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  1. Seeing chase young running off the field saying he wants brady i was like damn... he just made it about himself. I hate that he did that. Chill out dude and stay humble.
  2. They all will get over it once the swelling goes down.
  3. I mean... this been the case forever, right?
  4. Going off the video above. The thing i like is that everyone loves chase young.
  5. This game doesn't matter if we eventually lose because we still go into last regular season game controlling our destiny. Plus we be on the road. I like us on the road.
  6. The foootball team just needs to win. That is all. Plain and simple. Period.
  7. What about the cheetah with the 2 fingers holding up as he scores?
  8. I can't remember the last time i craved for our defense highlights.
  9. Yes. Right after the whistle two of our players held him horizontal in their amrs. It was supa funny.
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