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  1. Actually kind of excited for this game, definitely winnable as the Browns are a mess (as always...like us). I know the defensive front is up to the task, excited to see Fuller back in it and of course, what the offense can do. Even if it's a 17-13 win, I want to see Haskins plant his feet before launching the ball. As for drinks, I have some Oban 14 neat right now and watching the latest episode of The Boys.
  2. Yeah I can see Del Rio getting fired. Didn't he have some interactions on Twitter that were questionable?
  3. I'm in on letting him play. The true expectations of the season is what, 1 more win, possibly 2? Clearly, it's done for, might as well see what you have before entering the off-season. The biggest issue it seems is possible injury, which I totally understand, but that can happen at anytime on any play with any line. Sure, chances are greater with our current line but that's why, as I think someone mentioned, design quick plays. Roll him out and have Thompson ready in the flat, hell, bring in Anderson as FB and just have him block the rush for an added second of time. It just seems like w
  4. What about the Bengals?! Didn't they just lose and still haven't won a game?
  5. Oh my god...what if this goes to OT?! More of this game, yikes!
  6. Lol a QB change and our defense is back*! **back to typical Redskins D.
  7. It is kind of horrific...I'll tell ya when you can look.
  8. What kind of style do enjoy? Let me know what characteristics of wine that you enjoy, I'll throw out some ideas for ya!
  9. Tomorrow I will be going to a local Apple Farm for some fresh cider and cider donuts (love Fall) as got some family in town. Kick off at 1 PM and by 1:05 PM, the game should be over so probably run a few errands before the work week. PS - as someone who works in the wine business, you're Barefoot mention has given me pain...haha jk, drink what you like, that's all that matters!
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