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  1. Hes purposely tanking for a high pick, so he can finish the rebuild, sign some big FAs next offseason and compete next year. Im betting hes already discussed that plan and expectation with Dan.
  2. The first half really just looked like same old same old. The second was great, very unexpectedly a Redskins team finished off a game strong. Obviously the key to this season is the defense. If they arent good this team will lose a lot. If they played like they did, and are as talented and as good as some thing they can be with Del Rio coaching, they can win a lot of games that they "should lose".
  3. Its amazing, Snyder fires some people, then hires some people only in response to a couple of damning reports that might take down his organization and some of you go for the 30th time"Oh look hes changed" Fools will always be fools.
  4. Seriously, are you the worlds worst forum plant to boost the owner? So far in the just the last two pages of this thread you've said Tanya requested to be more involved(despite no one else in the world knowing that), that a billionaire trying to prostitute out his cheerleader is okay if you dont say the word sex, that really its okay because a man wanted to have sex with her, and that it doesnt matter how many women come forward because its old news.
  5. Whats also horrible about all of this is......Dan Snyder, the most hands on, handsy and involved owner in all of the NFL, is now going to be the opposite of gone: even more hands on
  6. No, what you are is an idiot who either does actually love Dan Snyder, or closet supports some of the things that were going on but knows others view it as morally reprehensible. Anyone with half a brain knows that once the first article comes out with numerous accounts, it would embolden others who had always thought speaking out would lead to them being railroaded. This has happened almost every time in modern history with something like this. It was blindingly obvious at the time that if there was truth to it, more people would come out because of the article and a followup wi
  7. Now I hope the guy ends up being a really great President, fans get a much better experience, and all of the other hires also work out. But man these hires seem quick and suspiciously like Snyder is trying to reactionarily placate the critics at all costs. Snyder left Cerrato in charge for a decade. Then Allen for a decade. Then when he fires Allen he leaves all of the toxic people that he knew were toxic in place. Then, a week after a damning report comes out he fires people and promotes a woman to leadership. Then allegations come out of a Rooney rule investigation and a couple w
  8. So Snyder knows whats coming, hes pre-suing over what hasnt been put out yet but has been speculated by some website. Clearly this is much bigger to him than the other one. I dont think this will include anything Epstein related, but sounds like its all much more about him than the team with this one. It also sounds like basically his whole attempt to silence it is based on him recording her trying to bribe another employee to talk.
  9. I think Ron, barring an ownership chain, has free reign to do whatever he wants for at least 3 years, and most likely more as long as its not a disaster.
  10. I think its going to be an 8-8 season, with the defense finally showing some actual ability under a real coach.
  11. I dont know, I thought Preston Smith was pretty good. Rookie season alone was 8 sacks and 3 FFs under a crap DC.
  12. Dont look now, but Jeff Bezos just sold a portion of his Amazon shares. How much you ask? $3.1 billion, or also known as just about what it would cost to buy the Washington Football Team(est 1923).
  13. Honestly, its not a complete overhaul. Its a coat of paint on not much really changing. If we all take a step back we can see what this really is: Dan Snyder yet again throwing a shiny new coat of paint on his franchise in an effort to distract fans to the fact that still nothing has changed and it wont. It used to be the new QB. Or the new expensive FA signing. Or the new college superstar coach. Every year we said "Dont get too excited, its going to be another year of Dan Snyder" and he always manages to distract enough, and get hopes up enough. We all want to hope that finally things
  14. Keim almost never says a definitive yes or no. He always says "unlikely" "its possible" "its probable" unless hes knows with 100% certainty on something. Knowing Keim, theres no way hes wrong.
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