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  1. For the same reason the we investigate plane crashes after they happen to confirm the cause - to come up with systems/processes to help mitigate the chances of something like this ever happening again.
  2. Yeah I think I agree with this. Especially if an extraterrestrial civilization is able to travel close to light speed. I know very little about physics, but the way I understand it, the faster you travel, the less you age compared to the universe around you. If that’s the case, our lives are like the lives of fruit flies compared to theirs. Why would they bother to care about what we think or contact us if next week (their time) not only will our lives be over, but hundreds/thousands of years will have passed and whole nations would have risen and collapsed. Time on our planet is v
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of people do the same
  4. Melvin was bailed out by Citadel, Citadel owns Robinhood
  5. Yup, wonder what happens if Tampa game plans to stop the run and an immobile pocket passer... then Taylor comes out gunslinging and gashing the defense on the ground
  6. I’m seeing the same thing I think a lot of us saw four year ago when Trump was elected. A group of Americans, largely from the rural midwest and south, feel like they’re being ignored by the people they view as the “elites” on both the east and west coasts and in Washington. They think Trump cares about them because he presents himself in a way that appeals to them (he doesn’t care, he just saw them as a means to power), and because he’s a Washington outsider. They thought that Trump gave them power and a voice over the “elites.” Trump is going away now and the they fear that their power and v
  7. I love Alex, but with the way he played last week and if he’s still too sore for the last practice before a playoff game... you have to start Heinicke.
  8. Interior pressure is especially critical against Brady because it takes away his option to buy time by stepping up in the pocket.
  9. It’s amazing to me that the best defensive line in the league has generated close to zero holding calls over the past three weeks.
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