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Summer of 2020---The Civil Unrest Thread--Read OP Before Posting (in memory of George Floyd)

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The looters are the absolute bottom of the barrel to me. They’re making innocent shop owners and innocent protesters suffer. The looter’s destruction and the authority’s incompetent (at best) response to this whole situation from individual police officers to the President has made me feel sadder than I’ve felt in a long time.

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1 minute ago, Springfield said:

So I’m stealing this from a fb friend:


America right now sorta looks like it would if Vladimir Putin were to install a puppet at the head of our government and destabilize it entirely


Jokes on them, we about to come out stronger because of it.

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3 hours ago, TryTheBeal! said:



I have a dream. And that dream is that someone would splice this clip right into the clip of trump standing at St. John’s  holding the Bible then cut to that beautiful cheesecake getting splatted right into his fat face.

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2 hours ago, maxiumone said:

No really I can’t. I love as an 18 year old she asked and wants my input. But she is an adult and can’t really stop it. I sit here as a 45 year old man pissec that in 2020 I have to make this decision yet proud of her for wanting to do the right thing.  This should been a reptile to &visonary 


My son wanted to go Monday to DC.  He and a couple friends made signs. Nothing inflammatory. I talked to him and said be careful and leave before the curfew and you should be okay.  Then I watched in horror and rage as Donald Trump and that fat **** William Barr made a liar out of me, assaulting peaceful protesters almost a half hour before the curfew.



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4 hours ago, Cooked Crack said:

Freedom? What a crock of 💩


3 hours ago, Springfield said:

His words say one thing but his actions say another.

I’d beg to differ. If you understand that literally everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he was actually telling the Tя☭mp version of the truth.


3 hours ago, @SkinsGoldPants said:

Well, they all believe in the pee tape and his fetish. So..... 

You’re the one in the gold pants. j/s😀😀


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So look here, at what point will congress step in for removal? Will it be after a US troop takes a citizen's life or even vice versa? Even a bunch of right wingers are starting to raise their eyebrows to this out of control situation. 


I seriously think he never prepared for a situation like this and is winging it. At first I thought something like this was his own idea, but it's becoming more and more clear that he's not fit to handle these tasks.

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If Trump wins in November, will there be a civil war?  I was talking about it in class today, the consensus is that it is going to happen eventually.  I feel like what we are seeing now is a mini rebellion.


I hope not for the sake of my country and the safety of all my loved ones, but I also realize I am a privileged white person, and sometimes there needs to be violence to create change and give rights and equality back to the oppressed.  I also am not advocating violence and think we as a nation have the ability to unite and heal racial wounds (sort of like Biden said).  Spreading love, as opposed to hate like our current president does, would be a great start. 

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