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  1. That ****tard is getting torn up with the comments. Hahahaha!
  2. You can get a ticket for not having proper identification, but not charged with an arrest. Driving without a license means he does not currently hold a license, either from suspension, revocation, or never getting one in the first place. That you can be charged and arrested for.
  3. I still shake my head thinking about how some fans actually believed Trent was going to score anything close to a second (some even thought he would go for a first; LMFAO), let alone Trent himself and his delusional incompetent agent. Not only did Trent and his agent vastly overvalue himself, but many Redskins fans did as well. If the roles were reversed, and the Redskins traded a 1 or 2 for a malcontent dickhead that has missed almost as many games as he has played the past four years combined, including the entirety of last season due to his bull**** excuse about having an issue with the medical staff, proven to be bull**** when he refused to return even after those employees were fired, has had issues with suspensions, and is going to be 32 before camp starts and demanding to be paid 20 million plus per season, fans here would be pissed, and rightfully so. No team, outside of pure desperation, is seriously going to entire such a trade.
  4. Williams will be 32 before preseason starts, missed all last year sitting out as a malcontent, making it 29 games missed in the last 4 seasons, and hasn't played a full season in seven years. On top of that, he has a complete idiot for an agent, and they both completely overvalue his worth and, between that and his antics over the past few months, have turned several teams off. This is also a draft filled with OL talent. His market is not better than Gronk's.
  5. Trent's true colors have come shining through. His whole shtick has been shown to be a lie, and it's been all about money from the get go. You can't have it both ways. If it was about the medical staff or the way he was treated, then he should be content now that all of those responsible for that are gone. But, that's not the case is it? he's just a whiny asshat. I hope that the team let's him destroy his own career and collects fine after fine if they don't get what they feel is fair compensation in a trade.
  6. Brady put up great numbers last year with nothing to help him as far as a receiving core or TE, and a rotating MASH unit to block for him. If he lost a step, he still has to lose a couple more to be on par with the average QB's in the league. If he is signed to a team with a legit #1 WR, a healthy o-line, and a pass-catching TE threat, he will win his division pretty easily and be in the conference championship.
  7. The only way they can really piss me off is if they stay at two (don't orchestrate a monster trade) and still don't draft Young, Tua, or Burrow. If they draft one of those three OR cement a trade deal that they can't refuse, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see how this train rolls. Otherwise, it will be back to scratching my head like I have for a long time when it comes to this team. On a side note, the Princess Bride and Teen Wold references were cool. Too bad they didn't carry on a bit longer!
  8. Except we knew what we were getting from him, which was at BEST an older version of the QB we just gave away because we didn't want to "over pay" for, though Alex had more years and tape to show he had hit his ceiling, whereas the younger QB had not. So....
  9. Great OT drive by Cousins, doing what so many said he couldn't and putting his team on his shoulder and winning a huge game. First road playoff win for the Vikes in 15 years. Next week is going to be rough for the Vikes, but, hopefully, this helps get the monkey off of Kirk's back.
  10. On top of the fact that he franchised tag Kirk TWICE, giving him more guaranteed money in two years than Kirk was asking for for three plus years before the tags. I have a feeling that pile of **** article was written by Allen himself, or one of his cronies that posts here daily.
  11. I'm sure you find my lack of faith disturbing... but, I just can't see that happening after what has been reported. I would love it if it did though.