: Episode 9

After the first 15 minutes I am hooked into this one.  There are flaws - could Rey be who she was without the guy in the movie?  I feel like sometimes they just needlessly jump from planet to planet... hey new planet.  Another new planet.  Oh, that one was destroyed.  Space battle!


Tier 4b: Episode 6

I can't decide which I like better between Return Jedi and Rise Skywalker.  What I can say about both is if you only want to watch the Jedi parts of the movie, they are not good as a whole.  The Jedi parts in 6 are soo good... but I have to give props to the Kylo-Rey new connection also.  


Tier 6: Episode 8

I hate this one.  Jed parts are always compelling, and we see the death of Luke but the plot with the fleet, introducing even more new characters and planets we don't ultimatelty care about I hate the plot to this. 


In short, I am not a fan of the New Trilogy.  There are too many characters -- maybe they wanted Rose and some others to be Lando-like, but they didn't make her half as useful as Lando... and the plots are really inconsitent.  Episode 8 and 9 I feel ucompletly wasted a good story and movie to be made with Finn, Rey and Poe.  Partiallt because they need a compelling script to close out the original folks... but there's something missing that make these as good. 


Maybe over time my mind will change. Rogue One incidentally is an awesome movie.  




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I thought this was an interesting fan re-imagining of the ANH fight scene between Obi-Wan and Vader.



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4 hours ago, TK said:


High Republic era is beginning 200 years before The Phantom Menace.  Rumors I am hearing is that it's going to have a "knights of the roundtable" feel to it, and kicks off this summer with comics and novels.  When I was looking at the expected novels a month ago, there was nothing coming out after the spring releases of the new Thrawn trilogy book one, and Alphabet Squadron book two.  Now I know why.  

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5 hours ago, TK said:


The High Republic ?  Is that when the Senate legalizes marijuana across the galaxy or something ?

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