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  1. Gene Simmons is a deplorable human being. Won't have anything to do with KISS because of him.
  2. "Well, at least I'm not Amber Heard". signed, Lindsey Lohan.
  3. Interesting thing about the Danny Masterson case is that this could lead to a serious investigation and indictment of the Church of Scientology. We laughed these guys off as kooks with their Tom Cruise couch jumping antics, but the Masterson case has shown them to be a truly malevolent and insidious organization. Time to take these losers down.
  4. I was thinking this, but remember that the Caps have a very small window now to win another Cup -- basically, from now until OV gets into his late 30s /40. They need as many shots at the thing as they can.
  5. The great games have the great mini games: Witcher 3 (Gwent), GTA V (Golf) and RDR1 (Black Jack and Liars Dice). Honestly some times I go back to play GTA V just to play the golf, its that much fun.
  6. That actually is a pretty good observation. There are precious few games that have truly mastered the open world format. (However I am playing one of them at the moment -- Witcher 3. What a masterpiece of a game. And you know why? Gwent, gwent, gwent -- best mini game ever!) For the most part I totally agree with Purbeast. The bulk of my PS4 library are games that linear -- Tomb Raider, Uncharted, TLOU and so on.
  7. HZD Complete Edition (ie. with all the DLC) is one of the best games on the PS4. Most people in this forum will attest to that. You have to give the game a little time. Also you'll love the DLC in the game -- really gives it an added dimension.
  8. To be sure, a very solid outing for them. Expect good things from them down the road. Started replaying Witcher 3 (Complete Edition with both Expansion Packs) this morning after 5 year hiatus, The game is so gorgeous, so well thought out, so PERFECT in every respect, I will GLADLY suffer the long load times in this one. They don't bother me in the least. But for Outer Worlds, they did.
  9. Finally got around to "The Outer Worlds": The Good: *The story was interesting and kept me engaged. *Graphics weren't bad *Nice soundtrack The Bad: *Combat was boring, to the point that sometimes it felt like a chore *Perk/Skill system was uninspired *Companion system was also uninspired The Ugly: *The Stealth game -- what stealth game? "Stealth" in this game is an absolute joke *Load times made me want to start pulling my hair out Overall, a lower tier game like Dishonored or Wolfenstein 2, a fun game one time through that you'll never play again.
  10. Yes thank you for this proclamation. I played both and enjoyed Skyim vastly more, but after reading your spectacular post I have recovered my senses and recant my previous position. How could I have been so blind? Your posts intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  11. Bethesda were obviously a pretty revolutionary company a while back. I still remember their first Elder Scrolls iteration, Arena, and what an impact it made at the time (IIRC early 1990s). They've probably had a brain drain somewhere down the line -- lost some key talent, either to other companies or to retirement-- and its sent them into downward spiral. Will they right the ship? I don't know. But please don't give me this line of reasoning "oh they put out Fallout 76 which sucked so Bethesda must also suck and therefore they've always sucked." Not true. Up until Fallout 4 they had a very stellar track record.
  12. Which is a great strategy. Devs will take a while to take advantage of the PS5's full potential, just as was the case with the PS4. Do you ever play Knack on the PS4? How about Dragon Age: Inquisiton? Or Killzone: Shadow Fall? Of course not. Those were all first gen PS4 launch games and they were rendered obsolete in a couple of years time. Same thing will happen with the PS5. Best move is just to sit back and wait.
  13. This is literally the only title on the PS5 that I'm genuinely excited about. That's why I'm going to hold off on the PS5 for a little while (probably until the new Elder Scrolls game comes out).