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  1. If they break ground by late 2024/early 2025, they will be fine. The problem is not having a site yet. That, in itself, could take a couple of years to get approved and purchased, especially if they want it in DC.
  2. Yeah, that's the thing for me. At this point, I don't care about the PR nightmare for Dan. I'm actually happy to see him go after Bruce. Because, **** Bruce Allen; that's why!
  3. https://richmond.com/sports/professional/washington-owner-dan-snyder-files-court-papers-against-bruce-allen-alleging-allen-played-a-role/article_0c076738-61ac-560b-bfa4-65c786cb1426.html Our "Damn good" culture just keeps on spinning!
  4. https://sports.yahoo.com/the-deshaun-watson-allegations-are-forcing-nfl-commissioner-roger-goodell-to-a-crossroads-043620234.html
  5. Actually, it's evidence that Watson has setup message appointments with a random person found on Instagram for the soul purpose to engage in sexual activities. This actually gives legitimacy to the other 15 accusers' claims.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/the-lawsuit-that-is-most-problematic-for-deshaun-watson-014827728.html Amidst the pile of lawsuits Deshaun Watson is facing, one could prove to be the most problematic.
  7. That does paint a picture of a clear MO on his part. Again, I haven't heard from him yet other than the usually denial, so I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but these documents show a pretty sick individual. Dude has enough money to get high-class escorts every night; why would he go this route unless there is something really wrong with him?
  8. That's what is so troubling in my eyes. Not that I am assuming Watson is guilty; I'll wait for him to have his day before jumping to any conclusions, but most of the time when **** like this happens, it is people you would never expect that are the ones behind it.
  9. Yeah, I always take the wait and see, innocent until proven guilty approach, but this isn't looking good for him right now.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31081473/massage-therapists-sue-houston-texans-qb-deshaun-watson-calls-allegations-baseless Watson may end up not having any chance of getting out of Houston if these allegations scare off teams. Two have filed with possibly six more coming? Doesn't look good.
  11. Where did you see that anywhere in this piece? The only shots taken were at cancel culture, not at the team's history in any way.
  12. Let's also not forget how Alex has played in the playoffs in his career: 2-5, .286%, and that is when he has been healthy and younger/faster. His style of play is not successful in the playoffs, and I'm sure RR is aware of that.
  13. I always win every argument, because you're no match for my brains. Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons!
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