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  1. madden lot

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    Packers @ bears to kickoff 2019 season. Super bowl champs pats to play the Sunday night game vs team to be determined. Since its nfl 100 I expect skins to open on road on Monday night against either the hated cowboys or giants.
  2. madden lot

    Gameday Thread

    Check out playoff career numbers for a TE. He's number one in the major categories. Playoff numbers they take seriously.
  3. madden lot

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Brady is the Goat. He win or lose this game doesn't even matter to me. But my opinion doesn't matter
  4. madden lot

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    Yeah, this is one of my favorite threads too. I hope we play 5 division games in the first 8 weeks. Can't wait to get at them ****s.
  5. I'm just cooln. Won't be making special arrangements for the skins again until August. Sad!
  6. madden lot

    DJ Swearinger Appreciation Thread

    If I'm not mistaking Dj has 3 multi int games dating back to last year.
  7. I hate that it feels as tho we not treating this division game like the way we did with the hated cowboys
  8. madden lot

    A question for you guys?

    Cowboys, giants and eagles. Can't ****ing stand them. I don't have enough hate left in me for any other team.
  9. madden lot

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Its amazing how powerful turnovers are.
  10. madden lot

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Great thread burgold. I love it.
  11. madden lot

    Predict The Skins W/L

  12. madden lot

    Predict The Skins W/L

    I honestly hate your post?
  13. After watching the video, i gotta say, we got us a legitimate running back. I mean wow! The guy does things that you need/want in a rb. Vision is great! awareness is great! And to go along, his speed and break tackle is perfect.