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  1. Calling my shot, Cosmi catches a TD pass this Season...
  2. At which QB’s Pro Days have we had Team Personnel in attendance?
  3. Not sure myself but I think it’s considered a “reward”. Every Team, GM/Coach seems to look at Hard Knocks as a distraction and as secretive as most organizations are it’s not too surprising teams management isn’t interested in exposing anything.
  4. So a 23 year old Vet in Sam Darnold for a 2nd Rounder or our early 3rd?
  5. Rivera said he hopes to have the new name before camp. Mr. Snyder would be wise to do whatever it takes at this point to keep Ron happy...
  6. I Mentioned several pages back regarding Redtails. Totally respect the history of the Tuskegee Airmen. However to have a “Redtail” in the common vernacular means you have a chapped ass or just got your butt kicked. The thoughts of being referenced as the Washington “Redasses” is not the look I want for my football team...
  7. Okay can we get back on point Ladies and Gentlemen? RedWolves continues to grow on me. Praying we don’t go with Redtails, the weekly abuse here in Panther Territory of hearing the Washington “Redasses” would be Brutal! Totally dig the Tuskegee Airmen just hate the name for my football team...
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