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  1. Cousins was also wildly inconsistent in his first year or two, so I think Allen really could develop in to a avg to above avg starter.. possibly more. Don't be fulled, Riviera definitely hedged his bets by bringing in Allen.. knowing that if Haskins does not look good, behave, etc.. he can easily replace him with a viable starter. Hasksins should absolutely view Allen as a threat. This is a guy that is young, knows the O system well, and has shown ability to perform at a high level. Its a win win for us.. either Hasksins hears the footsteps and works hard to bring his game to the next level... or he falters and we see if Allen could continue to perform... either way it should clear up draft options for next year
  2. I am going to wait and see if they win more than 3 games before I give this team/ organization any more money.
  3. Not to mention .. Belichick has a history of really bad FA signings so I love how media went from "Cam is not the same player and cant stay healthy" to... "oh my god! Cam to the Pats = Superbowl!" NFL columnists are super bored right now and looking for ANYthing to get excited about.
  4. Highly doubtful he plays this year... his value is very limited and honestly he is not worth the 1mil. I think the idea is that if he recovers by end of the year and another team signs him next year, Skins get a comp pick back. Thats the best we can hope for
  5. well Skins only picked up like 4 UDFA so his odds of being the one are good
  6. haha .. what a duche.. that sound... when a 5th for this idiot all of a sudden looks like a great deal.
  7. I am glad he picked the Skins.. but to be completely honest his reasoning for selecting the team by "who called first" seems dumb. Its unwise to make life impacting decisions like that on tilt.
  8. he didnt have cancer.... unless stupidity is considered a cancer
  9. Detroit also needs corners.. but its a risk Skins should take since they could rebuild the roster in one draft by getting a top corner, LT, WR and TE in top 3 round. Skins have so many holes that Young alone will not move the needle for this team in 2020.
  10. I am beginning to think that Miami is trying to move to #2 without giving up the farm. just a hunch but.. 1. they put out interest in Herbert to try to throw off the Tua interest 2. The only way thy can be sure to land Tua is to trade to #2, since both Det and NYG said they are open for business in a trade down 3. Since Skins basically said they'd be willing to trade out of #2 for the right offer, Dolphins could mis out on Tua (theoretically) If skins are able to trade with Miami for #5, they could also have the ammo to trade back up to 3 or 4 to get Young
  11. To be fair.. they are saying the same thing about this years WR class.. yet that didnt stop the Bills from trading for Diggs and giving up the farm in the process. Good on paper vs someone who has proven to be good at the highest level, on a consistent basis should be worth at least a 3rd+
  12. interesting that they didnt even try to trade him.. there must be something else going on with him. he has been solid when on the field, but injury prone.. also since Trubisky sucks.. they didnt really use him much.
  13. umm.. sure.. Eli, Flacco and Foles were superbowl MVPs.. and again i am not talking about superbowl specifically. I am saying that QB has much more impact than any other position on the field. and can make a difference between 3 and 10 wins by himself. No other position including pass rusher can do that
  14. Thats just not the case.. yes .. one person CAN win you a Superbowl ..but its not even about the superbowl.. a QB can take an average team and make it very good. No other position can make that kind of an impact, because no other position on a football field has that level of control and influence on the rest of the players. A great defense can carry a QB but its still not one player... as good as Bosa is, that whole niner Defense was incredibly solid and healthy. (something it wast the year before) There are countless examples: Gurapolo coming to a winless Niner team and rattling off 7 straight wins. on the opposite side: Chicago is built to win now lots of talent on both sides of the ball and yet cant seem to win mostly due to the QB fine.. he led that defense.. but Manning won that superbowl.. Whatever he lacked in his arm.. he was by far the smartest player on that field and a QB is more than just tossing the ball to the open player. His adjustments at the line , tricking the D, opening up running lanes, etc is unmatched.. he is widely considered one of if not the smartest QB in the NFL