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  1. ProFootballTalk's Mike Floria reports Kenny Golladay wants $18.5 million per year. The Bears -- who reportedly offered the free agent wideout somewhere around $12 million -- were woefully short of Golladay's asking price. The $18.5 million is hardly an outrageous demand for an established receiver like Golladay, who remains likely to sign a short-term deal. The Ravens on Friday joined the mix of teams vying for Golladay's services in 2021. RELATED: Chicago Bears , Baltimore Ravens , N
  2. I am not a huge fan of paying a guard 18m for one year.. but its funny how up in arms ESrs get over contracts. 1. The guard play definitely suffered when Scherff was out 2. 18m for one year is a lot, but in reality its a few mil over top 5 guard money. Its not my money so at the end of the day 3mil wont hurt our cap 3. Continuity on O-line is extremely important so if Riverra thinks that a paying a premium for one year for a great guard, leadership, other intangibles is worth it until they find a replacement, it sort of makes sense. 21 draft is deep in Oline. 4. we still ha
  3. Trent coming back is a pipe dream.. he burned a lot of bridges with his behavior with the current staff and the way he nixed the Min trade just to get to the niners.
  4. I disagree... it has nothing to do with not wanting to win now. Reality is that Smith is WAY too expensive for what he is and sees himself as a starter. Reality for FO is that Smith is all but guaranteed to not be healthy for the full season.. and does not possess the game breaking ability to take this team to the next level. Esp at 24mil. That money can be better used for other parts of the team.
  5. I think its far from a given Skins sign Scherff to a LTD. while he might have skins over the barrel because they need O line help... he's also probably not finding a huge deal in FA due to reduced cap. WFT might let him shop his services to see what he gets and then offer to match the deal from another team. His health mainly removes him from top 5 guard conversation.. he wants to be paid as a top guard... eh
  6. Fuller is a stud.. problem is he is an inj prone stud. He is basically guaranteed to miss a few games at least, every year. But heck at 12mil per year.. i'd try him out. Ross has done nothing in the NFL and is also inj prone... no thanks.
  7. I think Allen is on the trade block for a QB since his contract is up soon... Settle isnt worth anything. Skins have been good at finding d lineman in the later rounds so I dont think Allen's loss will be all that impactful. Plus Niners just got a 1st for Buckner and Allen is not that far behind we should be looking at similar comp. ... and QB is a much more impactful and important position than a pass rusher... if you're in a position to get a top end qb at the expense of a pass rusher - you take it. This team has a very obvious gap in QB talent and a much smaller gap for dline/ pass-rus
  8. If Lions said... Give us Chase Young straight up for Stafford.. do you make the trade?
  9. Stafford is a legit QB... i'd trade a 1st for him in a second. If there is any chance in hell of WTF getting him... i would be all in
  10. Fitzmagic is the best we can hope for.. and even he will get overpaid this offseason. I am ok with Allen, Fitz and Heini competing for a starting gig with each having the ability to step in and play at an avg+ level. Maybe a 2nd round QB as well depending on who drops. If Skins can sign a top flight LB and a complement at WR to Mclovin.. we have a 9-10win team with a legit top 5D and an average O
  11. Tyrod Taylor sucks for anything other than a backup role... we might as well go with Allen as starter then.
  12. I actually think Tua would be a great fit for this system here... and yes i would do it in a second for a 2nd rd pick. Not happening by the way.
  13. can they fire the coaching staff... only an incompetent idiot wold start Haskins knowing the guys is a worthless piece of trash on the field and off.
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