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  1. There is literally nothing more relevant to the Washington Football Team, and to its success, than Dan Snyder.
  2. I understand some people want to upgrade the LB core, but in reality, I think this defense is the same as it was last season talent wise. That means its still a top 5 defense with the potential to only get better with another full year under JDR. Any defensive spots are a luxury because the defensive front covers the poor LB and FS play behind them. On offense, the OLine was much improved, and with Gibson the running game was as well. That means the real positions we needed to improve on were QB and WR. I feel that while we didnt go crazy addressing them, we brought in some good players t
  3. Im not sure I agree with that, its just a financial matter that makes a sale simpler. If he doesnt have the funds to outright buy their shares it complicates any sale of the team. Regardless, it is no more or less difficult to force a sale with him exceeding the debt limit, because that is a matter of simple vote at any point in time. Nothing else matters regarding it, and the surest way to get someone to pay back a loan you just gave them? Force them to sell the asset its tied to. Regardless of whether Snyder stays long term or not, I dont think this has anywhere near the be
  4. Actually, as I think about it, about the biggest disaster for what the team and the NFL wants would be to leave it as WFT. Thats because as long as the team does not have a nickname a large portion of the fanbase will forever refer to them as the Redskins. If theres no nickname to replace the old nickname then you will never lead people away from it.
  5. Im hoping this doesnt mean hes going to stay put. It could be just making it easier to consolidate all shares under one person, meaning a sale to Bezos or someone else is now way simpler, and more profitable for Snyder(also meaning more likely as he likes money Ive heard). If he stayed long term, then its so funny to see the NFL and its other owners dash themselves upon the rocks and hurt their own product and reputations in a bid to save some scum they dont even like. Basically its like watching them devour themselves tail first while thinking they are saving themselves, and pro
  6. If they dont change the name I will forever refer to them as the WTF. And the only gear I will buy will be knockoff WTF gear because obviously they wouldnt produce that themselves. Its cute for a year, but it might honestly make them more blah than the browns, and it would take more winning than this team has done in decades to keep most casual fans interest.
  7. Trading draft picks for any player except a great player at a big discount is just not worth it for a team this far from a superbowl. Might as well just sign guys in free agency, because then you have the big contract but save the picks.
  8. I like the moves we are making so far but... its really wierd to see people talking about how great we have done. We havent. So far we have signed a journeyman QB, a #3 WR, a replacement for our departing CB who may or may not be as good, and two former Carolina Panthers who are backups at best, while losing 6-7 players. Seems absurd to just assume its going to be great rather than hope itll be adequately improved, but then again Ive seen this fanbase do this every offseason.
  9. I think with our FA moves, we solidified our two most pressing needs at QB and WR. I don't think we have ruled out grabbing either earlyish in the draft, and I really expect us to take a WR in the 2nd or 3rd. I think one of our first 3 picks is likely at MLB(possibly a 1st round trade down then pick), and along with WR we then target a S and OL. The defense is dominant enough to go without a S but the big weakness was run D due to poor MLB play. The OL isn't the biggest immediate need but next year it will be
  10. The Fitzmagic comes to Washington. I think this should be a fun season. I also think it makes a lot of sense if you have some legit hope for Heineke or Allen. We know full well, while there is some optimism, neither has proved they can be the guy all season. Getting a vet with the ceiling of Fitz for one year lets you push draft capital to next year and allows you to get a year to evaluate the two young QBs and decide if they can be the guy or if you need to spend a lot on a top QB.
  11. I think they likely view it as a great opportunity to protect their product that hes been harming, and to remove someone they almost all hate. It has long been reported that Snyder is universally disliked among ownership. Billionaires will gladly turn on someone for an opportunity, and they are egotistical enough to think it cant happen to them, especially if they just maintain good relations with the other members. They also likely dont view the culture of their own teams as being anywhere close to Synders. There may be a few owners who have concerns because of the way they also run their
  12. Thats the #1 sign it wasnt a planned move, but reactionary to an article they just got wind was coming out. Despite the lies otherwise.
  13. Great news, he certainly earned it, and I think this sets the team up well to be in a position they can pursue a good deal on a very good QB, but dont HAVE to get someone if all of the deals turn out to be too expensive. Him and KA can do okay if you bring in more talent around them. If they go out and get a top QB, you cant help but feel good about the backup situation if the #1 goes down to injury.
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