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  1. All we need to finish this out is them to finish the rebrand and announce the team as the Washington Carolina Panthers. I think Im fine with the Mayhew hire, and think he may be a good fit, but with Hurney it doesnt seem like he had a good track record. I kept hearing he was a good leader but just poor with player evaluation so he needed someone to do that, and now it looks like thats exactly what his job is. I havent been the biggest fan of Smith as I thought he was getting too much praise for some mediocre drafts based on "future potential", but I think its a bit odd to see him
  2. This year has been great, by "seems to be the trend during this last year" you mean Snyder is forced to do something good for the franchise because of impending bad news for him(good news for us fans) about his sleazy illegal behavior coming to light. In one fell swoop we both get closer to being a better franchise and finally getting rid of the worst owner in sports.
  3. I think his role will really say a lot about the future of this FO. If hes actually come in as a GM, I think its a sign that nepotism will be Rivera's undoing here, and continue the mediocracy hes had all his career. If hes just being brought in for cap stuff and salary negotiations, and they bring in someone actually competent in the more traditional GM like role, then theres a real hope for the future. I certainly understand the desire to hire people you know, but we saw nepotism ruin this franchise for a long time, and so far Rivera's has proven to be just as poor with the offense stacke
  4. You know, seeing the stats for this past weeks game, Brady vs Brees, is perhaps the best reminder that a top 5 pick QB is overrated. Not that there arent a lot of good ones, but the sheer number of QB busts that early versus other positions, and for whats invested, is massive. The two best QBs in NFL history, statistically, are Brady and Brees. Top 2 in TDs, Yards, Completions, GW Drives, etc etc. Yet both were greatly overlooked because they werent "athletic enough". The Chargers just moved on from Brees from a hurry, and no one wanted Brady. And yet when all is said and do
  5. We all know the stat line doesnt do true justice to how well he played, so I thought Id clean it up a little bit. Unfortunately his receivers had a whole bunch of drops, and there were a number of plays he very smartly threw it away. If you take away the throwaways hes probably 26-40 for 306 yards. If you have half decent receivers who have a normal night and dont drop so many balls, you probably end up with about 30-40 for 350. Take into account that his 1 turnover was a random deflection, and it was a fantastic performance.
  6. I think you absolutely sign TH and draft a QB in the 2nd round. I actually feel pretty confident that if he can maintain just half of what hes done in his 2 games this season, an improved OLine and actual WR's will do wonders for our offense. That TB defense is good, he showed he can compete for at least a couple of games, and that gives you time to groom a young draftpick.
  7. That dude just balled out at a level unseen in years for some "random" guy off the streets. The plays he made were ridiculous, and it was one after the other. We were probably one big defensive turnover away from winning, and it was 90% him.
  8. You absolutely, 100%, want this guy on your team. This is the most impressed ive ever been by a QB who I had never heard of. I cant count the number of plays he made in that game that just made my jaw drop. It doesnt matter if hes good or durable enough to be your long term starter, hes earned a spot, and what better backup can you possibly think of than a guy who can come in off the street and in 3 weeks match with Tom Brady? Thats the unattainable backup QB dream.
  9. I think if TH comes out like he did against Carolina but without turnovers we win this. Our D matches up well with everyone, and their D is very good busy struggles with our bread and butter, the short passing game. TB is very good on both sides, so the only way you win is by matching up well.
  10. I think it's a 50/50 roll of the dice to play him. And being a 7-9 team those are great odds He reminds me most of Kirk Cousins. In the early years you could clearly see Kirk had a great ability to read defenses and he was an aggressive gunslinger. But he would make a lot of boneheaded plays. So he would look amazing for 9 plays and then have a horrible one. The games where he avoided those he looked amazing. TH seems the same, and the key for Kirk getting to where he did was learning to minimize those. He looks to have a high ceiling where he can carve defenses apart. But there's
  11. He's right though, great to make the playoffs, but unfortunately if Snyder doesnt sell the team it means that after this season the franchise will continue to descend into and live in the abyss owned and run by a man that I wont give any money to. I 100% will not financially support a guy as evil as he is so none of my kids will grow up with gear until/if hes gone no matter how many playoffs he lucks into.
  12. Make picks like Sweat, McLaurin, Gibson, and Curl and you dont need the higher draft status. The point of the NFL is to win, and the only reason anyone cares about high draft picks is it helps you win when you are bad. The point of those draft picks is to help you make the playoffs. Not wanting to make the playoffs for the sake of a draft pick is like not wanting to drink your beer because then it would be gone. The beer exists so you can drink it, the picks exist so you can playoff, not the other way around.
  13. F the Giants, couldnt happen to a better family. Thinking they are owed something for going 6-10 shows why the Giants have become a laughingstock of a franchise. Since Mara instituted the illegal penalites on the Redskins and Cowboys, the Giants have won 0 division titles, and the Redskins and Cowboys have won 6.
  14. This is an absurdly bad take. So if the other team has a good drive in a game its poor D? It would take 10 seconds to look up that a defense allowed 3 TD drives a game they would be top 5 in the NFL. If they allowed the 13 points they did to the Panthers every game, they would be the best D in the NFL. By 6 points per game.
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