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  1. The NFL in its attempts to placate Snyder have actually ended up enabling him, in ways they are not going to like.
  2. An absolute joke, the NFL thinks that fans are both stupid enough and self-centered enough to believe there isnt a report, that its about keeping things confidential, and that Dan Snyder would be willing to take a $10 million fine because someone made a phone call. Legally they cant fine Snyder based on a phone call without a report, unless hes just willing to pay it voluntarily to wipe this under the rug, which should tell you just how damming any report would have been. We all know he wouldnt hesitate to use brutal legal force in a heartbeat, much less for a made up fine based o
  3. So.....you would rather be original.....by choosing......the MOST unoriginal and boring name...."Football Team".... You cant make this up folks.
  4. But also to be fair, Terry's ability didnt drop from 2019 to last year. In fact, he was 4th among receivers(those with more than 600-700 yards) in YAC per reception. That means the rest of the receivers ahead of him in total yards just had to catch a ball and get tackled, while he had to catch a ball and still generate more yards to get where he was, with bad QB play. Hes a top 5 receiver in the NFL, and Ive never understood why people will still continue to stick with PFF after they gave Aaron Rodgers a negative grade for a 300+ yard 5 TD 0 INT game.
  5. Im not sure any college team can do anything about a name. Theres massive precedent for college and pro teams to share the same moniker, especially when not located in the same area. Tigers, Bears, Hawks, Eagles etc etc etc.
  6. I certainly am not one to get sentimental about players who arent core to the team and expendable with good replacements, but I hope they know what they are doing with this. I remember the last time we had a solid core(WR) and then thought it was fine to do a little overhaul to save some money. Often times some success leads to over-arrogance, and instead of keeping a good core together(which in this case would give Fitz and the receivers a chance to build an offense) people think you can just throw in new players who have "potential" and just repeat that success. We desperately
  7. WFT or WFC would ensure that I and many others never buy a piece of gear, and that everyone continues to call them the Redskins. For what they supposedly want to do its a terrible idea. Which is why Snyder will probably do it.
  8. Clearly they drafted him for the practice squad, as at best hes now fighting for the #6 spot.
  9. So, obviously a lot of people are high on the first several rounds of this draft, but I have to say that on the flipside, the last 4 have looked pretty poor on paper. Basically did a massive reach in 4th for a guy that could have been had as maybe a UDFA, and then we trade next years 5th so that we can take the 2nd longsnapper of the draft. I hope hes at least fast.
  10. So with the team having addressed LB, DB, WR, and OT, at this point the only glaring weakness I see is TE depth and FS. I think they would be perfectly happy to go into the season without any additional picks, and that means while it would be nice to grab another OLinemen, another LBer, and maybe a DB with the day 3 picks, they can just draft whatever player they feel has potential at any position. I do think a late round RB is highly likely, and at least one pick will be another OLinemen because you can never have too many.
  11. This definitely changes the depth chart, and if 1 or 2 of Samuel, Brown and Humphries can pan out the WR core will be vastly improved. Basically as it looks now it would be McLaurin, Samuel, Brown, Humphries, AGG as the fifth, and if they keep a 6th the Simms brothers battle it out with Harmon. Clearly Ron wasnt happy with the WR core, because he added 3 WR's to take up slots #2-4 and bump the #2 back to 5th or further.
  12. So from the sounds of it, insanely athletic, but some poor mechanics. Basically not ready yet, but really high ceiling, you're counting on being able to coach him up.
  13. There is literally nothing more relevant to the Washington Football Team, and to its success, than Dan Snyder.
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