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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Football Team PALOFFS IS NOW Edition

Message added by TK,


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Just now, KDawg said:


We all deal with things in our own way... but this one is NOT over. Heinicke is playing great. 


I mean I wanna be wrong.  I just don't see how we tie it and then win it in OT.

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Buckeye and Titan here. Just stopped by to say Obviously, hate Dwayne let you and himself down but proud of your team, proud of Heinicke, and your effort. You're beating the spread, I think. You guys hung in there. Good job.

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1 minute ago, justice98 said:

This defense got cooked.  Over 500 yards given up.  And it was consistent. 365 in the air, 144 on the ground. Tampa took these guys to the woodshed.

Any time your defense gives up 30+ points, they have essentially failed in their fundamental role.  

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Just now, joeken24 said:

Championship ****ing defense.

I mean they played okay, need better lber play on fournettes runs though, and LBer/safety play on the midfield stuff. LBers made some plays too though I'm not trying to **** on them too hard. Tampa is a great ****ing team that started really slow this year, no shame in losing. 

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