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  1. Yeah, I know its still a long shot but would be awesome...
  2. @FootballZombie Could he actually be fed up entirely with the organization?
  3. It may have been ugly and may get utterly destroyed next week but still won the division, which subsequently means the Eagles, Giants and especially the Cowboys didn't and they miss the playoffs. That alone is worth it haha.
  4. I see Washington played the long con and kept Nate on the payroll just for a time like this...I knew they were geniuses!
  5. It is all good guys, we win by putting up 40+ plus. I have to play the Giants Defense in fantasy this week so it will be inevitable that they give me negative points. Either way let's go Football Team!!
  6. WFT: 8 Giants: 6 We score a touchdown and miss the PAT. In next drive, the Giants score but during the PAT we block it and run it back for 2 points. [Insert generic go team, rah-rah statement].
  7. Actually kind of excited for this game, definitely winnable as the Browns are a mess (as always...like us). I know the defensive front is up to the task, excited to see Fuller back in it and of course, what the offense can do. Even if it's a 17-13 win, I want to see Haskins plant his feet before launching the ball. As for drinks, I have some Oban 14 neat right now and watching the latest episode of The Boys.
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