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  1. Virginia only reports once per day, before 10am. You'll also notice its because over 800 of the cases are from the closed down Northern Virginia area after Virginia revamped its testing.
  2. Yesterday I didnt even know he was on the team. Tomorrow Im positive I will know hes not on the team.
  3. I suspect we are mostly placing a lot of faith that JDR can get the front 5 playing how they should be, meaning all the DBs need to do is remember to run around after the snap..
  4. Makes perfect sense if you have character concerns about him being as the last regime was the one to bring him in, under questionable circumstances. This way you can either A. Give him a real deal if you feel comfortable in a year, because you have plenty of cap space, B. Move on if he has injury issues, or C. Pick up a comp pick if he plays well but still has issues and you just dont want that in your team. Picking up the 5th year option means you have to keep him 2 years to get the comp pick, and the only scenario it helps you is to get you 1 year of cheaper play in the case you want to keep him long term.
  5. Peregrine

    Welcome to the Redskins Saahdiq Charles, OT LSU

    Watching the Alabama game he definitely doesnt look like a 2nd round talent. What he looks like is a guy who is very strong, appears to handle any bullrushes well, but really struggled with speed and quickness. The quick guys beat him pretty well and he looked slow to recover on a lot of moves, I think thats what they will need to fix for him to have success in the NFL.
  6. Hear me out, what if the Redskins ACTUALLY meant to draft AGG in the third round? Its been a long day on the phones, coming down to the last couple minutes to get their pick off for their guy, Antonio Gandy-Golden. Kyle goes and grabs the sheet and says yep, we are drafting WR Antonio G. Sure enough, the pick goes in, and with some horror he sees on the screen its WR Antonio Gibson.
  7. Peregrine

    The "I wish we got that guy" thread, 2020 Edition

    5th Round, Bryce Hall #152
  8. I think the biggest thing that concerns me is that the last time we had a guy like this, super athletic, said to be just a player, but no one was quite sure his position, it was Sua Cravens. Granted, him being a head case was a part of that, but he still never fit anywhere. Besides the annoyance of drafting yet another RB when we just drafted Love, and Guice, and already had AP and McCissok on the roster, hes going to have to prove to be a special weapon in short order, or start to show he can be a really good WR before most people are okay with the pick.
  9. Peregrine

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I cant believe we drafted this guy over all of the other guys there...... Oh wait, sorry, wrong thread. This is probably the only pick of the last 10 years no one can complain about. While Id like to think he destroys the league in his first year, I hope that people will keep in mind even superstars may take a year to adjust. Even Mack only had 4 sacks his first year, and thats a far cry from Sweat's 7 last year, which still leaves people wondering if he is a bust.
  10. I guess for me it depends on what the goal of the offseason was. Was it to build a good team for 2020? Or was it to save money and set up the FO to have a better team in 2021? If its the former, I would grade the offseason a D. Mostly because there was no attempt to address the most glaring holes at TE and DB, and little attempt to handle LT so far. If is the latter, I give it a B, we didnt add much in the way of impact players in FA, but hopefully added a couple in the draft, built some depth, will draft high again next year and have massive cap space to go on a FA spending spree next spring.
  11. Edge? Im not saying a 7th round pick isnt most likely to just get cut before the season anyway, but does seem kind of pointless to draft a player who has no chance to see the field until Young, Sweat, Kerrigan, and Anderson ALL go down with injury.
  12. Peregrine

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Well, really though Hall seemed an obvious choice there, I guess we now know that player 1 replacing Trent is Keith Ismael. We find out player 2 next year.
  13. We seem to be only scouting within about 150 miles of DC, all local guys. I definitely thought that if we took a WR it should be a big guy who can be a compliment to Terry, and help in the redzone.
  14. So based on the draft so far, we still need a starting LT, and a TE. Seems a good idea to bring in Peters for 1 year while you hope the new guy develops, and then you've got to sign one vet TE.