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  1. Straight up if this is true, Set him free now. This is why you don’t rush to judgement until the facts come out. Someone hurts my kid?? You bet someone is gonna regret it. Just sayin...
  2. Fair question. I think teams are not so quick to pull the trigger (pun) because in a few instances the charges are dropped or without merit. See Ruben Foster, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill That said, this does look bad...
  4. So pleased this is not our problem...
  6. Gotta really good feeling this kid is gonna stick and produce...
  7. The “Bruce Allen Factor” cannot be ignored if any of our Coaches since his arrival. His parting gift to the new regime being the Trent Williams debacle.
  8. This is fair with one exception. This Covid 19 situation puts every “new” head coach at a distinct disadvantage. That said I do believe with our coaches and scheme we will likely pick up at least 2 additional wins this year. 6-10 is a reasonable goal.
  9. Love the confidence! Most pundits have us Under from what I have read and seen.
  10. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, the schedule is out. I’m not big on going game by game predictions. Who the hell knows what injuries etc. may occur as the Season goes. However I’m curious... Vegas puts the Over/Under on Redskin Victories at 5.5 I know I’m a glass half full Homer but I think we win at least 6 games. Your thoughts?
  11. You guys have me laughing my ass off! I kinda like the schedule, as mentioned earlier when you suck, you don’t get the spotlight. I dig being under the radar, underestimated and definitely the underdog. All the sweeter when we win.
  12. 3 game road stretch of Cowboys-Steelers-49ers! Yikes! Gonna learn quite a bit about where we are...