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  1. oraphus

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    Sim's problem was never lack of talent.. it was always his inability to stay on the field. Lets hope he stays healthy this season
  2. This was already discussed.. he brought up the medical issue to make himself look better in the court of public opinion so he doesn't look like a douche asking for more money on top of an already big contract he has. This was ALWAYS about the money..
  3. I think the only move for the team here is to wait Trent out. He has no guaranteed money left on his contract. If he doesnt show up for the season then he does not get paid... that's a L. Bell type stupid move to leave 12mil on the table and Trent doesnt strike me as a dumb guy. The team should definitely start looking around for a cheaper option in FA and prepare for the worst case.
  4. oraphus

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    thats pretty much it.. well said. We need an upgrade at RT and now possibly a new LT assuming one of the rookies works out at guard
  5. one thing is clear.. when the player says its not about the money, it ALWAYS is.
  6. I suspect the handling of the medical tumor went something like this: Trent "hey so i have a tumor that needs to be removed, can you guys cover the surgery?" FO: "Sorry Trent, this is not a Football related surgery.. you have to cover the cost" Trent: "Well FU then, trade me" I honestly don't know how this org would handle this kind of a case but if it went something like above... i side with the FO
  7. Allen must have used the wrong scalpel for the tumor surgery... check twice, cut once! but seriously... I'd believe that Trent wants out and the ability to play for a contender in the back half of his career. it makes very little sense to extend his deal several more years when he can barely stay on the field as is.. and its not like his health will get better from here. If they can find a compromise of giving him an extra 3-4 of mil over the next 2 years - its a win win for both parties.
  8. oraphus

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I referred to not finding a franchise QB...Other than Cousins who's above average.. every other guy you listed is at best average... i would actually classify them as below. You can not consistently win in this league with an average QB, but you can consistently win with a very good QB even if the rest of the team is lacking. Look at Colts after they drafted Luck.. the team has been a consistent winner (when Luck was healthy). Even though Luck was stuck with an idiot owner and inept GM that couldnt build a team, with him on the field they could win consistently. As soon as he got hurt, the record suffered.
  9. oraphus

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    are you kidding me?.... the fact that the team was not able to find a starting level QB outside of Cousins in the last 20y IS an epic fail. if they just drafted a qb every year, odds are that they would have accidentally stumbled in to a good qb at some point. You could even make an argument that this is exactly what happened w Cousins, but FO found a way to **** that one up as well. Not being able to find a franchise QB in 20y due to inaptitude, politics, FO morons, owner, etc.. is a catastrophic failure for this team. We can only hope and pray that Haskins is that 1 in 20 lucky draw for this poor excuse for an FO.... i am definitely not holding my breath though.
  10. my bad.. i must have been thinking of someone else. how about Payton Manning
  11. You dont really know the reason a guy fizzled out as a qb of the NFL. Its not like every highly drafted college QB has what it takes to be a good NFL QB. It obviously doesn't help to start for a team that has terrible oline and coaching, but NFL is designed to mostly have talent parity between teams. 1. some guys have the physical tools, but not the mental 2. some have mental but lack physical tools 3. some have both - and these players should be able to succeed no matter what. If they haven't, then they probably fall in to 1 or 2 above.
  12. Thats exactly right... football and especially QB play is hugely dependent on rhythm. Switching QBs will kill any level of rhythm on Offense as a whole. I dont think anyone is arguing that if Haskins is not ready dont start him, but once you start him (because O coaches believe he has full ability to lead the O and knows the playbook) leave him in and let him get his lumps.
  13. While its a Novel idea.. it simply wont work in pro sports. QB is the most important position on the field and being named starter means getting majority of the reps in practice and then all the reps in the game. If you alternate QBs you will need to change your O game plan each week around each guys strengths and weaknesses and that guy will have to get majority of the practice reps that week which will slow the development of the guy not playing that week because all coaches will focus on the starting qb for that week. Furthermore.. ego plays a huge part in the NFL .. like it or not. If qb is not playing it will effect his ego and confidence going forward. Not to mention the inevitable split in the locker room where players will take sides when one guy is playing well and the other not as well. The bust rate for QBs is just as high if not higher than every other position.. and if you think the guy is the future you have to give him every opportunity to play, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and hopefully grow in the process. You learn much better by playing.. than by watching from the sidelines.
  14. not sure what your point is... 1. we drafted a player in the top 5 to play tackle(way too high).. but he ended up a very good guard. Yes, Skins should have drafted a more impact position but here we are 2. He gave us 4 good years and now wants to be paid at a top guard in the league. 3. If skins where a guard away from going deep in to the playoffs - fine pay him, but we're nowhere close. By the time we are in a position to compete he will be at the back end of his 2nd contract. I am all for keeping him if Skins can get rid of Moses. but paying 3 players on the OL in the top 3 for their position and still not being able to RP or PP all that well .. doesn't make any sense. Team has too many holes to commit that much money to an O line, money that should be used for other position while we are stuck with Alex Smiths contract
  15. I love ES... its great comic relief that follows 4 season: 1. Summer - unbridled and unwarranted optimism claiming "we will go 12-4 and deep in to the playoffs because we are way better then any team in the NFC" 2. Fall - feel good stories from training camp bring optimism to new highs... strong start to a season bring new "fans" out of the woodwork 3. Winter - injuries pile up, team gets blown out a few times and the realization that all those roster holes that were discussed before are still there. Fast start turns in to a bad 2nd half. "we are the worst team in the NFL! Fire everyone! I hate my life!" 4. Spring - New Hope - true we finished last season at 7-9 but there is 'potential' and hey... "look at our draft grades!" it's a vicious cycle