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  1. I've thought about this aspect too - my money is on it being a combo of JDR and Sweat along with someone else like Chase. They have clout.
  2. This isn't a matchbox issue - this is a life or death issue for some people (Rivera is immunocompromised if you've forgotten)....and it's also a competitive advantage for other teams in the league. We have the worst vaccination rate in the league, this is a huge deal for fielding a team and not having to forfeit games.
  3. Nastia was talking about it earlier - it's like the yips golfers get. She got spooked while in the air and lost track of where she was and it affected her performance. She made the right decision since she knew she had someone on the bench ready to take over for her and the team won silver. I have to think CC84 has not played team sports before. This is the equivalent of sitting Ben Simmons when he's not making his free throws because it is hurting the team
  4. Go visit the Tailgate where the science is being discussed. The bolded part right here is so factually inaccurate that God just killed a bunch of kittens. Way to go.
  5. and you can't be certain Kyrie won't take some random sabbatical during the season to go teach penguins to fly
  6. Or what if you had to shoot a bazooka from long range, and to win, you had to hit a bullseye while a bunch of roided out people shoot at you?
  7. they all looked like solo shots, so I'm guessing that means he took matters into his own hand
  8. Dude that got shot that was laying inside the Mexicue place looked like your typical DC business-type....I figured they were aiming for someone gang related, but what the hell are they thinking firing into a busy 14th st during happy hour indiscriminately? They're going to get the book thrown at them
  9. It's going to happen. It is inevitable at this point. I said this in the Stadium and the typical waffle stomper Trump supporters took offense to it I really wonder if this is the JDR effect on these guys. I get Montez has had some misdiagnosis in the past for his heart....but still, it doesn't excuse this. 50% is inexcusable
  10. Chickfila needs to hurry up and trademark that half lemonade/half sprite drink as Giannis Guice
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