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  1. I sense a banning for my utterly inncuous comments, so I am going to pre-empt this and ban myself. I can let you nerds know that I have a another internet forum where I am tolerated and accepted. It is an interesting forum with intelligent and enlightened people, who talk about fascinating subjects. I don't need to be around you j*rks anymore. I only used to come here because I love the Caps and wanted to talk to Caps fans but I even have another forum for that now. I don't need you nerds. You and your Marvel kiss-ass threads and your marijuana threads
  2. Wow Mr PC! You should definitely become a politician TTB. After all, the fruitcakes of the world need your representation!
  3. I see in the news that actress Ellen Page has decided to become...er...Eliiot Page. This charming man. Can anyone relate to California anymore? There's a running thread in this forum about Florida, but California is the real joke. Let that freak state secede already.

    Please reinstate me in the Tailgate Section of the forums. The 2018-2019 NFL Season is now over,

    and therefore so is my suspension. Thanks. 

  5. TK can you please send me an email at khuddle01@yahoo.com. Its about being reinstated in the tailgate section. Thanks. 

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