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  1. Peregrine

    Press Release: NFL STATEMENT (CBA Related)

    It seems to clearly say the NFLPA reps and the NFL agreed to terms. The NFL owners then signed off on it. All that is left is for the players to sign off on what their reps recommend. If that happens this week, the 2020 season will be under the new rules, which may or may not(we dont know for sure yet) include 17 games and 2 more playoff teams. If it does NOT happen within 1 week, the 2020 season will be played under the current rules.
  2. Peregrine

    Norman released

    Absolutely nobody was throwing away from Norman after the first year.
  3. Peregrine

    Norman released

    Thank you Bruce Allen for costing us another 8 million in cap space this season by keeping the waste of space, when anyone with half a brain said he should have been cut last spring. Good riddance Norman.
  4. Peregrine

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Seems within 24 hours what I said looks to be true. With just a little fan pressure he's already walked it back and just about ready to be the good soldier. If Rivera wants him looks like it will be settled
  5. Peregrine

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    That Detroit swap would be great, but unless A. They just fall in love with a QB who they determine is a sure superstar, and B. Miami comes in real heavy, and it's super obvious to Detroit, it just isn't happening. They have to be both sold on taking a particular QB, and sold that someone is going to jump them. It's too obvious we just want Chase Young
  6. Peregrine

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Lets be honest........Whatever you may think, whatever your view is, Bruce Allen survived everything here...... Except a TW holdout. For that, he is forever a legend. Id be find with us keeping him at an okay price(sadly, provided his head really has healed and he can play properly), or getting high draft picks, as I realistically think we need a rebuild.
  7. Peregrine

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I think its short sighted thinking to go "A pick this year is worth more than a pick next year". Yes, having a pick this year helps you in 2022. Guess what? It doesnt help you in 2025 when the cheap contract is over. The 2022 pick does. Thats why the Patriots make a killing by deferring their picks every year, and picking up massive comp picks. Because they dont panic every year, they build a better team than everyone else. And thats why I said be smart. Since this is Rivera's first year, we should be going heavy in FA this year, not in 2022. I get this every year and I just cant figure out my fellow skins fans. Why is it that Skins fans are so obsessed with being good THIS year at the cost of ever building anything meaningful? I could care less about being good this year, I want to build a DYNASTY. To do that, as with every good business, you have to take short term hits to get long term sustained success. Our impatience is why we have not had it. So, you think that Dunbar, after two injury ridden seasons, is about to play poorly this year and cost himself 10-20 million dollars? I mean, take a second to think about that and maybe take a step back from that hill, it aint worth dying on. Theres a reason they call it a "contract" year. Because its the one year players go all out to get a pay day, and you get their very, very, very best work. If you truly believe that we dont have massive leverage over Dunbar, then leave the negotiating for the true professionals. Anyone with even the most basic experience in negotiating(or, ya know, even as a parent of whiny kids) knows Dunbar way overplayed his hand, and has to run the season out as the good hardworking soldier to get anything close to what he wants.
  8. Peregrine

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Absolutely do not trade him for a 3rd or 4th. Make him play out his contract year, and if it's half of what we expect the team will be better off, and you get a 3rd round comp pick if smart. Only worth a trade if you get a 2nd or better
  9. Peregrine

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    He was a 4th, and with him we have now taken a RB with one of our top 4 picks in 4 of the last 5 drafts. Thats 20% of the top 4 picks going to the RB slot, which is of course only 1 of 22 starting spots.
  10. Peregrine

    Congratulations Kendall Fuller and Bashaud Breeland.

    Well, top 30 all time is pretty great, isnt it?
  11. Peregrine

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Cant believe people are talking about taking a RB in the top 4 again. Theres nothing we need less. We have lead the league in draft capital being used on RBs, and if Guice and Love arent good enough, then I certainly dont want the same guys that drafted them drafting another one. Stop drafting high round RBs, its hurt our team for years.
  12. Peregrine

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    Both we and Alex have all known from the start he was never going to play again. When you have to decide whether to amputate your leg or not, you know that you arent playing football again. Its just a matter of whether hes going to collect a full years salary this year or not before he retires.
  13. Peregrine

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think with Young, its really about the amount of value you can get and if you trust your guys to make the right picks. If you dont trust your guys, grab the elite pass rusher no matter what. But if someone throws something crazy at you, take it. Its undeniable how good Young will likely be, but its also true that hes only 1 player, and sometimes that one player ends up with career ending injuries, whereas with four 1st and 2nd round picks its much less likely to happen to all of them. if your draft scouts are great, you can turn 2-3 of those into great players. If not, or if the offer isnt crazy, stay put.
  14. Peregrine

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    If its a phenominal trade, do it. No sense in being worried about being unreasonable, because you dont really want to trade the pick anyway. The absolute best place to be in a negotiation, and the way to fleece somebody, is to have such a strong out and strong position that you just dont need to make the deal. We can get Chase Young. Someone has to convince us otherwise, and if they just have to have him, make them pay the "have to have him" price, or just pick him. Unless of course its Detroit, in which case tell them if they give us a 2nd, we will swap picks.
  15. Peregrine

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Gambling at the stadium? What a bad idea. I mean, outside of the fact that going to see a Redskins game is already like gambling. You know you are going to lose, you know you are throwing away money, you kind of hope irrationally for a win, but in the end you just go home dejected and wondering why you did that, again. The gameday experience is currently awful, and fans are getting more angry, drunk, and unruly by the year. Its already definitely not a family atmosphere, now you throw in gambling and you are going to completely rule out families and end up with more anger, more drinking, and more just generally bad behavior. Gambling at a football stadium full of tough times and beer just seems like a really bad combination, and more money grubbing from a guy who is just delusional. You know what a reasonable person does, when realizing hes just about lost an entire younger generation of fans? Works to get them into the stadium, for free or cheap, like the Orioles are doing, knowing that if you make a kid a fan at age 5, he will be a fan for life. You know what you dont do? Turn your stadium into a place kids cant go, where its just adults. Because in 10-20 years those adults will be gone, and there will be no younger generation to replace them.