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  1. He has easily been the worst coach on this staff in the last 3 years. Even though no decent D coordinator wants to play here Skins really cant do any worse at this point with any other warm body in his place.
  2. oraphus

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses)

    Moses sucks.. i've been saying this for years. He got way overpaid after one decent season. The fact that he is opening his mouth about things that in no way concern him is a joke. Maybe Skins can trade his ass for peanuts and stick Christian in there.. might as well
  3. Sweat was invisible in the Phili game.. which is a concern. Then again the whole D generated very little pressure so it was poor game from all pass rushers. Kerrigan is notorious for starting slow.. but if all our pass rushers are that slow..it'll be a loooong season
  4. oraphus

    Awesome Problem ; How do you say we split the carries ?

    At the end of the day there are not enough carries to go around. Guise projects as a more dynamic RB in both rushing and receiving and everyone seemed to forget about CT who was our most dangerous RB when healthy. All are healthy now and there are not enough carries to go around between the three. Not to take anything away from AP but we are loaded at RB right now. With injuries this could always change but we need to put our biggest play makers on the field, today its Guise and CT.... just that simple
  5. oraphus

    Awesome Problem ; How do you say we split the carries ?

    Sad for AP but maybe they could trade him to Chargers or Houston.
  6. i am on the same boat... he seemed to have very little impact in preseason. Hasn't shown much... Anyone else concerned with him going against starters in less than a week?
  7. oraphus

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Definitely feels like Allen screwed the proverbial pooch once again by refusing to trade Trent. While no-one can say for sure... i highly doubt Miami did not checkin with Skins to see what Trents value is, even if just to gauge Tunsil's value. This jackass will end up loosing Williams for a 3rd comp pick to complete his circle of sh!tetude!
  8. this speculation has zero basis.. DHall doesnt know ****.. he was spouting off just a couple of weeks ago that Williams will sit out all season. Just another doofus blowing his own horn
  9. MIn cut Brett Jones to bring in Dotson... Skins should pick him up, he is actually a decent C/ guard
  10. oraphus

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    Cravens just got cut by the Boroncos.... what a waste of space, hind sight getting a 5th rd pick for him was a steal
  11. oraphus

    Should The Skins Cut McCoy?

    Put him on IR for the first 6 weeks.. who knows.. Skins might need a backup at that point. If not, keep him on IR all year. 3m savings mean nothing this year
  12. yeah ...Jay is truly genius.. he is going to replace one average QB with an injury prone below average QB.. that will really throw Eagles for a loop
  13. oraphus

    Running back depth chart

    if Perine makes the 53 i hope Gruden's dumb ass gets fired on the spot. This guy has shown absolutely nothing in the NFL and a rb with his "talent" can be found in a Mcdonalds drive through.
  14. Trent for Clowney makes ZERO sense! -Trent has 2 more years on a (cheap for LT) contract - He is top 3 LT in the NFL - Skins drafted Sweat to take that role opposite Kerrigan and we need to see what he has. - Clowney would be a 1 year rental since he is definitely not worth 20mil/year he is seeking and skins dont have the cap to sign him anyways I agree waiting to trade Trent until after 3rd preseason game. There is a good chance that some startign O lineman will get injured so his price will only go up
  15. i'd take a first and a developmental player in a heart beat for TW. This team will suck this year even with Trent playing here.. so lets build for 2020. In 2020 - Haskins with a year under his belt should hopefully be a quality starter at QB - D should be solid - Rbs should be solid - Draft can bring in talent on O line and WR = Skins being competitive in 2020