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  1. After we beat the Cowgirls tomorrow and retake first place, can the mods put back up that large graphic of the current standings like after week 1? I liked having it there to keep track of the east but I can understand why they got rid of it after week 2.
  2. But you kind of made my point. Doing this WILL lose its luster with younger generations. Before you know it they will look at Chief Zee as a caricature and ignore what a great man and fan he was!!!
  3. That's just phase 2 of the ruse. It got you to dismiss it as a possibility.
  4. Am I the only one having trouble accepting this. They are flushing away our tradition and honor. They (the league and I'll bet Mara had a lot to do with it) are taking advantage of a political climate and an owner who is trying to move the team back to DC to force their will on us. If I had it my way our fans would not only all show up to the first game (that fans are allowed) in full redskins jerseys, we would dress up the part too. Hog noses. Head dresses. Hatchets. Make the crowd look like our crowds at RFK during our glory days with Coach Joe. Because once we
  5. Good, and he should!!!! Total conspiricy theory. Were these fake news stories actually leaked by Snyder and his team on purpose? My thinking: By leaking fake stories about paying off ref's and every other dirty thing that was speculated, when the real news broke it didn't seem like that big a deal in compairoson. If that actually happened.... master stroke of genius. (So probably not)
  6. Redskins, of course!!! It's our history and our future has not yet been determined!
  7. I was told there were no charachter issues, that he was young and of course a little immature, but just a fun loving kid who just loves football.
  8. I hate to say it, but I think @Westbrook36 predicted this
  9. Ok. Thank you!!!! @TK Can you bring this issue to the Front Office (or better yet, Mr. Snyder's) attention?
  10. I'm thinking this is PROOF the cowturds are tampering. Why else would they have a page set up on their website for him unless they spoke with him and have an agreement. Does anyone here have any pull with the Redskins front office? I would LOVE to have Mr. Snyder use this and get the girls under investigation. If guilty, I think they should lose a first round pick!!!
  11. Well, apparently Austin Hooper is a Dallas Cowboy already. Which is strange, since FA hasn't started yet. https://www.dallascowboys.com/team/players-roster/austin-hooper/
  12. This isn't a counter point, rther a point of clarification to something I keep seeing thrown around: Because there is no CBA at this point, there is no difference between pre and post 6/1 cuts and trades.
  13. Please tell me they focused on Desean Jackson totally screwing them over by not getting surgery so he could collect a paycheck all year. Dude still kills them even when he is on their team lol
  14. Well, if we trade down with Detroit first it could be #3
  15. I was thinking what Kingdaddy said.... swap with Detroit to get exta picks and still get Young. Stafford is no longer a franchise QB and how often do you get a top 3 pick with QB need as a? So it was my surprise when I saw mocks with Detroit taking some CB instead of a QB. I guess it makes sense what Warhead says, if Patricia is on the hot seat, he might draft someone to win now. But are they really that close to contending? Wouldn't his job be safer if he did the right thing and draft one of the two top QBs?
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