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Mason Foster released


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10 minutes ago, KillBill26 said:

Article says Redskins really liked what they saw from bostic.  He is a similar two down linebacker, but much cheaper.  


I wonder if his negative comments about the fanbase last fall played a part as well.  



If the tweets did play a part, I've got to give them credit: It only took them 9 months to react to it.

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12 minutes ago, desertbeagle85 said:

Really wtf


Not a Foster fan, but damn what else do we have? He would've been at least depth. 


well this makes our starters Shaun Dion Hamilton and Jon Bostic.  We've been hyping Harvey-Clemons for a bit but not really doing much to get him on the field.  And maybe we're planning on using Anderson inside some

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Just now, Malapropismic Depository said:


Yea, they're losing their touch. With Swearinger it was a little more swift

Oh man, DJ was the one they should have waited and traded. I assume he had 'some' value. Oh well, I also understand sending a message too.

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6 minutes ago, redrobert said:

Don’t forget Rookie Holcomb. Kid has a ridiculous motor and is a tackling machine as well. Gonna raise some eyebrows in pre-season. Book it!

I hope he turns out good. My buddy’s sister dates him so I’m automatically a fan 

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I’m not concerned at all about the level of play. I think there is almost no dropoff from him to Boston or SDH. 


My issue is that we’ll know SDH injury history and this team’s injury history with injury prone players. IMO it’s pretty much a guarantee that either

holcomb or JHC will see starter snaps this year, likely a chunk of them because I seriously doubt SDH ability to make it through an entire season. I’ll give Foster that, he rarely missed any time. 


In effect, this means our ILB will be SDH Bostic JHC and Holcomb with Anderson as a utility type player but I don’t see them bringing Foster back even if he’s available and someone else goes down. 


I like the move in that it continues the youth trend as well as cheaper rookie contracts on the books, regardless of new deals or not for Trent and Scherff. It’s a good move but one that carries significant risk given SDH’s knee issues. 

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