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    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Aurora is where the theater shooting during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises happened. What’s up with that town?
  2. RansomthePasserby

    The Outer Space Thread

    I agree, all of your points are difficult, but not impossible. Assuming we could colonize the galaxy over a span of 100 million years, we would likely branch off into many different variant sub-species to the point where we would no longer be recognizable to ourselves. We would create our own aliens, which is an interesting thing to think about.
  3. RansomthePasserby

    The Outer Space Thread

    Limited colonization of the galaxy in 100 million years maybe. The Voyager probe is currently the fastest spacecraft we’ve sent, and it travels at 38,600 MPH. At that speed, it would take about 100 million years to travel to the next arm of the galaxy and 1.7 Billion years to travel in a straight line across the galaxy. If a spacefaring alien civilization is on the other side of the galaxy, or even in another arm of the galaxy, we still most likely wouldn’t know they are there 100 million years from now even if we are a multiple system civilization. Assuming FTL travel isn’t possible.
  4. Agreed, and the whole process of picking our leader seems antiquated. Basing our votes on Television “debates,” Television ads, and campaign speech sound bites are exactly why a TV personality is now running our country like a reality show.
  5. To be fair to both Pompeo and the Iranians, the fog of war is a real thing. Soleimani could have been plotting an attack, we just didn’t have enough information to know the details, and the consequences of waiting to find out could mean American deaths. The Iranians, who were expecting a counter attack by American aircraft, saw an aircraft they thought was hostile, and from the anti-air crew’s perspective the consequences for not acting within seconds could mean a tactical nuke (or worse) is dropped on their capital city. That’s war. It sucks, but decisions have to be made and mistakes happen.
  6. Skintime posted this early Tuesday night during the rocket attack... I wonder if Iran was reporting a downed US jet, when they had actually downed the 737? @Skintime do you know where that report came from? I tried to search Google and Twitter, but couldn’t find anything. Just curious.
  7. If that’s true, we are incredibly lucky the whole thing turned out the way it did.
  8. I’ve wondered if the Iranian leadership was in on Soleimani’s death all along. Not only because it would draw attention away from the protests, but also because they feared his popularity and viewed him as a political threat in the long run.
  9. Yeah let’s learn from the beginning of the last century and NOT plunge the world into multiple World Wars
  10. RansomthePasserby

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    That’s a heck of a technical issue. If that’s real, there are no survivors. It’s a 737-800, looks like it reached 7,350 ft according to the track log on FlightAware.com https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AUI752/history/20200108/0145Z/OIIE/UKBB/tracklog
  11. Yeah, I have a feeling the Iraqis who died in the strike on Soleimani did not wish America well.
  12. Ok, the Republican Guard had their chance to rage. Now everyone needs to chills out. Trump has de-escalated military responses in the past i.e., not retaliating after Iran downed a drone in the Persian Gulf. Hopefully no Americans were killed so we aren’t locked into a military response.
  13. Downed or damaged on the ground?
  14. RansomthePasserby

    The Outer Space Thread

    Exactly, we have no clue what we're doing on a galactic scale yet. I mean we didn't even know how to fly within our own atmosphere 120 years ago!
  15. Definitely click bait. I’m pretty sure all of our bombers and a lot of our fighters can drop both conventional and nuclear bombs.
  16. To be fair to Pompeo, the reference to Cyrus is more than just “Cyrus is an Old Testament figure.” Apparently, Cyrus is a symbol in Iran for the groups who oppose the Iranian regime. https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-security-forces-blocking-roads-to-prevent-cyrus-day-gathering/30240139.html
  17. Just a thought, but I’m wondering if the DoD sent this memo to the Iraqi government to formally honor the parliament’s and PM’s decision to expel the US military (a decision in which all non-Shia members abstained from voting), and behind closed doors, the Iraqi government asked the US to stay. Something the Iraqi government doesn’t have the courage to do outright with the current Shia outrage. According to Reuter’s, the authenticity of the memo was confirmed by the Iraqis, so an Iraqi official may have leaked the memo to the press.
  18. I feel like we elected someone from the YouTube comments section as our president.
  19. Iran can disrupt the oil market, but not nearly to the extent that they could in 1979-1980, their share of world’s oil production is much smaller now than it was then. Plus, the effect on the US would be secondary since they export most of their production to Asian countries.
  20. i agree, it’s not like we flew to Iran and bombed his house. He was in a foreign country killing Americans and attacking American interests. In my mind, he is not immune to our retaliation. Whether or not it’s an act of war? Iran’s spec ops/militias are already at war with us. It’s up to Iran if they want to throw more effort and resources than they already are into killing Americans.
  21. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Gotcha, yeah, I guess we had different church cultures. I grew up in predominantly white conservative churches. If you weren’t in the military or law enforcement, you probably hunted on the weekends, and went to ranges (or had them in your backyard if you’re driving up from Culpepper or Stafford). The type of guns you own and like was just another topic of conversation.
  22. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    it’s actually not as uncommon as you might think. I’ve attended various churches in NoVA since the early 90s, and pretty much all of them have parishioners who conceal carry as voluntary security during services. Usually they are members of the church who happen to also be members of the military, FBI, or local law enforcement.
  23. Yup, his net worth is $30 Million and he plays video games while bantering obnoxiously at the camera. Basically every 13 year old’s dream life.
  24. RansomthePasserby

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I doubt that’s the reason they stopped wearing gold pants and I disagree with you on the aesthetic, I’m glad they stopped wearing them. White pants look much better and white over burgundy looks the best. Back on topic... until about two years ago, I had held out hope that Dan would grow and learn from his mistakes, but I’m afraid now he never will. The only time this team had a heart, brain, and guts was during and a couple years after Gibbs 2. It feels like we’re rooting for a scare crow now. A team dressed in burgundy and gold, but without a heart and filled with straw instead, that snaps under any pressure. Figuratively and literally.
  25. Yeah, either it’s a new fleet or one Palpatine had hidden away in reserve. But if so, who would crew the ships after all this time? I guess he could have kept them in cryosleep? A new clone army maybe? Yeah, seems like a lot to introduce and wrap up in one movie... but the birth of a new Empire is also a great way to lead into another trilogy. They’ve said it’s the last one, but they can always go back on their word.