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  1. Tyrod Taylor sucks for anything other than a backup role... we might as well go with Allen as starter then.
  2. I actually think Tua would be a great fit for this system here... and yes i would do it in a second for a 2nd rd pick. Not happening by the way.
  3. can they fire the coaching staff... only an incompetent idiot wold start Haskins knowing the guys is a worthless piece of trash on the field and off.
  4. reality is that any one of the above QBs would be a major upgrade to anything we have here currently at QB. I would still love to get Stafford even for a 1st... but I doubt that will happen.
  5. i think thats the plan anyway next year if they can't trade him
  6. If Haskins plays poorly.. i see him getting benched at half. Coaching staff is already barely lukewarm on him. Let's see what we got in the other QBs on the roster.
  7. No one tanked Haskins value more that Haskins.. They guy so far has shown great immaturity and lack of social awareness along with limited football intelligence. Now saying that I think a 3rd could be reasonable value for a reclamation project.. hell Rosen got a 2nd and a 5th so Haskins should be in the same boat value wise.
  8. What happened to all his supporters who were saying "there is no such thing as a box safety"? He is terrible in space... they could have had a safety with similar skill set for 10% of what they paid him. Horrible signing
  9. Chemo is going to Riverras head if he keeps starting Smith. He has Zero chance of doing anything in the NFL going forward. He lost 3 steps and yes even with no games in 2 years slow as hell Checkdown Charlie is not what Skins need and he is definitely not the future. Let Kyle Allen play it out and daft a QB next year.
  10. Wait.. this is an NFL forum for a bunch of arm chair coaches.. let me open a secret for you...shhh.... all we do is speculate. Nobody knows anything for a fact when it comes to what NFL teams do ... but you seem "special"
  11. Its called common sense.. you should try it. Obviously nobody knows things for sure.. but its a likely scenario based on everything that came out after the draft. 1. Its widely known that Skins coaches did not want Haskins in the first rd. 2. Beyond Skins and Denver nobody else needed a high rd QB 3. After Haskins.. the next QB was Luck in the 2nd rd.. which was also widely expected since Denver loved him and would draft him 4. After Luck no team needed a qb.. so its likely that Haskins would be available in the 2nd or even 3rd rd I can also help you with stock
  12. By coaches of other nfl teams.. not idiot news pundits
  13. Expectations from everyone... (team, coaches, fans(who pay the bills by the way) and players... In todays nfl as a 1st rd pick you're expected to come in and contribute right away. True talent at QB is apparent right away.. how many QBs in the last 10y failed with the team they drafted and then went on and succeeded somewhere else? Tannerhill.. thats it, and even he showed much better handle of the game than Haskins. Maybe 3y down the line Haskins can show something.. its not like the team is dumping him, hell he might still start this season at some point. Not saying the team has
  14. Its not whether Haskins was given enough time develop... the problem is that Haskins never should have been a 1st rd pick. He was rated as 2nd rounder at best... and even Drew Luck went in the 2nd... and appears to be a much better QB. When you're picked in the top 15 picks there are expectations that you are the franchise QB, and you have to show it right away.. not sit on the bench for 3 years "developing". Looks like Baffoon Dan has screwed the team and fan base once again .. (as predicted)
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