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  1. **Wrong thread - thought I was in Free Agency thread. Sorry!**
  2. I hope so! I got to imagine with a fairly successful season (minus a few hiccups based around just a few teams) with COVID they have a pretty good handle on it. Throw in the increase of vaccinations and the pull the NFL has to secure vaccinations for players, I think we could see a normal schedule for the offseason. Staff, trainers and if any media allowed at all would still be masked up while players participating of course not but those off to the side will be, I think it would work out. Plus it would be easier if a player does test positive. It wouldn't effect any other teams (
  3. Well yeah, 17-0 is the regular season, then get a bye week for Wild Card Weekend, then 2 more wins for Divisional and Championship Weekends...then the Super Bowl Victory. So you meant 20-0. Easy mistake, don't beat yourself up over it.
  4. Yeah, Fitzpatrick isn't the second coming in terms of QB's but like SIPS mentioned, our defense can, and has, carried games for this team just last year. Now throw in a QB who will give our playmakers more of an opportunity for big plays, just might be enough to push the offense over the bar. Alex was fine, didn't really turn it over but rarely risked it for a big play. I think McLaurin had some better games with Haskins because Haskins dared to throw it downfield to give McLaurin a chance. Fitzpatrick loves to do it too but with a more prepared game plan and work eth
  5. I don't mind not getting Golladay, just don't want to see him in a Giants uni, yuck! Wonder what is on the docket for Ron this evening. The sun is down, I am sure his bacon and eggs have been wolfed down.
  6. I wonder if they are thinking of sliding Keith Ismael to guard position? That would make 3 center's on the depth chart right now, unless going to have Larsen and Ismael duke it out? Chase Roullier seems to be the starter.
  7. Touché, touché. I shall let the vampire rest and continue his excellence. Definitely don't want Ron to wake up and be frightened by the light.
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