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  1. You mean luckier. Caps outplayed them for most of game 7, but gave up some fluke goals, then grew exhausted by 2OT
  2. PLUS they beat the best of the best last year. Well maybe not so much Columbus, but defending champs Pittsburgh and prohibitive Cup favorite Tampa (where Tampa had HFA). It was no fluke.
  3. A poster mentioned earlier in the year about trading Holtby, now that he has a Cup, he is still young and his market value is high. We all laughed hysterically. After last night I don't think its such a bad idea. We have a great goalie prospect, Samsonov, in the wings. Holtby could net up some good young talent, particularly on the defensive side. We need to start planning for the post OV / Backstom era.
  4. Please do not. They are an arch rival of ours -- they used to continuously beat us and abuse during the 80s when they were very good. Root for someone harmless like the Blue Jackets or Colorado.
  5. Of the remaining teams, I'd like to see Colorado, San Jose, Dallas, Columbus or Boston win. NOT NYI they are a traditional rival. NOT Carolina don't want to see some expansion team with more Cups than us. And most of all NOT St Louis. They must be kept out of the Cup club.
  6. I have 0 interest in any of the second round matchups. And not just cuz I'm a Caps fan. NHL could be facing a ratings nightmare.
  7. Jackets are bristling with talent. The Islanders are all smoke and mirrors.
  8. Sucks that some freak team in the East is going to get a shot at the Cup. Hockey is so anti-Darwinistic.
  9. Just realized it was JDub...again. F that old fart. Orpik needs to go. Enough experimenting with him. Nice guy, but he's a fossil.
  10. Blue Jackets clear favorite to make the Finals.
  11. Huge lost opportunity considering Tampa and Pens are out.
  12. Well at least we went out swinging, unlike the grannies from Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.
  13. Gotta put Vrana back out there in 2OT. Fast and young.
  14. What are the Canes going to do, counter attack their way to a Cup?