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  1. Peregrine

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The problem with the idea that the move itself wasnt bad, is that none of it made sense, Smith didnt seem to be a good option, and what we paid for him was rightly viewed at the time as too expensive. Most people at the time of the deal thought he was mediocre at best(he was), and that we were overpaying(we were) due to ONE good last year in KC. Paying that much salary for a QB of his age, and caliber was a big issue, but the bigger part of why it was a bad deal at the time is we could have gotten a mediocre QB on the FA market, and instead we gave up a 3rd round pick, and a CB that it turned out we desperately needed. The only way Smith would have been viable here is in the imaginations of those who thought that his last season in KC was what he was like every year, rather than a 1 in 15 fluke. He was never going to amount to much, and most everyone knew it.
  2. Peregrine

    Starting QB 2019???

    Using a guy from 40 years ago after a HC change his SR year, yikes. Unlike Tom Brady, who posted a 138 rating in his sr year.
  3. Peregrine

    Starting QB 2019???

    Yeah, for all of the love for Murray recently, I think it would be an absolute disaster waiting to happen if we drafted him. I get that he has talent, but outside of the fact that I think very few running QBs(running, not scrambling to extend plays) have ever lead their team to anything meaningful in the NFL(and most just flame out), the bigger problem is what you mentioned. The Redskins would be a horrible fit for Kyler Murray. You take a guy who is tiny, who likes to run, who has heavily considered baseball(and was a high draft pick), and combine him with a dysfunctional organization and an offensive line sure to be in shambles by November, like every year, and before year 2 is even over hes been injured twice, realizing he doesnt want to be here, and looking at how sweet baseball looks for him.
  4. Peregrine

    Starting QB 2019???

    Thats a big no on Stidham. Basically, any time a guy in college doesnt improve year after year, thats about as big of a red flag as you can get. Hes peaked. No QB, even if drafted at #1 overall is ready to do well in the NFL. They have to play at a higher level than the day they are drafted. That means CONTINUED development and improvement. If the NFL had a 1-100 scale for ability to play, and 80 was what it took to be a good NFL QB, even the top college QB would be starting at 70. Thats why so few are even able to make an impact in their first year. The really great ones were a 50 in their first year in college, then 60, then 70, and now, they've got to continue to improve and get better to meat NFL starter threshold status. Look up the history of just about every single player who turned out to be a great NFL player, and they all kept getting better every year in college, because they were learning and developing. Because if they peaked at just being "pretty okay" at college football, they would never have a shot at succeeding in the NFL.
  5. False false false false false. The well known logical fallacy of "because he has been working for a while, he must be good" has been proven false so many times its amazing anyone still goes to that in these days. Lets pretend we dont know about Jeff Fisher. Lets pretend we dont know about Jim Haslett. Lets pretend we dont know about Joe Barry. Lets pretend we dont know about Bruce Allen. Because someone survives at a job long does not mean they are any good at their job, just good at being friendly. Anybody who has worked in the corporate world for half a week has seen how that is true with some of the higher ups and those long serving company employees being some of the worst. Rob Ryans only claim to anything is that he got to ride to a superbowl win on the coattails of Bellichik, Brady, and Romeo Crennel, and his dad and brother are famous. His LBer crew in NE actually had their best years when Rob Ryan wasnt coaching them.
  6. Im curious, which athletically limited LBers was it that he helped develop? Who should he get credit for helping improve their game?
  7. Peregrine

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA So, you're one of the ones hes talking about on twitter.
  8. No, he wasnt. He was never a good defensive coach, and he was never a head coach, so not sure where you got that from.
  9. Except in New England they have Tom Brady. Having a QB coach for Tom Brady is pointless, because whos gonna teach the best ever how to play his own position? That has no relationship to what every other team should do.
  10. Wow, so once again we are hiring someone who hasnt coached in years because nobody wants them. We are like a rehab program without any counselors. Those liking this move I suspect are purely doing so off of his well known name, not after having actually looked up his history and record. Rob Ryan is a terrible coach, even at the LBer level. As a 12 year DC his defense averaged being ranked 22nd in the league in points allowed(about the same in yards), and 26th in turnovers. In fact, in 9 of 12 years they were 18th or worse in points allowed, with this good season being 16th, 13th, and 4th. Even as a LBer coach he was 20th or worse in yards for 3 out of 4 years, 17th or worse in points 2 out of 4, for a grand total of 2 top 12 seasons in his last 16 years of coaching the defensive side. Rob Ryan is a terrible coach.
  11. Peregrine

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    One minute we are fed the line that great NFL coaches are just desperate to have a job, and its not their fault they agree to getting into bad situations(Gruden), and the next we are fed that they and their egos would be bothered by a front office and manager so confident in them to make a drastic change in their favor. Thats total BS, and also pretending like any half decent manager who truly honestly believes you are the next Belichik cant sell you on that vision.
  12. On one hand, you'd like to say its good we are bringing in a coach who isnt tied to Tampa. On the other, its very Bruce Allen to bring in a guy who has now been fired 2 times in the past 2 years, by the Bengals and Browns. Building an all-star staff I see. Also, at what point do they realize its beyond weird to keep interviewing people for jobs that dont exist?
  13. Peregrine

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    The only thing shaping up poorly for the terrible season we are about to have, is we still have the same schmucks making the draft picks instead of letting the inevitable new regime making them, setting us back another 2 years. This next season is going to take a 7-9 team, who was 1-6 without their starting QB, and then play 16 games without that QB. I think 5 wins may be celebrated this coming season.
  14. Peregrine

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Random speculation from an interview where nobody said that, then posed as actual insider information deceitfully. When someone you've never heard of comes out years later with information no one has ever heard before, you can almost surely believe its a lie at best.
  15. Knowing whats rational is pretty simple, basically we can safely take the opposite side of whatever you say