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  1. RansomthePasserby

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss was criticizing the “America First” crowd with that cartoon. Edit - yeah, see @herrmag‘s link to Snopes
  2. RansomthePasserby

    BBC - Sri Lanka Explosions: More Than 200 Killed Easter Morning

    From what I’m reading this morning, it sounds like you were right about this.
  3. RansomthePasserby

    BBC - Sri Lanka Explosions: More Than 200 Killed Easter Morning

    I 100% agree with this. With this particular tragedy I think there’s a few factors contributing to the “non-response.” 1) Tragedy fatigue... we’ve become overwhelmed by news like this to point where we can’t afford (both emotionally and time wise) to respond every single time it happens. It’s like sympathy and empathy triage, certain events take higher priorities. 2) It took place in Sri Lanka, it’s hard for us to relate to that. We can imagine ourselves or a loved one as a victim in a college classroom or a movie theater in America, which has a larger effect on us, but it’s hard for us to think of ourselves on the other side of the world in a church on Easter. 3) I think big tragedies like this are actually harder to relate to because the individuals get lost in the numbers. When you see 10 to 15 people’s pictures who were victims of a mass shootings, it has a greater impact on you than when you see “290 dead in bombings.” That’s just the way we’re wired as humans. It doesn’t mean any of us are bad people for not expressing sympathy for the victims.
  4. RansomthePasserby

    BBC - Sri Lanka Explosions: More Than 200 Killed Easter Morning

    CNN update: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that several US citizens were among those killed, though he did not say how many.
  5. Link: Sri Lanka explosions: More than 200 killed as churches and hotels targeted “At least 207 people have been killed and 450 hurt in explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, police say. At least eight blasts reported. Three churches in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo's Kochchikade district were targeted during Easter services.” “No-one was expecting this, it was a peaceful Sunday morning - everyone was going to Easter services.“ “Colombo resident Usman Ali told the BBC there were massive queues as he joined people trying to donate blood. He said: ‘Everyone had just one intention and that was to help the victims of the blast, no matter what religion or race they may be. Each person was helping another out in filling forms.’” This is a sad day for Sri Lanka. Still no announcement on who is responsible.
  6. RansomthePasserby

    BBC: First ever image of a black hole revealed

    As I understand it, since all matter in the universe was involved in the big bag, the Big Bang happened everywhere. So actually there isn’t a single point in the universe where the Big Bang happened. There *is* a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy called Sagittarius A, but it’s only 60 million km in diameter. The black hole they took a picture of is 40 BILLION km in diameter, which is mind blowing. You can nerd me now.
  7. RansomthePasserby

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    I disagree with you on the pilot’s experience. The article said he had about 8,000 hours, which means he’s been flying for 4 years or so. When 150+ lives are at risk, I don’t like the idea of a 4 year guy tutoring a new guy with on the job training in a brand new plane. Pairing a 45 year old with a 25 year old is one thing, but I think putting two 20 somethings together is one of the many mistakes in this disaster.
  8. RansomthePasserby

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    Yes and both pilots were in their 20s, so add inexperience to the list.
  9. RansomthePasserby

    Where is the Outrage over Boeing 737-MAX?

    I.e., 500 MPH wind is strong! Shout out to all the aerospace and human factors engineers in this thread. From what I’ve read, the MCAS kept kicking in because the computer “thought” the aircraft was stalling, so it automatically pointed the aircraft at the ground get air flowing over the wings... which is not something you want when the ground isn’t that far away. Seems like it’s a good feature to have, but they really should not let it kick in below a certain altitude. I have a feeling this has more to do with tight deadlines, overworked software developers, and skimpy QA/QC than it does airframes and engine weight.
  10. RansomthePasserby

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    I think it’s because cable TV and Twitter are Trump’s daily intelligence briefings...
  11. If she passed out and fell over the rail and landed upside down on her head, I could totally see how that could be fatal. Especially if her head bounced off the ground multiple times or hit the deck on the way down before hitting the ground. The National Floor Safety Institute (didn’t even know that was a thing) states: “Half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall. Most fall injuries in the home happen at ground level, not from an elevation.” Source She could have been murdered or she could have fallen and died accidentally. I think the uncertainty on why and how she died is why this story hasn’t been picked up by the media.
  12. RansomthePasserby

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    The guy is willing to drive the wedge deeper in our culture, delegitimize (and at best insult) actual victims of hate crime, and send two innocent (for all he knew) people to prison... for his mediocre career in music?? Selfish.
  13. RansomthePasserby

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Welcome to Virginia.
  14. RansomthePasserby

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Interesting... do you have a source for that? Wikipedia says he’s always been a Democratic candidate. He did vote for George W. Bush before he started his political career, but he claims his party affiliation was “undecided” at the time.
  15. Wait... but is his coffee actually good? Now I feel like I might be missing out.