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  1. I get my 2nd shot on Thursday and I can't wait to get back into the gym
  2. It certainly feels like everyone is unleashing their pent up crazy from being locked in all last year after seeing some other shootings on the news
  3. So why is the covid rate still so high? I would have expected it to start the downward trend the past couple weeks considering all the people that have previously gotten it?
  4. @LetMeSeeYourWarFace21I'm not seeing how Rui is considered trash? He's grown a lot from his rookie season and I wasn't high on him being drafted since I felt he was a gimmick pick to bring in Japanese money, but he's been a solid 3rd option. Who should we have taken instead? Herro? The 2019 draft looks like trash in retrospect.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a ball hit the concourse up there....he hit it to the Shake Shack
  6. I have to think Biden probably talked up the potential WV benefits from the infrastructure funding....I think Hyperloop is supposed to be building a major test track in WV
  7. I'd add - not resigning Harper to a ridiculous contract
  8. I guess I never really experienced the homeless towns when I've been to LA, but I know what you're referring to....when I went to SF, in the Tenderloin area - my god. The amount of zombie homeless people walking around was unreal - there was a dude that stumbled into a Peet's coffee I stopped into and he could have been an extra on the Thriller set. I also saw plenty of the affluent beggars. I think states were shipping them to SF due to SF's policies on providing care. I've heard the same thing happens to Hawaii and Hawaii sends them back on a oneway ticket wherever they came from
  9. Has San Diego been overrun with the zombie homeless like SF? I've wanted to go eat my weight in fish tacos, but I've heard some horror stories from friends
  10. just doing his part to help out the people of PA/WVA who are out of jobs....it's all part of that Trump jobs plan!
  11. there's something they learn when they do the glider bikes without pedals first....i think it teaches them the balance aspect of riding a bike....then you just add the pedals later on and they pick it up instantly.
  12. Rui's turnaround jumper from the elbow is becoming a thing of beauty to watch.
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