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  1. This will be the last week of being #1. We play Baltimore and the hated cowboys play Cleveland. Plus haskins will probably start at QB
  2. I miss club jay passing scheme.
  3. I actually hate this offense we are running. Does not fit haskins. He play different than last year.
  4. Chase Young is going to destroy olinemen just like Aaron Donald did to the hated cowboys Sunday night. Throwing 2 linemen and slamming Prescott all in one play and i loved it
  5. I believe game of the week is Falcons at da hated cowboys.
  6. An then calling holding on the player who blocked for him ( moses )
  7. That's interesting. My wife and i had the flu in January and i tell you i haven't had a fever like that ever up until that point. It lasted 3 straight days without breaking. Took pain pills and plenty water but it only would drop to around 99.4 for 3 days.
  8. @Vanguard nope, we not going have any players on the list this year.
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