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  1. Kelvin Benjamin was extremely lazy and had no work ethic. He spent more time in restaurants eating than he did in his playbook in Carolina. Ron would never entertain the thought of bring him back again.
  2. Wondering if barring injury, if we are done tweaking the roster or if they will wait on late preseason cuts and scoop someone else up. I think I saw we were somewhere around 13-14 million remaining in cap space
  3. ESPN's Sarah Barshop reports a member of Tony Buzbee’s legal team has approached Deshaun Watson to discuss "working things out." It's the first signs of a potential settlement for Watson. The plaintiff side initiating talks also suggests there's some level of concern about the case. With training camp two months away, Watson should be motivated to settle, though his playing status will be subject to an NFL investigation. The NFL has interviewed four of the 22 women with lawsuits against Watson. Even if his legal issues are resolved, Watson is likely to be suspended for some or all
  4. WASHINGTON FOOTBALL Retweeted Matt Miller @nfldraftscout · 9m
  5. Mayfield might be a good selection at this point
  6. Still trying to figure out how he got into the HOF before #84
  7. I'm curious if they would be looking at Chazz Surratt in the 2nd/3rd, Wondering if Cole Holcomb could provide any insight to his game even though they didn't play the LB position at the same time
  8. You'd think they would value their career, money & future earning potential a little more than they apparently do
  9. https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_a4feb52e-8e3e-11eb-8c0c-c7fcb77e95ee.html I find it amazing that ball players continue to make dumb decisions and potentially put their careers in jeopardy. In this case it is probably not that big of a deal but still it seems like many players have problems staying out of trouble for some reason.
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