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  1. Let's also not forget how Alex has played in the playoffs in his career: 2-5, .286%, and that is when he has been healthy and younger/faster. His style of play is not successful in the playoffs, and I'm sure RR is aware of that.
  2. I always win every argument, because you're no match for my brains. Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons!
  3. Name one other player in the league that has broken Covid protocols twice. If that isn't worthy of a suspension, I'm not sure what is. And, yes, that is just one massive speed bump on his track record. Every chance he has been given, he has proven how he is not a leader, not concerned about his team, but just himself, and has no intention of learning and bettering himself on or off the field. He has no problem putting himself, his team, his coach, and his career in harm's way. There is a reason he was benched and demoted all the way to third string, meaning there are probably t
  4. You saying it not suspension worthy. His actions are not just suspension worthy, but with his track recorded, they are cut worthy.
  5. Ahhhh, you must be new. No, that's not how it works. If he ****s the bed but our defense saves the game despite him, the WFT fans (not the Haskins apologists) will rightfully want him taken out with the **** stained sheets as soon as possible.
  6. Most people take issue with being inferred to as racist, which you were obviously trying to infer about fans and posters in this discussion. Truth is, as the person who is looking just a race and therefore trying to make it a racial topic, you are the actual racist. And, yes, most people have issues with racists. So, yes, it's easy to see how you struck a nerve. Now, you should move on from this stupidity as it is not taken very kindly around here.
  7. On a real life level, I don't wish him any harm and hope he gets his **** together sooner rather than later. Football-wise, after how he has acted and burned this team? Nope, I doubt he will be on the team much longer, and, if he is picked up by another team, I will root against his success as a football player until he is out of the league. He is the QB version of Albert Haynesworth to me, as far as attitude, maturity, and work ethic. I felt the same way about that asshat, too.
  8. Honestly, I don't. It may make me an asshole, but I don't wish him well. Why? Because it may not be his fault that he was taken by us when he was taken by us, but from that point on he is responsible for his attitude, his work ethic, his ego, and his immature actions. He did nothing within his power to better himself and succeed, so, yes, he ****ed over this team, and I don't wish him the best in anything related to his football career after egotistically sabotaging the team.
  9. Not that I expect much out of Allen (though, I expect he will look better than Haskins, but that's a low bar), but this is a very fair and valid point.
  10. That ****tard is getting torn up with the comments. Hahahaha!
  11. You can get a ticket for not having proper identification, but not charged with an arrest. Driving without a license means he does not currently hold a license, either from suspension, revocation, or never getting one in the first place. That you can be charged and arrested for.
  12. I still shake my head thinking about how some fans actually believed Trent was going to score anything close to a second (some even thought he would go for a first; LMFAO), let alone Trent himself and his delusional incompetent agent. Not only did Trent and his agent vastly overvalue himself, but many Redskins fans did as well. If the roles were reversed, and the Redskins traded a 1 or 2 for a malcontent dickhead that has missed almost as many games as he has played the past four years combined, including the entirety of last season due to his bull**** excuse about having an issue with the m
  13. Williams will be 32 before preseason starts, missed all last year sitting out as a malcontent, making it 29 games missed in the last 4 seasons, and hasn't played a full season in seven years. On top of that, he has a complete idiot for an agent, and they both completely overvalue his worth and, between that and his antics over the past few months, have turned several teams off. This is also a draft filled with OL talent. His market is not better than Gronk's.
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