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  1. I sense a banning for my utterly inncuous comments, so I am going to pre-empt this and ban myself. I can let you nerds know that I have a another internet forum where I am tolerated and accepted. It is an interesting forum with intelligent and enlightened people, who talk about fascinating subjects. I don't need to be around you j*rks anymore. I only used to come here because I love the Caps and wanted to talk to Caps fans but I even have another forum for that now. I don't need you nerds. You and your Marvel kiss-ass threads and your marijuana threads
  2. Wow Mr PC! You should definitely become a politician TTB. After all, the fruitcakes of the world need your representation!
  3. I see in the news that actress Ellen Page has decided to become...er...Eliiot Page. This charming man. Can anyone relate to California anymore? There's a running thread in this forum about Florida, but California is the real joke. Let that freak state secede already.
  4. Caps draft pick Hendrix Lapierre could be interesting -- a legit top 10 pick who's stock fell due to several injuries this year (concussions). Caps seem to do exceptionally well with 1st round draft picks in the 20 to 30 range. That's where they selected Kuznetsov, Carlson and Mike Green. Hopefully the trend continues with Lapierre.
  5. He used his own Lamborghini in the song "Panama" when they recorded the album "1984". He was a tireless innovator, that is why he was so loved and revered.
  6. Calling it now: the Kansas City Chiefs will go undefeated this year, and complete the perfect season (ie. undefeated reg season + winning all their playoff games and the Super Bowl) unseating the 1972 Miami Dolphins.* * barring a truly devastating injury like losing QB Patrick Mahones or WR Tyreek Hill.
  7. A bone fide genius. Huge impact on me when I was younger. Unique guitarist, tremendous composer, and perhaps one of the most spectacular performers ever to see live. I am in utter shock.
  8. To think that American had a chance to elect Hillary four years ago, a bright woman who would have made a fantastic President. Now we get a choice between Sleepy and the Hothead. Nice going.
  9. It will be interesting to see -- we haven't had a coach like him in the OV era. Boudreau, Hunter, Oates, Trotz, Reirdan, these were all players coaches. In fact I think the only coach we've had like him in out history is Jim Schoenfeld, who was also a bit of a wild man. Not sure what effect his coaching style will have on the players. A young OV and Nicky might have been inspired by his passion. Old man OV and Nicky, though, I'm not sure. They might not want to put up with that BS.
  10. Boy the scheduling does not favor Tampa at all -- tough series against the Isles, back to back OT games, and now they have to face then Stars on Saturday. Dallas could jump out to a quick start here.
  11. Man, watching the Lavi highlights, guys, I don't think we've ever had a coach like this before. If he wasn't in hockey he'd probably be a dictator in some country somewhere...ridiculously strong personality, OV might even find him intimidating.
  12. Dallas is going to be a speed bump for Tampa. About the Laviolette move: not bad. An upgrade over Rierden, for sure. The guy has a track record of winning (one Cup with Carolina, Finals Appearances with both Philly and Nashville). He's ideal for an old team with a short window. Maybe he can fire them up for one more run. Bab**** would have been too pricey a hire, and he's more a of a fit for a young team with a big upside (Edmonton, New York Rangers).
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