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  1. They will not all get big contracts. At the end of the day none of these players will significantly improve the online. With all the o line problems and replacement level players the online was not as bad as we feared in 2019 and with all starters not as good as expected in 2018. 1. williams is good but not great anymore. He has at best 2 solid years left. Anything more than a 2y deal will be a deterrent to the team. 2. I suspect the team wants to sign flowers to a reasonable deal. He is young, does not yet warrant top guard money but can perform like a top guard. 3. Depending on how flowers negotiations go, I believe sherff will be franchised and play out this next year. Or tagged and traded. No way they just let him walk. ptoblem is if skins get aggressive in fa, they will never get a 3rd rd Comp pick for Schrff
  2. oraphus

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    I'd say trade him.. but i dont think any other team is dumb enough to trade for his contract. At this point he will most likely have to settle for a prove it deal from someone else. I see Patriots as buyers to lure Brady back.
  3. You guys are clueless if you don’t want diggs on this team. He is a legit #1 wr in today’s nfl and would single handedly take our wr corps from one of the worst in the nfl to one of the best, even if that means dealing with a bit of a diva attitude.
  4. What’s your point? Maybe we have a different understanding of what pretty good is in American football. Dissly was a stud when on the field. Why does it matter what rd he got drafted in? Hollister had a very good year as well. Olsen is an over the hill frequently inj player so not sure Seattle is gaining much other then hoping at least one stays healthy.
  5. Dissly and hollister both played well for them and miles better than anything skins had.
  6. Problem is no TE is going to want to come and play for skins with a limited qb and few o weapons. I highly doubt skins can land hooper but hopeful. What’s interesting is that Seattle has 2 pretty good tes already and still felt the need to land Olsen. Tells you how important te are in today’s nfl.
  7. oraphus

    Norman released

    good riddance!
  8. I think we are a long way away from calling Haskins even a "good" qb. He needs to show a lot of growth this year because if not, Skins will be drafting a new QB next year... fortunately they will again have a high pick
  9. oraphus

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Can we stop with the Foster talk.. the guy will most likely never play a down for the Skins. Its far from a given that he will even play football in 2020. LB upgrade is major need for this team so as not to waste the pressure CY will hopefully be able to bring.
  10. Good guy and a good player for us before his body started breaking down. Reality is Skins HAVE to make finding a TE a priority. I see all these no name TEs on other teams come out of nowhere and do better than ok. 1. Skins need to give more opportunities to the younger guys 2. need to find a TE that is good at both blocking and catching.. catching only TE is a liability in the run game. 3. stop getting retreads... TE is a heavily used role on the field in blocking/ catching and you see majority of TEs bodies start breaking down after 30. Bringing Olsen as the main TE option means expecting that he will only be on the field roughly 40% of the time.
  11. Reed should be next... time to move in a new direction.
  12. We need to switch back to ZB scheme.. that will help our rushing attack.
  13. in fact.... Harris has skill set to play both safety and corner and skins could play him at corner with the added flexibility to play safety if needed. Whichever position is the bigger hole after the draft/ FA. makes him that much more valuable.
  14. oraphus

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    i don't understand all the fluff here.. 1. Lions love Stanford and dont need a QB, if they were to trade for #2 (which would be incredibly stupid) it would be to get Chase, but their Oline sucks so they can sit at 3 and get the best O tackle or trade back with Miami and still get one of the top oline prospects. 2. Miami can most likely sit at #5 and still get TUA. But if they get a bug up their butt they can move to pick 3 Via Lions... a. then they could possibly trade up to 2 with Skins to insure they get Tua and Skins will do the deal because they are assured of getting Chase - but i see very little value for Miami to do this since they know Skins love Chase and wont draft Tua, also 99% sure they wont trade pick to any other team since they would lose chase
  15. I like it! Sign Harris, dump Norman. Outside of SS skins dont have a lot of money invested in CBs.. Dunbar is on a cheap contract and if he can stay healthy Dunbar and Harris is a legit CB duo (top 5 in the league)