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  1. What are the chances Jerry parts way with Mike at the end of the year....or at the very least, forces him to gut his staff and start over?
  2. Now we know why they've kept her off the campaign trail....she might be dumber than Eric
  3. I could live off of Hattie B's Nashville Hot Chicken....that **** is delicious Downtown gets old after you do it a few times since the same bands play the same sets, they just alternate bars every night
  4. If I had to move somewhere in the US, I'd look at Dallas/Ft Worth or Nashville or Raleigh
  5. I've got Europe in my crosshairs at the moment...I'm so over the stupidity of 30-43% of Americans, especially during this pandemic
  6. Far from a cure, Kirk Cousins is what ails the Vikings https://www.startribune.com/souhan-far-from-a-cure-cousins-is-what-ails-the-vikings/572789842/
  7. I still fail to see the Trump logic on this one. Hunter Biden = bad, so therefore through osmosis, Joe Biden is bad too Trump's kids stole from kid's cancer charities (+ many other things) = okay?
  8. Why are we so certain the Jets take Lawrence though? Maybe they decide they need an OT and go with Sewell?
  9. I got mine last week at CVS....walked in and had to wait 20 mins for them to get the shot, etc. I've been getting them now yearly since my insurance covers them.
  10. I guess the next question is - is there any statue of limitation on these things? We've got 3 months before the swearing in ceremony if Biden wins....so could he essentially have his FBI/DoJ appointees go to work on tying all of this corruption together and start taking down all of Trump's enablers?
  11. It seems like the large majority of Amber Alerts are family abductions from family disputes and not the creepy old dude in a white ice cream truck we all think of when we hear 'child abduction'
  12. https://itsgame7.com/bryce-harpers-relationship-with-phillies-is-deteriorating/
  13. you guys laugh now, but just wait until fracking and all the coal related jobs start bringing in the big bucks!!
  14. Total MAGA mouth breather https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/10/15/woman-behind-trump-and-her-nod-catches-share-attention/3672781001/
  15. ....this moderator on Trump's is great. She literally just fact checked him on his bull**** on the spot. He's going to be so pissed when this is over
  16. I thought he was doing well explaining in full detail his opinion, but the dude didn't seem like he was following much of what Biden was saying in response....it was pretty long winded, so maybe that's why
  17. I said yes to it - it's definitely not perfect, but it's a start in the right direction.
  18. DK Metcalf has lived up to all his draft hype...he just keeps getting better and better each week
  19. Lebron should go play mercenary the last couple years of his career....come to the Wizards with Beal/Wall and play around in politics. Do what MJ couldn't do and win in DC
  20. Kirk going to Kirk in primetime Good job, Vikes! You're stuck with that
  21. Whose bright idea was it to install glass windows in the endzone at Dallas' stadium to blind the receivers/QBs? Garrett is straight owning Dallas now
  22. if only he would have done a Willy Wonka roll down the stairs to reveal the Superman shirt the only thing that could have possibly topped this was when Gov Northam nearly moonwalked at his black face press conference before his wife took that glorious moment from us....I still feel so cheated
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