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  1. I mean, he's not wrong....Trump has a solid 30% base that makes up a good portion of that number
  2. I work with a guy that used to handle Marine One operations before he joined my team. They're pretty much all heavy Trumpers and hated Obama.
  3. I've got my fingers crossed for fresh baked cookies and milk
  4. Watching CNN right now.....the protest down Pennsylvania Ave is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Barry.Randolphe

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    You say dark, I say **** the Phillies/Mets/Braves....and the Marlins, but who cares about them?
  6. Barry.Randolphe

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    We can get Teddy teabagging the NLEast on the next ring
  7. Lafayette Square is setting up to be America's Tiananmen Square.....where are you Mattis? McMaster? Anyone?
  8. Barry.Randolphe

    The Quarantine Thread

    I'm not planning on leaving my apartment for the next 2 weeks. It's going to be a major ****show, no doubt. Everyone gave up on quarantining, so good luck old people and immune compromised people
  9. Barry.Randolphe

    The Quarantine Thread

    so ****ing stupid. just wait until next week so we can see the result of what these protests do to cases
  10. Barry.Randolphe

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    If only we added a small cartoon of Teddy teabagging the Braves and the Phanatic to the ring
  11. Barry.Randolphe

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    they were making fun of Beyonce's line of Adidas clothing since that's exactly what it looked like - a Popeye's uniform
  12. Barry.Randolphe

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    correction: ****ing suck
  13. I'd bet that's going to be Friday night as a repeat of last Friday
  14. Barry.Randolphe

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    One of my friend's fathers has been posting Soros bull**** that he's funding the protesters.....I haven't blocked him because I enjoy seeing mouthbreaher America's point of view to prepare myself for the stupidity