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  1. RansomthePasserby

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I doubt that’s the reason they stopped wearing gold pants and I disagree with you on the aesthetic, I’m glad they stopped wearing them. White pants look much better and white over burgundy looks the best. Back on topic... until about two years ago, I had held out hope that Dan would grow and learn from his mistakes, but I’m afraid now he never will. The only time this team had a heart, brain, and guts was during and a couple years after Gibbs 2. It feels like we’re rooting for a scare crow now. A team dressed in burgundy and gold, but without a heart and filled with straw instead, that snaps under any pressure. Figuratively and literally.
  2. Yeah, either it’s a new fleet or one Palpatine had hidden away in reserve. But if so, who would crew the ships after all this time? I guess he could have kept them in cryosleep? A new clone army maybe? Yeah, seems like a lot to introduce and wrap up in one movie... but the birth of a new Empire is also a great way to lead into another trilogy. They’ve said it’s the last one, but they can always go back on their word.
  3. Rebuilding his fleet perhaps? The trailer flashed a scene showing endless Star Destroyers in a supernova or something. I miss the old Empire, so I’d be stoked if that was the case.
  4. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    The way I read it: The shooter and his buddy performed a “pit maneuver” on a car. The shooter then gets out and kills the two people in the car Another guy nearby sees the shooter, gets scared, pulls out his own gun and opens fire on the shooter The shooter and his buddy get in their vehicle and drive away Police found drugs in the two dead guys’ car - it could be road rage, it could be drug related, who knows?
  5. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    In the FBI’s (and law enforcement in general) defense, I don’t think they can know who is really posting what on websites where people can hide behind anonymity. Also, I’m sure there’s millions of disgusting, but ultimately harmless things being posted on the web every day, so sifting through everything to find the real threats to focus resources on in time to actually stop something before it happens is not an easy task.
  6. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Assault rifles are loud as crap. He was caught alive, so it doesn’t seem like he was planning to die today, unlike some of the other shooters in the past.
  7. Geez, is that real? He sounds like a cheesy movie villain caricature.
  8. Observing? I’m assuming there aren’t enough US resources in the area to protect every foreign ship that sails through the region. There were a number of attacks on foreign tankers in June that we didn’t/couldn’t prevent, and this latest attempt on a British ship was deterred by the British navy.
  9. RansomthePasserby

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    Another vote for something like a Civic or a Corolla. A reliable car that won’t be a huge loss if it gets destroyed is your best option. my first car was a 99 Civic. I, of course, wrecked it.
  10. @BenningRoadSkin Trump: “You blew up one of our things, can we blow up some of yours? Oh... No? Oh ok... never mind.” WHAT?? Apparently Trump actually thinks the world is a big reality TV show where you can orchestrate wars to improve ratings.
  11. RansomthePasserby

    Spectator: The sexbot apocalypse

    I agree, I think this will ultimately make people lonelier.
  12. RansomthePasserby

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    From the article: “In November, he posted a picture of a person wearing full medieval armor while holding a gun and an anime body pillow... He also participated in medieval live action roleplaying.” These incels are getting out of hand.
  13. RansomthePasserby

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss was criticizing the “America First” crowd with that cartoon. Edit - yeah, see @herrmag‘s link to Snopes
  14. RansomthePasserby

    BBC - Sri Lanka Explosions: More Than 200 Killed Easter Morning

    From what I’m reading this morning, it sounds like you were right about this.
  15. RansomthePasserby

    BBC - Sri Lanka Explosions: More Than 200 Killed Easter Morning

    I 100% agree with this. With this particular tragedy I think there’s a few factors contributing to the “non-response.” 1) Tragedy fatigue... we’ve become overwhelmed by news like this to point where we can’t afford (both emotionally and time wise) to respond every single time it happens. It’s like sympathy and empathy triage, certain events take higher priorities. 2) It took place in Sri Lanka, it’s hard for us to relate to that. We can imagine ourselves or a loved one as a victim in a college classroom or a movie theater in America, which has a larger effect on us, but it’s hard for us to think of ourselves on the other side of the world in a church on Easter. 3) I think big tragedies like this are actually harder to relate to because the individuals get lost in the numbers. When you see 10 to 15 people’s pictures who were victims of a mass shootings, it has a greater impact on you than when you see “290 dead in bombings.” That’s just the way we’re wired as humans. It doesn’t mean any of us are bad people for not expressing sympathy for the victims.