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  1. Peregrine

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The guy is covered with slime, Im pretty sure thats why he always glistens under press conference lights. It genuinely concerns me the people who cant see that, because I shudder to think who they believe and dis-believe in their daily life.
  2. We gain nothing from running Guice into the ground. Guice should be backup the rest of the season because he just came off of back to back major leg injuries. Putting a heavy workload on him would be career suicide and a total Bruce move. Let AP handle the load, let Guice learn and slowly work up reps so he can heal for a whole offseason. If you are playing for the future, protect and develop your assets.
  3. Peregrine


  4. Peregrine

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Stay classy, San Diego. But not surprised, and in the meantime Ill still continue to stand up for those you unfairly attack.
  5. Peregrine


    The only thing worse than this game was that pass interference call
  6. Peregrine

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    And most would say if you propose Callahan is an offensive genius you want to stay, you were never a 'fan' of the Redskins to begin with. But I dont think you know what the word 'fan' means.
  7. Peregrine


    Bruce has said it in 100% of the press conferences he has given. When a poster says it in 100% of his posts let us know.
  8. Peregrine

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    People forget this so easily, as did Dan and Bruce. When we won 7 or 8 games, we had a horrid running game, a horrid defense, and the only thing that saved us many games was the passing game.
  9. Peregrine


    Bruce Allen first
  10. The stupidity of people on this forum is astounding at times. Read the actual language before spouting your no-one-cares opinion: "Assignment grades and scores shall be calculated using ordinary academic standards of substance and relevance, including any legitimate pedagogical concerns, and shall not penalize or reward a student based on the religious content of a student's work." Work is not scored differently, you just cant get extra points or be deducted points because you use religious content, just whether you actually get the answers correct by ordinary academic standards. Non-story posted to create more pointless hate.
  11. Peregrine

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Well, so much for the "See, don't jump to conclusions, it's normal for people to die of an OD in someone else's house" crowd
  12. Peregrine

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Regardless of whether they would want to or not, the Redskins do not get to unilaterally decide to put him on the NFI list. The league must okay it and believe the player has some genuine injury, if he doesnt, they wont let them put him on the list.
  13. Peregrine

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Well, you can be glad he is where he is because some guys in Minnesota wrote bad articles about him. But Im not glad to have a worse player instead of him. Ive no doubt KC has yet to show he can lead a team to playoff wins, because he spent his entire career at a playoff devoid franchise full of the level of talent we have(or dont).
  14. Peregrine

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Mentally insane? I think the legal threshhold for that is above 30%.
  15. Peregrine

    Next Coach?

    Yeah, Kap really gives a crap about that message, so much so he supports brutal cuban dictators like a POS, and sells out his fellows in the cause. There are real people doing real work in the area, but it isnt Colin Kaepernick, hes absolute scum. He accepted a settlement from the NFL because money is more important to him than any cause, but hes gotten people to buy into that as the lowest of the low.