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All Things Star Wars Thread


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I really love the show.  Partly because I really just love the Rebels crew, and also Ahsoka.  


There has been a lot of conversation about Thrawn not looking right.  I completely agree.  He was not only a super mastermind, he also was a ridiculously dangerous individual warrior.  He trained by fighting dark troopers for heaven's sake.  


I was all for them casting Lars Mikkelson as Thrawn just for the voice, because the voice was the most important part.  And if you close your eyes when Thrawn is on screen, it's the same voice, the same character.  


I kindof wish they had done something extremely unique: Had another actor play Thrawn but have Lars voice him.  So, yeah, it would be lip syncing.  But Lars doesn't (and probably can't) look like Thrawn.  Star Wars does this with helmeted characters all the time, Vader, Mando, etc.  They should have done it with a live action character to get the look right.  


That's my biggest glaring issue with the show.


I'm very interested to see who gets off the world.  Because, we see NONE of these characters in the sequel trilogy.  Is the convenient way to keep them out of the way just to keep them stuck out in a galaxy farther farther away?  


We know there's no Thrawn in the First Order.  Does he get stuck also?  Do they all get stuck, and then they find their way back after the Rise of Skywalker ending, conveniently missing the entire next chapter of the story?  Is Thrawn somehow part of Snoke's rise to power?  


We'll see.  We know the republic falls and the first order rises.  We can see the first order is massively incompetent. But where are all the Felloniverse characters?  Having them get stuck in another galaxy is a very convenient way to keep their stories going but out of the main trilogy.  


Though, for some reason, I keep thinking Baylan's quest is going to lead to the rise of Snoke.  I'm probably wrong there, but ... maybe?

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What a finale.





MORTIS GODS! Or that's what I assume the carved mountain faces were. Kind of cool to bring that into Baylans storyline. 


Also..forgot to mention the other Mortis god connection, the Morai (the bird) that Ahsoka saw. 


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So what's the deal with the future of the franchise here? And I'm not talking about the cartoons and TV series, I'm talking about the movies.  And I'm not talking about what Jabba the Hut's secretary did 15 years before ROTJ, I'm talking about main characters.  And I'm not talking about Bru or Uncle Owen, I'm talking about Luke's ancestors.  Is Kylo Ren still alive, didn't catch the last movie.  So Han Solo's kid I assume made a turn to the light side, maybe there's some material to work with there.

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