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  1. I hope he's wrapped up in countless court cases stemming from all the things that were punted from the Mueller investigation because of the 'can't indict a sitting president' bull****
  2. What a cheap piece of ****....they should have returned his underwear with a chocolate bar stripe down the back
  3. I did a drive out to Fauqier County/Culpeper today to hit up some breweries.....I was shocked to see how many Biden signs I saw. It was probably 55/45 Trump to Biden signs in such a rural area.
  4. My favorite is when they mention Soros....it's a tell-tale sign they have a screw loose
  5. I'd like to see what the lines have been like in other states doing early voting. I haven't seen much discussion besides mail-in ballots...every state should have early voting, but of course Alabama/SC/Missouri/Mississippi don't
  6. This game is great....I've lost track of time too many times this week and found myself playing until 4am.....whoopsies Only issue is that I need to get a new laptop since mine is severely outdated and can barely handle the specs....can't wait for Black Friday sales!
  7. Harper is on pace to hit .259 and 38 homers in a full season.....the Philies basically signed Adam Dunn
  8. We really really need to have a Nuremberg style hearing after Trump is gone....all of his enablers need to be barred from government forever
  9. Deep Ellum is a fun place to bar hop if the spots are open....Deep Ellum Brewing is great
  10. Just have Lebron and Davis cover Murray/Jokic....the pick and roll becomes useless unless other guys make shots
  11. I did not have Bruce Arians calling out Brady after a week 1 loss in my season prediction.....jesus My guess is Brady turns it around in week 2
  12. This looks ****ing amazeballs
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