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  1. Run blocking improved for a few plays while Schweitzer was running on adrenaline.
  2. Scherff hasn’t been the since the cheap shot he took in philly a couple seasons ago.
  3. I agree it is a sign of disrespect. Sweat still almost made the play. Teams need to be careful with giving our defense too many opportunities to make plays. They are fortunate our offense isn’t good enough to capitalize.
  4. Technically he did leave it to the players to motivate themselves, but there definitely were some good adjustments. I thought the Eagle's playcalling was unnecessarily aggressive. They were waiting on the WFT to crack under pressure.
  5. It was a lack of respect. They were expecting the old redskins to show up and roll over.
  6. Nice post OP. I hope you can keep up with this format for the season. This was an incredible win, and sets the standard for character of the team. I'll save my critical comments for later.
  7. Eagles 24 WFT 3 WFT defense plays well but Eagles score 2 touchdowns on trick plays and take advantage of the 3 WFT turnovers.
  8. Teams don’t have the patience for a RB to work up a lather and become effective. Peterson, while still skilled, is on a decline. It’s very risky to depend on him for an entire season in any capacity. They want a strong passing game and an explosive RB who can juke 11 guys and score 50yd touchdowns.
  9. It's not always about making spectacular plays but doing what is expected.
  10. As you said, Sprinkle seems to have the skill set but comes across as unfocused and potentially lazy. Hopefully RR and staff can find the trigger to get him literally in the game. JS and LT could be a functional 1-2 punch. I love this. He was under utilized last year. Using him as a WR is critical; he can't just be Mr. Gadgetplay Anyone have any updates on how AP is looking?
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